V - Vol
Van Brunt, Henryb Sept. 5, 1832, Boston, MA; d Apr. 8, 1903, Boston, MA.Architect; designed Electricity Building at World's Columbian Exposition.
Van Depoele, Charles J.b Apr. 27, 1846, Lichtervelde, Belgium; d Mar. 18, 1892, Lynn, MA.Scientist; inventor; demonstrated electric streetcar system at Chicago Exposition of Railway Appliances (1883).
Van Orsdal, Williamactive 1830s.Arrived in Barrington Hills in 1834.
Van Osdel, John M.b July 31, 1811, Baltimore, MD; d Dec. 21, 1891, Chicago.Architect; designed Palmer House and Tremont House; secured passage of city's first building code.
Van Vlissingen, James Henryb Feb. 16, 1857, Spijkenisse, Province of Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.Developer; first village president of Winthrop Harbor.
Van Volkenburg, Ellenb 1880.Artist; cofounded Little Theatre with husband, Maurice Browne.
Van de Velde, James Oliverb Apr. 3, 1795, Lebbeke, Belgium; d Nov. 13, 1855, Natchez, MS.Roman Catholic bishop; second bishop of Archdiocese of Chicago.
Vandercook, Robert Oatmanb Aug. 26, 1866, Bennington, VT; d June 8, 1951, Evanston, IL.Inventor; printing press manufacturer; founded Evanston Press.
Vardin, Georgeactive 1830s.Arrived in Libertyville (originally Vardin's Grove) around 1830.
Vaux, Calvertb Dec. 20, 1824, London, England; d Nov. 19? 1895, disappeared in Bensonhurst, Long Island, NY.Architect; landscape architect; codesigned Jackson and Washington Parks and Riverside planned community.
Veeck, William Louisb Feb. 9, 1914, Chicago; d Jan. 2, 1986, Chicago.Baseball entrepreneur; owned Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, and Chicago White Sox; elected to Hall of Fame (1991).
Vial, Josephb Aug. 23, 1791; d Nov. 18, 1853, La Grange, IL.Early settler of Lyons Township; built general store and hotel in Western Springs in 1834.
Vitzthum, Karlb Jan. 2, 1880, Munich, Germany; d Oct. 30, 1967, Chicago.Architect; designer of St. Peter's Catholic Church and Cook County Hospital.
Vogt, Carl F.b Sept. 27, 1839, Rockensuess, Hessen, Germany; d Mar. 7, 1888, Bremen, IL.Early settler in village of Bremen.
Volk, Leonard Wellsb Nov. 7, 1828, Wellstown (now Wells), NY; d Aug. 19, 1895, Osceola, WI.Sculptor; organized first art exhibition in Chicago in 1859.
Volland, Paul Frederickb Oct. 24, 1875, Germany; d May 5, 1919, Chicago.Engraver; publisher of juvenile and gift books; founded P. F. Volland & Co.