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Taft, Lorado Zadokb Apr. 29, 1860, Elmwood, IL; d Oct. 30, 1936, Chicago.Sculptor; designed sculpture for World's Columbian Exposition, Eternal Silence grave monument in Graceland, Fountain of Time on Midway, and Fountain of the Great Lakes at Art Institute.
Talcott, Mancelb Oct. 12, 1817, Rome, NY; d June 5, 1878, Chicago.Alderman; partner at Singer & Talcott Stone Co.; founded First National Bank of Chicago.
Tallmadge, Emilyb Feb. 14, 1840? Dutchess, NY.Printer; labor songwriter.
Tallmadge, James D.b Feb. 4, 1822? Tioga, NY.Printer; labor songwriter.
Tallmadge, Thomas Eddyb Apr. 24, 1876, Washington, DC; d Jan. 1, 1940, Arcola, IL.Architect; teacher; writer.
Tampa Red [Hudson Whittaker; Hudson Woodbridge]b Jan. 8, 1903, Smithville, GA; d Mar. 19, 1981, Chicago.Blues singer; slide guitarist; popular performer on Chicago club circuit.
Taylor, Anson H.b ca. 1805, Hartford, CT? d 1878.Storekeeper; builder; operated inn near Glencoe site in 1835.
Taylor, Augustine Deodatb Apr. 28, 1796, Hartford, CT; d Mar. 31, 1891, Chicago.Carpenter; builder; worked on St. James' (Episcopal) Church and St. Patrick's Church.
Taylor, Benjamin Franklinb July 19, 1819 or 1822, Lowville, NY; d Feb. 24, 1887, Cleveland, OH.Journalist; poet; Civil War correspondent; editor for Chicago Evening Journal and Chicago Journal.
Taylor, Bert Lestonb Nov. 13, 1866, Goshen, MA; d Mar. 19, 1921, Glencoe, IL.Writer; newspaper columnist.
Taylor, Grahamb May 2, 1851, Schenectady, NY; d Sept. 26, 1938, Ravinia, IL.Clergyman; social reformer; educator; founded Chicago Commons settlement; president of Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy.
Taylor, Henryactive 1830s.Came to Orland Park in 1834.
Taylor, John W.b 1846; d early 1920s?Photographer; architectural and view photography; landscapes; view albums.
Taylor, Lea Demarestb June 24, 1883, Hartford, CT; d Dec. 3, 1975, Highstown, NJ.Social reformer; director of Chicago Commons settlement house (1922–1954).
Taylor, Lisaactive 1830s.Operated inn with husband Anson H. Taylor beginning 1835.
Taylor, Marshall W. “Major”b Nov. 26, 1878, Indianapolis, IN; d June 21, 1932, Chicago.Cyclist; champion racer in 1890s.
Taylor, Robert Rochonb ca. 1899 or 1900; d Mar. 1, 1957, Chicago.Housing developer; manager of Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments; chairman of Chicago Housing Authority.
Taylor, Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog”b Apr. 12, 1917, Natchez, MS; d Dec. 17, 1975, Chicago.Blues singer; guitarist; played Maxwell Street market district; part of the 1970s blues revival on Alligator records.
Teale, Edwin Wayb June 2, 1899, Joliet, IL; d Oct. 18, 1980, Norwich, CT.Naturalist; writer; photographer; worked to save the Indiana Dunes from development.
Tecumsehb c. 1768, probably along Scioto River, OH; d Oct. 5, 1813.Shawnee chief; led movement to unite tribes against U.S. military; killed in War of 1812.
Teich, Curt Ottob Mar. 23, 1877, Lobenstein, Germany; d Jan. 12, 1974, Clearwater, FL.Postcard printer; founded Curt Teich Co.
Tennes, Mont Jacobb Jan. 16, 1874, Chicago; d Aug. 6, 1941, Chicago.Gambler; inherited Mike McDonald's gambling empire; dominant force in racetrack gambling.
Tenskwatawa [Shawnee Prophet]b 1775, Old Piqua, OH; d Nov. 1836, Kansas City, KS.American Indian; active around Fort Dearborn in 1803 in Pan-Indian Movement.
Teresita, Maryactive 1910s.Nun; one of the first women to earn bachelor's degree at DePaul, 1912.
Terkel, Louis “Studs”b May 16, 1912, New York, NY; d Oct. 31, 2008, Chicago.Author; actor; radio broadcaster; television personality; oral historian.
Terra, Daniel J.b June 8, 1911, Philadelphia, PA; d June 28, 1996, Washington, DC.Businessman; art collector; founded Terra Museum of American Art.
Teschemacher, Frank M.b Mar. 13, 1906, Kansas City, MO; d Mar. 1, 1932, Chicago.Jazz musician; clarinetist; alto saxophonist; member of Austin High Gang.
Thatcher, David C.b 1810, Cooperstown, NY; d Apr. 1869, River Forest, IL.Merchant; moved to River Forest in 1858; owned arms and ammunition store.
Thomas, Danny [Muzyad Yakhoob; Amos Jacobs]b Jan. 6, 1912, Deerfield, MI; d Feb. 6, 1991, Los Angeles, CA.Radio and television actor, comedian; philanthropist; star of Make Room for Daddy; career began in Chicago clubs and radio.
Thomas, Frazierb June 13, 1918, Rushville, IN; d Apr. 3, 1985, Chicago.Television entertainer; hosted children's programs on WGN-TV for 30 years; created character Garfield Goose.
Thomas, Frederickactive 1830s.Barber-surgeon; ran retail drug business in 1830s.
Thomas, Henryb 1874, Big Sandy, TX; d 1950s?Ragtime folk musician; recorded in Chicago in 1920s.
Thomas, Hiram Washingtonb Apr. 29, 1832, Hampshire County, VA; d Aug. 12, 1909, De Funiak Springs, FL.Preacher; Methodist; founded People's Church of Chicago.
Thomas, John W. E.b May 1, 1847, Montgomery, AL; d Dec. 18, 1899, Chicago.Lawyer; ex-slave and civil rights leader; first African American state legislator (1878).
Thomas, Theodoreb Oct. 11, 1835, Esens, Germany; d Jan. 4, 1905, Chicago.Founder and first conductor of Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1891).
Thomas, Williamb 1777; d Sept. 27, 1838.Early landowner; owned cabin, sawmill and general store near Coffee Creek in Chesterton, IN.
Thomas, William Isaacb Aug. 13, 1863, Russell County, VA; d Dec. 5, 1947, Berkeley, CA.Sociologist; professor at Univ. of Chicago; coauthor of The Polish Peasant in Europe and America (1918).
Thompson, Daniel 1870s.Businessman; owner of grain elevators; built first large home on Prairie Avenue in 1870.
Thompson, Jamesb Jan. 2, 1789, Abbeville, SC; d Oct. 6, 1872, Preston, IL.Farmer; judge; first surveyor of Chicago.
Thompson, Mary Harrisb Apr. 15, 1829, Fort Ann, NY; d Mar. 21, 1895, Chicago.Surgeon; established Chicago Hospital for Women and Children and Woman's Hospital Medical College.
Thompson, William Haleb May 14, 1867, Boston, MA; d Mar. 19, 1944, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1915–1923, 1927–1931).
Thomson, Georgeb Oct. 3, 1864 or 1865, Fort Hill, IL; d June 17, 1912, Grayslake, IL.Merchant; first president of Grayslake in 1895.
Thordarson, Chester Hjorturb May 12, 1867, Stadur, Hrutafjordur, Iceland; d Feb. 6, 1945, Chicago.Electrical inventor; businessman; specialized in the field of electrical transformers.
Thorne, George R.b Sept. 29, 1837, Vergennes, VT; d Sept. 24, 1918, Lake Forest, IL.Cofounded Montgomery Ward; founded country club in Midlothian.
Thornton, William F.b ca. 1789, VA; d Oct. 21, 1873, Shelbyville, IL.State representative; I&M Canal commissioner and president of its board.
Thorp, George G.b 1904; d 1972.Artist; head of Illinois Art Project (1938–1941).
Thurber, W. Scottb July 24, 1848, St. Lawrence County, NY; d Sept. 24, 1913, Chicago.Art dealer; gallery owner; displayed radical modern art in 1912.
Tiffany, Joelb Sept. 6, 1811, Brakhamsted, CT; d 1893.Judge; first village president of Hinsdale.
Tillstrom, Burrb Oct. 13, 1917, Chicago; d Dec. 6, 1985, Palm Springs, CA.Puppeteer; created Kukla, Fran and Ollie children's television show.
Tilton, George W.b Jan. 12, 1830, Manchester, NH; d Aug. 17, 1890, Chicago.Superintendent for Northwestern Railroad for 25 years.
Tinker, Joseph Bertb July 27, 1880, Muscotah, KS; d July 27, 1948, Orlando, FL.Baseball player; Chicago Cubs shortstop; in Hall of Fame.
Tinley, Samuel, Sr.b Sept. 2, 1808, Nottinghamshire, England; d July 31, 1882, Tinley Park, IL.Longtime Rock Island stationmaster; came to Chicago in 1848.
Tomlins, William Lawrenceb Feb. 8, 1844, London, England; d Sept. 26, 1930, Delafield, WI.Music teacher; directed Apollo Chorus.
Tonti, Henri de [Tonty]b 1649 or 1650, France; d Sept. 1704, Mobile, AL.Fur trader; explorer; French “Governor of the Illinois” (late 1680s).
Toomer, Jean [Nathan Pinchback Toomer; Eugene Pinchback]b Dec. 26, 1894, Washington, DC; d Mar. 3, 1967, Doylestown, PA.Writer; philosopher; poet; wrote Cane; taught Gurdjieff gospel of higher consciousness while living in Chicago.
Torres, Rubin J.b Feb. 25, 1918; d July 4, 1998.Published Pilsen neighborhood newsletter for over 60 years.
Torrio, Johnb Feb. 1882, Orsara, Italy; d Apr. 16, 1957, Brooklyn, NY.Saloon and brothel keeper; gangster; Prohibition-era bootlegger; established West Side syndicate; mentor of Al Capone.
Tough, David Jaffrayb Apr. 26, 1907, Oak Park, IL; d Dec. 9, 1948, Newark, NJ.Jazz drummer; performed with Austin High Gang, Tommy Dorsey, and Benny Goodman.
Touhy, Patrick L.b 1839 or 1842, Feakle, Ireland; d Oct. 16 or 17, 1911, Chicago.Real-estate developer; founded Rogers Park.
Towle, Marcusb ca. 1841 or 1843; d 1910.First mayor of Hammond.
Towner, Lawrence Williamb Sept. 10, 1921, St. Paul, MN; d June 12, 1992, Chicago.Historian; directed Newberry Library for 24 years.
Traynor, William B.b Jan. 10, 1886, New York, NY; d Jan. 7, 1968, Chicago.Businessman; president of Chicago Board of Education (1949–1955).
Tree, Anna Magieb ca. 1832, NJ; d Oct. 8, 1908, at sea near New York.Artist; cofounded Tree Studios to attract artists.
Tree, Lambertb Nov. 29, 1832, Washington, DC; d Oct. 9, 1910, New York, NY.Lawyer; Circuit Court judge (elected 1864); state legislator; diplomat; cofounded Tree Studios.
Tripp, Sylvester L.b Oct. 22, 1865, Half Day, IL; d 1939.President of incorporated Mundelein in 1909.
Trowbridge, Raymond W.b July 1886, Seneca, IL; d Dec. 16, 1936, Chicago.Architect; photographer.
Truax, Charles Henryb Sept. 24, 1852, Milton, WI; d Feb. 5, 1918, Chicago.Surgical supply wholesaler; president and founder of Truax & Co.
Trumbull, Lymanb Oct. 12, 1813, Colchester, CT; d June 25, 1896, Chicago.Lawyer; U.S. senator.
Tucker, Preston Thomasb Sept. 21, 1903, Capac, MI; d Dec. 26, 1956, Ypsilanti, MI.Automobile manufacturer; built Tucker sedans, rear-engine six-cylinder cars.
Tucker, Sophie Abuzab Jan. 13, 1889, Russia; d Feb. 9, 1966, New York, NY.Singer vaudeville star; performed in Chicago vaudeville and nightclubs.
Tufts, James Haydenb July 9, 1862, Monson, MA; d Aug. 5, 1942, Berkeley, CA.Philosopher; professor and department head at Univ. of Chicago.
Tuley, Murray F.b Mar. 4, 1827, Louisville, KY; d Dec. 25, 1905, Kenosha, WI.Circuit court judge; alderman (1879–1883); attorney general of New Mexico.
Tumbelston, Peter G.b Mar. 15, 1957, Philadelphia, PA; d Jan. 27, 1992, Chicago.Independent dance producer; dance consultant; executive director of MoMing Dance and Arts Center.
Tunney, James Joseph “Gene”b May 25, 1897, New York, NY; d Nov. 7, 1978, Greenwich, CT.World heavyweight boxing champion; defeated Jack Dempsey in 1927 bout at Soldier Field.
Tupper, Chesterb Sept. 1797, NY; d Feb. 3, 1861, CA.House mover; ca. 1840s–1850s.
Turbyfill, Markb June 29, 1896, Wynnewood, OK; d June 6, 1990, Chicago.Dancer; poet; painter; choreographer; principal dancer of Chicago Allied Art; danced with Ruth Page.
Turner, Clyde “Bulldog”b Mar. 10, 1919, TX; d Oct. 30, 1998, Gatesville, TX.Football player; played for the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons.
Turner, George Kibbeb Mar. 23, 1869, Quincy, IL; d Feb. 15, 1952, Miami, FL.Magazine journalist; editor; wrote “The City of Chicago: A Study of the Great Immoralities” for McClure's (1907).
Turner, Johnactive 1870s.Landowner in North Center.
Turner, John Biceb Jan. 14, 1799, Colchester, NY; d Feb. 26, 1871, Chicago.Founded Galena & Chicago Union Railroad (later the Chicago & North Western Railway).
Turner, Ralph G.b 1898; d Sept. 2, 1980, Chicago.Railroad worker; civil rights leader; founding member of DuSable Museum.
Tyler, Alice KelloggSee Kellogg, Alice D.