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Wachter, Josephinab ca. 1820, Bavaria, Germany.Arrived in Hickory Hills in 1858.
Wachter, Mathiasb ca. 1808, Bavaria, Germany.Farmer; arrived in Hickory Hills in 1858.
Wacker, Charles Henryb Aug. 29, 1856, Chicago; d Oct. 31, 1929, Lake Geneva, WI.Business executive; philanthropist; chairman of Chicago Plan Commission (1909–1926); namesake of Wacker Drive.
Wadsworth, Elishab May 10, 1813, New Hartford, CT; d Nov. 25, 1890, Clifton Springs, NY.Dry-goods merchant; cofounded Wadsworth, Dyer & Chapin.
Wagoner, Henry O.b Feb. 27, 1816, Hagerstown, MD; d Jan. 27, 1901, Denver, CO.Businessman; abolitionist; participant in Underground Railroad.
Waite, Georgeactive late 1870s.Landowner; his land became Mount Greenwood Cemetery.
Walgreen, Charles Rudolphb Oct. 9, 1873, Knox County, IL; d Aug. 20, 1971, Chicago.Pharmacist; chain store executive; started first Walgreen drugstore in Chicago in 1901.
Walker, George Clarkeb Nov. 5, 1835, Burlington Flats, NY; d Apr. 12, 1905, Chicago.President of Blue Island Land & Building Co.; donated library to Esmond Public School.
Walker, Jesseb June 9, 1766, Buckingham County, VA; d Oct. 4, 1835, Leyden Township, IL.Missionary; preacher; founded Methodist Episcopal Church in Illinois; held first Methodist services in Chicago.
Walker, M. O.b June 9, 1809, Hubbardton, VT; d May 28, 1874, Chicago.Brick manufacturer; omnibus entrepreneur.
Walker, Margaret [Margaret Walker Alexander]b July 7, 1915, Birmingham AL; d Nov. 30, 1998, Chicago.Writer; participant in Federal Writers' Project in Chicago; member of South Side Writers Group.
Walker, Ralph T.b Nov. 27 or 28, 1889, Waterbury, CT; d Jan. 17, 1973, Chappaqua, NY.Architect; member of Board of Design for Century of Progress Exposition.
Walker, Samuel J.b Jan. 9, 1827, Dayton, KY; d Apr. 15, 1884, Chicago.Real-estate developer on the Near West Side; renamed Ashland Avenue.
Walker, William Ernestb Nov. 19, 1869, Covington, KY; d Dec. 26, 1918, Chicago.Architect; built apartment buildings.
Walkup, Christopherb 1785, Rockbridge County, VA; d 1869, Crystal Lake, IL.Platted east shore village of Crystal Lake in 1840.
Waller, Edward Carsonb Nov. 21, 1845, Maysville, KY; d Jan. 13, 1931, River Forest, IL.Real-estate developer; built Francisco Terrace, Chicago's first subsidized housing project.
Waller, Judith Caryb Feb. 19, 1889, Oak Park, IL; d Oct. 28, 1973, Evanston, IL.Radio broadcaster; first general manager of WMAQ radio station; produced Amos 'n' Andy Show.
Walley, John E.b Feb. 2, 1910, Sheridan, WY; d June 9, 1974.Mural painter; 1930s art at Lane Tech High School.
Walrath, Florence Dahlb Aug. 18, 1877, Chicago; d Nov. 7, 1958, Evanston, IL.Founder and director of Cradle Society adoption agency.
Walter, Charlesactive 1850s.Businessman; cofounded Chicago & North Western Railway system.
Walter, Little [Marion Walter Jacobs]b May 1, 1923, Marksville, LA; d Feb. 15, 1968, Chicago.Blues guitarist; harmonica player; played with Muddy Waters; recorded for Chess Records.
Walton, Seymourb Feb. 15, 1846, New Orleans, LA; d June 26, 1920, Chicago.Accountant; Northwestern Univ. faculty.
Wanamaker, Samb June 14, 1919, Chicago; d Dec. 18, 1993, London, England.Actor; trained at Goodman School.
Waner, John L.b Aug. 3, 1914; d June 21, 1994, Naperville, IL.Regional director of HUD in Chicago; mayoral candidate (1967).
Ward, Aaron Montgomeryb Feb. 17, 1843 or 1844, Chatham, NJ; d Dec. 7, 1913, Highland Park, IL.Merchant; founded A. Montgomery Ward mail-order business; lakefront preservation activist.
Ward, Archibald “Arch” Burdetteb Dec. 27, 1896, Irwin, IL; d July 9, 1955, Chicago.Chicago Tribune sports writer; founded baseball All-Star Game, Chicago College All-Star Football Game, and the All-America Football Conference.
Warder, John Astonb Jan. 19, 1812, Philadelphia, PA; d July 14, 1883, North Bend, OH.Physician; early horticulturist.
Waring, Mary Fitzbutlerb Nov. 1, 1869, Louisville, KY; d Dec. 3, 1958, Chicago.Physician; educator; headed National Association of Colored Women's Clubs.
Warren, Clinton J.b 1858 or 1860; d 1938.Architect; built elevator apartments around 1900.
Warren, Julius M.b June 13, 1811, Fredonia, NY; d May 1, 1893, Warrenville, IL.Platted town of Warrenville, IL; state legislator (1840-1843).
Washburne, Carletonb Dec. 2, 1889, Chicago; d Nov. 26, 1968, Lansing, MI.Educator; superintendent of Winnetka schools; progressive education leader.
Washburne, Hempsteadb Nov. 11, 1851, Galena, IL; d Apr. 13, 1918, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1891–1893).
Washington, Dinah [Ruth Lee Jones]b Aug. 29, 1924, Tuscaloosa, AL; d Dec. 14, 1963, Detroit, MI.Blues and gospel singer; pianist.
Washington, Harold L.b Apr. 15, 1922, Chicago; d Nov. 25, 1987, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1983–1987), state legislator, congressman.
Watts, May Theilgaardb May 1, 1893, Chicago; d Aug. 20, 1975, Naperville, IL.Naturalist; teacher; associated with Morton Arboretum.
Way, W. Irvingb Feb. 24, 1853, Trenton, Ontario; d Oct. 19, 1931, Los Angeles, CA.Book publisher and bookseller.
Weaver, George “Buck”b Aug. 18, 1890, Pottstown, PA; d Jan. 31, 1956, Chicago.White Sox baseball player; involved in “Black Sox” scandal; banned from baseball for life.
Webster, Mauriceb Sept. 20, 1892; d May 17, 1982, Evanston, IL.Architect; designed terminal for Sky Harbor Airport (ca. 1929).
Webster, Milton Priceb ca. 1887 or 1888, Clarksville, TN; d Feb. 24, 1965, Bal Harbour, FL.Porter; labor organizer; first international vice president of Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.
Webster, Roderick Sheldonb Sept. 14, 1915; d July 31, 1997, Evanston, IL.Curator at Adler Planetarium.
Weeghman, Charles H.b Mar. 8, 1874, Richmond, IN; d Nov. 2, 1938, Chicago.Restaurant owner; owned Chicago Cubs; built a chain of lunchrooms.
Weese, Harry Mohrb June 30, 1915, Evanston, IL; d Oct. 29, 1998, Manteno, IL.Architect; renovated Adler & Sullivan Auditorium, Field Museum, and Orchestra Hall.
Weidner, John B.b Feb. 12, 1860, Buffalo Grove, IL; d Nov. 19, 1922, Buffalo Grove, IL.Builder of cheese factory in Buffalo Grove around 1900.
Weimhoff, Henryactive 1970s.Activist; organized Univ. of Chicago Gay Liberation Front in 1970s.
Weinstein, Jacob Josephb June 6, 1902, Stephin, Poland; d Nov. 2, 1974, San Francisco, CA.Rabbi at Kehilath Anshe Mayriv Congregation (1939–1967); social reformer.
Weisenborn, Rudolphb Oct. 31, 1881, Chicago; d Mar. 1974, Chicago.Artist; abstract painter.
Weiss, Hymie [Earl Wojciechowski]b ca. 1898, Chicago; d Oct. 11, 1926, Chicago.Crime boss of O'Banion gang.
Weissmuller, Janos “Johnny”b June 2, 1904, Freidorf, Romania; d Jan. 20, 1984, Acapulco, Mexico.Olympic swimming champion; star of Tarzan movies; trained at the Illinois Athletic Club.
Weldon, Aldred F.b June 14, 1862, Hartford, CT; d May 5, 1914, Chicago.Composer; band-leader; conductor of Second Regiment Band in 1890s.
Wellington, Gertrude Gailactive late nineteenth century.Physician; led campaign for public baths; president of the Free Bath and Sanitary League.
Wells, Absalomactive 1830s.Built cabin in Chicago Heights around 1830s.
Wells, Ida Bell [Ida B. Wells-Barnett]b July 16, 1862, Holly Springs, MS; d Mar. 25, 1931, Chicago.Journalist; social reformer; suffrage and civil rights activist; headed NAACP founding meeting; established Alpha Suffrage Club.
Wells, Williamb 1770, Jacob's Creek, PA; d Aug. 15, 1812, Fort Dearborn, Chicago.Army scout; adopted by Miami Indians; mediated Indian-white relations.
Wells, William Harveyb Feb. 27, 1812, Tolland, CT; d Jan. 21, 1885, Chicago.Educator; superintendent of Chicago Public Schools (1956–1964).
Wentworth, “Long John”b Mar. 5, 1815, Sandwich, NH; d Oct. 16, 1888, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1857–1858; 1860–1861).
Westermann, Horace Cliffordb Dec. 11, 1922, Los Angeles, CA; d Nov. 3, 1981, Danbury, CT.Artist; sculptor; worked in wood and metal.
Wetmore, Frances K.b ca. 1873; d Jan. 25, 1949, Chicago.Founded Americanization and adult education program in Chicago Public Schools.
Weydemeyer, Josephb ca. 1818, Westphalia,Rhenish Prussia; d Aug. 1866, St. Louis, MO.Journalist; Civil War veteran; published Die Stimme des Volkes in Chicago.
Wheaton, Jesse C.b May 27, 1813, Pomfret, CT; d 1895.Farmer; cofounded Wheaton College.
Wheaton, Warren L.b Mar. 6, 1812, Pomfret, CT; d 1903.Cofounded Wheaton; first village president of Wheaton.
Wheeler, Charles Martinb Sept. 24, 1854, Ferrisburg, VT.In real-estate business with Albert Haentze.
Wheeler, Harry A.b May 26, 1866, Brooklyn, NY; d Jan. 23, 1960, Altadena, CA.Banker; civic leader; first president United States Chamber of Commerce (1912).
Whistler, Johnb ca. 1756, Ulster, Ireland; d Sept. 3, 1829, Jefferson Barracks, MO.Soldier; builder and first commander of Fort Dearborn.
White, Amarias M.b Sept. 19, 1849, Avon Township, IL; d Feb. 9, 1928, Round Lake, IL.Real-estate developer; landowner near Hainesville.
White, Charlesb Apr. 2, 1918, Chicago; d Oct. 3, 1979, Los Angeles, CA.Painter; printmaker; muralist; taught at South Side Community Art Center.
White, Charles A.active 1910s.Illinois assemblyman; admitted being bribed for Lorimer Senate vote.
White, Horaceb Aug. 10, 1834, Colebrook, NH; d Sept. 16, 1916, New York, NY.Journalist; editor-in-chief of Chicago Tribune.
White, Stanfordb Nov. 9, 1853, New York, NY; d June 25, 1906, New York, NY.Architect; partner at McKim, Mead & White.
Whitehead, Richard F.b Jan. 1, 1884, Fall River, MA; d Mar. 11, 1993, Chicago.Naval officer; corporate executive; converted two merchant ships into aircraft carriers.
Whitlock, Brandb Mar. 4, 1869, Urbana, OH; d May 24, 1934, Cannes, France.Novelist; journalist at Chicago Herald; ambassador to Belgium during WWI.
Whyte, William H.b Oct. 1, 1917, West Chester, PA; d Jan. 12, 1999, Manhattan, NY.Journalist; wrote The Organization Man (1956; based on suburb of Park Forest).
Wieboldt, William A.b Mar. 8, 1857, Altenbruch, Hanover, Germany; d Dec. 9, 1954, Evanston, IL.Merchant; philanthropist; founded Wieboldt Stores.
Wiggins, Jeremiahactive 1830s.Early settler; purchased land claim in 1835 and named it Wiggins Point (later Merrillville).
Wight, Peter Bonnettb Aug. 1, 1838, New York, NY; d Sept. 8, 1925, Pasadena, CA.Architect; prominent in rebuilding of Chicago after 1871 fire; employed Daniel Burnham.
Wilkerson, James Herbertb Dec. 11, 1869, Savannah, MO; d Sept. 30, 1948, Evanston, IL.Lawyer; federal judge; presiding judge at Al Capone trial.
Wilkie, Franc Bangsb July 2, 1832, West Charlton, NY; d Apr. 12, 1892, Norwood, IL.Journalist; wrote for Chicago Times for 25 years.
Will, Conradb June 1778 or 1779, Philadelphia, PA; d June 11, 1835, Brownsville, IL.Physician; founded Brownsville, IL; Will County named for him.
Willard, Frances Elizabeth Carolineb Sept. 28, 1839, Churchville, NY; d Feb. 17, 1898, NY.Educator; lecturer; local, national, and international president of Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
Williams, Benezetteb Nov. 9, 1844, West Liberty, OH; d June 22, 1914, Western Springs, IL.Engineer; first engineer of Chicago drainage canal.
Williams, Daniel Haleb Jan. 18, 1856, Hollidaysburg, PA; d Aug. 4, 1931, Idlewild, MI.Surgeon; hospital administrator; founded Provident Hospital (1891).
Williams, Edgarb July 29, 1851, Sheboygan, WI; d Dec. 8, 1945, Western Springs, IL.Engineer; built Western Springs waterworks system in 1890.
Williams, J. Mayo “Ink”b July 25, 1894, Monmouth, IL; d Jan. 2, 1980, Chicago.Jazz and blues record producer; manager of “Race Artist Series” for Paramount Records.
Williams, Lacey Kirkb July 11, 1871, Eufaula, AL; d Oct. 29, 1940, Olivet, MI.Clergyman; pastor of Olivet Baptist Church.
Williams, Sidney R.b Mar. 7, 1909, Elloree, SC; d Mar. 21, 1992, Chicago.Civil rights activist; executive director of Chicago Urban League (1947–1955).
Williamson, John Lee Curtisb Mar. 30, 1914, Jackson, TN; d June 1, 1948, Chicago.Blues harmonica player; songwriter; played in Chicago blues clubs; regular performer in Maxwell Street open-air market.
Williamson, Sonny Boy [Aleck Miller]b Dec. 5, 1899? Glendora, MS; d May 25, 1965, Helena, AR.Blues artist; recorded for Chess Records.
Willis, Benjamin C.b Dec. 23, 1901, Baltimore, MD; d Aug. 27, 1988, Plantation, FL.Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools; namesake of “Willis Wagons.”
Willmarth, Homerb Mar. 5, 1807, North Adams, MA; d Mar. 29, 1882, Barrington, IL.Farmer; Cook County Commissioner; justice of the peace.
Wilmarth, Mary H.b May 21, 1837, New Bedford, MA; d Aug. 28, 1919, Lake Geneva, WI.Social reformer; suffragist; member of first board of trustees at Hull House; president of the Fortnightly Club.
Wilson, Isaac G.b June 25, 1780, Danby, VT; d Oct. 25, 1848, Batavia, IL.Lawyer; circuit and appellate court judge; founded Batavia and named it after his hometown in New York.
Wilson, Jack “Jackie” Leroyb June 9, 1934, Detroit, MI; d Jan. 21, 1984, Mount Holly, NJ.Soul singer; musician.
Wilson, Lewis Robert “Hack”b Apr. 26, 1900, Elwood City, PA; d Nov. 23, 1948, Baltimore, MD.Baseball player, Chicago Cubs (1926–1931).
Wilson, Orlando W.b May 15, 1900, Veblen, SD; d Oct. 18, 1972, Poway, CA.Criminologist; police superintendent (1960–1967).
Wilson, Robert Rathbunb Mar. 4, 1914, Frontier, WY; d Jan. 16, 2000, Ithaca, NY.Physicist; designed Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; worked on Manhattan Project.
Wilson, Thomas E.b July 22, 1868, London, Ontario, Canada; d Aug. 4, 1958, Lake Forest, IL.Meatpacking executive; chairman of Wilson & Co.
Winslow, Eugeneb Nov. 17, 1919, Dayton, OH; d July 7, 2001, Chicago.Graphic designer; advertising executive; Tuskegee Airman.
Winslow, William Hermanb May 2, 1857, Brooklyn, NY; d Dec. 24, 1934, North Haven, MI.Manufacturer; inventor; owned firm making ornamental bronze and iron work.
Wirt, William Albertb Jan. 21, 1874, Markle, IN; d Mar. 11, 1938, Gary, IN.Educator; superintendent of Gary, IN, schools; initiated “Gary System” in schools.
Wirth, Louisb Aug. 28, 1897, Gemunden, Germany; d May 3, 1952, Buffalo, NY.Sociologist; associated with Chicago School of Sociology; director of planning for Illinois Post War Planning Commission.
Wirtz, Arthur Michaelb Jan. 23, 1901, Chicago; d July 21, 1983, Chicago.Sports and real estate executive; owned Chicago Stadium; formed International Boxing Club in 1949.
Witkowsky, Flora Mayerb Nov. 2, 1869, Chicago; d Nov. 8, 1944, Chicago.Leader of Jewish Chicago Woman's Aid; president of Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs.
Wolf, Jacobb Aug. 13, 1784, Westmoreland County, PA; d Apr. 15, 1851, Porter, IN.Farmer in Portage, IN, in late 1830s.
Wolff, Ludwigb Mar. 11, 1836, MecklenburgSchwerin, Germany; d Apr. 14, 1911, Chicago.Manufacturer; plumbing and coppersmith business.
Womer, Mary Louiseb Dec. 9, 1909, Springfield, MO; d Nov. 4, 1997, Valparaiso, IN.Gallery owner; founded 57th Street Art Fair in Hyde Park.
Wood, Diantha S. Boardmanb Sept. 10, 1811, Morristown, VT; d Sept. 24, 1865, Crete, IL.Cofounded Crete.
Wood, Elizabethb Mar. 4, 1899; d Jan. 16, 1993.Executive director of Chicago Housing Authority (1937–1954).
Wood, Robert Elkingtonb June 13, 1879, Kansas City, MO; d Nov. 6, 1969, Lake Forest, IL.Army officer; businessman; president of Sears, Roebuck & Co. for 26 years.
Wood, Willardb Aug. 28, 1808, Randolph, VT; d Nov. 27, 1899, Crete, IL.Lawyer; cofounded Crete; justice of the peace.
Woodbridge, Williamactive 1830s.Arrived in Thornton area in 1834.
Woodman, William E.b Oct. 1, 1932, New York, NY; d Dec. 19, 1995, New York, NY.Artistic director of Goodman Theatre (1973–1978).
Woodworth, James H.b Dec. 4, 1804, Greenwich, NY; d Mar. 26, 1869, Highland Park, IL.Mayor of Chicago (1848–1850).
Wooldridge, Clifton Rodmanb ca. 1854; d Aug. 14, 1933, Chicago.Police detective; writer; investigated fake fire insurance companies.
Wooley, Jedediah, Jr.b 1781, Monmouth, NJ.Mill owner on DuPage River in 1830s; county surveyor.
Woolley, Celia Parkerb June 14, 1848, Toledo, OH; d Mar. 9, 1918, Chicago.Unitarian minister; writer; clubwoman; attended founding meeting of NAACP; president of Chicago Woman's Club; cofounded Chicago Political Equality League.
Work, Henry Clayb Oct. 1, 1832, Middletown, CT; d June 8, 1884, Hartford, CT.Composer; songwriter.
Worth, William Jenkinsb Mar. 1, 1794, Hudson, NY; d 1849, San Antonio, TX.Army officer; fought in War of 1812; Mexican War general; namesake of Worth, IL.
Wrenn, John H.b Sept. 11, 1841, Middletown, OH; d May 13, 1911, Los Angeles, CA.Early Chicago Board of Trade operator; book collector.
Wright, Edward H.b ca. 1867, NY; d Aug. 6, 1930, Rochester, MN.Lawyer; politician; first president of Cook County Bar Association (1914).
Wright, Frank Lloydb June 8, 1867, Richland Center, WI; d Apr. 9, 1959, Phoenix, AZ.Architect, student of Louis Sullivan; designed Robie House.
Wright, John Lloydb Dec. 12, 1892, Oak Park, IL; d Dec. 20, 1972, La Jolla, CA.Architect; toy designer in Chicago; created Lincoln Logs toys.
Wright, John Stephenb July 16, 1815, Sheffield, MA; d Sept. 26, 1874, Philadelphia, PA.City promoter; editor of the Prairie Farmer.
Wright, Richard Nathanielb Sept. 4, 1908, Natchez, MS; d Nov. 28, 1960, Paris, France.Writer; wrote Native Son (1940), Black Boy; worked for Federal Writers Project.
Wrigley, Philip Knightb Dec. 5, 1904, Chicago; d Apr. 12, 1977, Elkhorn, WI.Chewing gum manufacturer; owned Chicago Cubs baseball team.
Wrigley, William, Jr.b Sept. 30, 1861, Philadelphia, PA; d Jan. 26, 1932, Phoenix, AZ.Chewing gum manufacturer; founded Wrigley Chewing Gum Co.
Wyatt, Edith Franklinb Sept. 14, 1873, Tomah, WI; d Oct. 1958.Writer; wrote True Love.
Wynkoop, Archimedesb ca. 1812, NY Farmer;town court recorder; renamed settlement as Libertyville.
Wynn, Robert Davidb Dec. 18, 1865, Shields Township, Lake County, IL; d Apr. 12, 1940, Jacksonville, FL.Railroad entrepreneur; promoted building traction rail line in 1910.
Wynne, Madeline Y.b Sept. 25, 1847, Newport, NY; d Jan. 4, 1918, Asheville, NC.Writer; wrote The Little Room.