Z - Zue
Zeckendorf, Williamb June 20, 1905, Paris, IL; d Sept. 30, 1976, New York, NY.Real-estate developer; partner of Arthur Rubloff in the development of the Magnificent Mile.
Zelzer, Harryb Apr. 15, 1897, Warsaw, Poland; d June 14, 1979, Chicago.Banker; major presenter of classical music and dance attractions.
Zelzer, Sarah Schectmanb Jan. 23, 1909, Philadelphia, PA; d Mar. 29, 1998, Chicago.Cofounded Allied Arts organization; influential in Chicago's musical scene.
Ziegfeld, Florenzb June 10, 1841, Jever, Oldenburg, Germany; d May 20, 1923, Chicago.Founder and president of Chicago Musical College.
Zima, Edwin “Eddie”b Feb. 20, 1923, Chicago; d July 1966.Polka musician; shaped Chicago-style polka.
Znaniecki, Florian Witoldb Jan. 15, 1882, Swiatniki, Poland; d Mar. 23, 1958, Urbana, IL.Sociologist; coauthored The Polish Peasant in Europe and America.
Zorbaugh, Harvey Warrenb Sept. 20, 1896, East Cleveland, OH; d Jan. 1965.Sociologist; wrote The Gold Coast and the Slum.
Zueblin, Charlesb May 4, 1866, Pendleton, IN; d Sept. 15, 1924, Corsier-Port, Switzerland.Educator; founded Northwestern Univ. Settlement; sociology chair at Univ. of Chicago.