Y - You
Yackley, Josephb Dec. 24, 1829, Alsace, France; d May 16, 1921, Naperville, IL.Longtime resident of Naperville beginning in the 1840s.
Yarros, Rachelle Slobodinskyb May 18, 1869, Berdechev, near Kiev in Ukraine; d Mar. 17, 1946, San Diego, CA.Physician; Chicago obstetrician; pioneer in social hygiene; birth control advocate.
Yerby, Frank Garvinb Sept. 5, 1916, Augusta, GA; d Nov. 29, 1991, Madrid, Spain.Writer; worked for Federal Writers Project; wrote Foxes of Harrow and other historical novels.
Yerkes, Charles Tyson, Jr. b June 25, 1837, Philadelphia, PA; d Dec. 29, 1905, New York, NY.Transportation business executive; built Chicago elevated railway in the Loop.
Yoakum, Josephb Feb. 20, 1890, Window Rock, AZ; d Dec. 1972, Chicago.Painter; folk artist; known for his landscape drawings.
Young, Albertactive early twentieth century.Labor official; president of Chicago Teamsters' Union; toppled by graft charges 1904–1905.
Young, Edwardactive late nineteenth century.Civil War general; built home around Pleasant Avenue in 1890s.
Young, Ella Flaggb Jan. 15, 1845, Buffalo, NY; d Oct. 26, 1918, Washington, DC.Educator; superintendent of Chicago Public Schools (1909–1913).