S - Sch
Sch - Sea
Sea - Sha
She - Sim
Sin - Smi
Smi - Spe
Spi - Ste
Ste - Sto
Sto - Sun
Sun - Szu
Sachs, Leonard (Lennie) Davidb Aug. 7, 1897, Chicago; d Oct. 27, 1942, Chicago.Football player; basketball coach at Loyola Univ.
Sachs, Theodore B.b May 2, 1868, Dinaberg, Russia; d Apr. 2, 1916, Naperville, IL.Physician; founded Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanatorium; led antituberculosis movement.
Sadauskas, Ildefonsasb June 1, 1902, Lithuania; d Feb. 1981, Chicago.Brewer; operated White Bear Brewery in Thornton 1930s and 1940s.
Saint-Gaudens, Augustusb Mar. 1, 1848, Dublin, Ireland; d Aug. 3, 1907, Cornish, NH.Sculptor; educator; created The Standing Lincoln (Lincoln Park, 1887); Logan Monument (Michigan Avenue, 1897).
Salathe, Frederickactive 1920s.Founded Chicago Chemical Co.
Sandburg, Carlb Jan. 6, 1878, Galesburg, IL; d July 22, 1967, Flat Rock, NC.Writer; poet; biographer; folk musician; won Pulitzer Prize.
Sandegren, Andrewb June 25, 1867, Halmsted, Sweden; d Jan. 23, 1924, Chicago.Architect; designed apartment buildings, offices, and Swedish Old People's Home.
Sanders, Alvin H.b Sept. 8, 1860, Talleyrand, IA; d July 18, 1948, Wayne, PA.Writer; managing editor and part owner of Breeders' Gazette.
Sanders, James Harveyb Oct. 9, 1832, Union County, OH; d Dec. 22, 1899, Memphis, TN.Agricultural journalist; founded Breeders' Gazette (ca. 1881).
Sankey, Ira Davidb Aug. 28, 1840, Edinburgh, PA; d Aug. 13, 1908, Brooklyn, NY.Singing evangelist; gospel songwriter; musical director for evangelist Dwight L. Moody.
Saperstein, Abraham Michaelb July 4, 1902, London, England; d Mar. 15, 1966, Chicago.Basketball promoter; founded Harlem Globetrotters in Chicago (1926).
Saperstein, Esther Richmanb Oct. 22, 1901, Chicago; d May 17, 1988, Chicago.Alderman (1975–1979); state representative (1957–1967); first female state senator (1967-1975); head of Illinois Commission on the Status of Women.
SauganashSee Caldwell, Billy
Sawyer, Eugeneb Sept. 3, 1934, Greensboro, AL; d Jan. 19, 2008, Hinsdale, IL.Mayor of Chicago (1987-1989).
Sayre, Williamactive 1830s.Farmer; landowner in Montclare area in 1836.
Scammon, J. Youngb July 27, 1812, Whitefield, ME; d Mar. 17, 1890, Chicago.Lawyer; financier; established Marine Bank (1851); president of Chicago Board of Education.
Scanlon, Johnactive 1860s.Journalist; Chicago Irish American leader in Civil War era.
Scanlon, Williamactive 1860s.Journalist; Chicago Irish American leader in Civil War era.
Schaack, Michael Johnb Aug. 23, 1843, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; d May 18, 1898, Chicago.Police inspector and captain; investigated Haymarket anarchists, Cronin murder case and Luetgert murder case.
Schadiger, Johnb Germany.Farmer; settled in Niles in early 1830s.
Schaffner, Josephb Mar. 23, 1848, Reedsburg, OH; d Apr. 19, 1918, Chicago.Clothing manufacturer; cofounder and co-owner of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothing business.
Scherer, Mathiasb June 16, 1818, Germany.Opened saloon/hotel in St. John, IN, in 1849.
Scherer, Nicholasb June 29, 1830, Prussia, Germany; d Apr. 24, 1907, Schererville, IN.Founded Schererville, IN.
Schlacks, Henry J.b 1868, Chicago; d Jan. 6, 1938, Chicago.Architect; designed St. Adalbert's, St. Paul's, and other Catholic churches.
Schmidt, George A.b ca. 1885; d July 3, 1957, Palm Springs, CA.Businessman; opened Riverview Park amusement park in 1904.
Schmidt, Otto L.b Mar. 21, 1863, Chicago; d Aug. 20, 1935, Chicago.Physician; historian; president of German American Historical Society of Illinois; president of Chicago Historical Society.
Schneider, John Peterb Apr. 1801, Frankfort-on-the-Rhine, Germany; d June 26, 1883, Aurora, IL.Settled in Schneider's Mills (now North Aurora) ca. 1834.
Schock, Frederick R.b Apr. 7, 1854, Chicago; d Sept. 28, 1934, Chicago.Architect; designed Queen Anne–style homes in central Austin.
Schoenhofen, Peterb Feb. 2, 1827, Derbach, Kreiswitt, Germany; d Jan. 2, 1893, Chicago.Brewer; founded Schoenhofen Brewing Co.
Schommer, John Josephb Jan. 29, 1884, Chicago; d Jan. 11, 1960.Basketball player; played on Univ. of Chicago 1910 Big Ten Championship team.
Schorling, John M.b Dec. 16, 1865, Michigan City, IN; d Mar. 23, 1940, Chicago.Tavern owner; sports promoter; co-owned Leland Giants baseball team; owned Schorling Park baseball field.
Schrage, Henryb Jan. 21, 1844, Auchen, Germany.Grocer; banker; owner Whiting Bank and East Chicago Bank; Whiting postmaster.
Schultz, Theodore Williamb Apr. 30, 1902, Arlington, SD; d Feb. 26, 1998, Evanston, IL.Economist; identified with Chicago School of Economics; won Nobel Prize for Economics (1979).
Schutze, Eva (Eve) Watsonb 1867; d May 20, 1935, Chicago.Photographer; Director of Renaissance Society at the Univ. of Chicago.
Schwab, Michaelb Aug. 9, 1853, Kitringen, Germany; d June 29, 1898.Anarchist; convicted in Haymarket Square riot; pardoned by Governor John P. Altgeld.
Schwinn, Ignazb Apr. 1, 1860, Hardheim, Germany; d Aug. 31, 1948, Chicago.Bicycle manufacturer; cofounded Arnold Schwinn & Co.
Scott, Walter Dillb May 1, 1869, Cooksville, IL; d Sept. 13, 1955, Evanston, IL.Psychologist; president of Northwestern Univ. (1920–1939).
Scoville, James Wilmarthb Oct. 14, 1825, Pompey, NY; d Nov. 2, 1893, Pasadena, CA.Early Oak Park landowner.
Scripps, John Lockeb Feb. 27, 1818, Jackson County, MO; d Sept. 21, 1866, Minneapolis, MN.Journalist; Chicago postmaster during Civil War; founded Chicago Tribune.
Searle, Gideon Danielb Feb. 13, 1846, Deerfield, IN; d Jan. 25, 1917, Chicago.Chemist; pharmacist; founded G. D. Searle & Co.; Civil War veteran.
Sears, Paul Bigelowb Dec. 17, 1891, Bucyrus, OH; d Apr. 30, 1990, Taos, NM.Botanist; ecologist; conservationist; researched Indiana dunes.
Sears, Richard Warrenb Dec. 7, 1863, Stewartville, MN; d Sept. 28, 1914, Waukesha, WI.Retail merchant; founded Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Seipp, Conradb 1825; d Jan. 18, 1890, Chicago.Early brewer in Chicago.
Selig, William Nicholasb Mar. 14, 1864, Chicago; d July 15, 1948, Los Angeles, CA.Motion picture producer; invented Selig Polyscope.
Seman, Philip L.b Nov. 11, 1881, Warsaw, Poland; d Sept. 25, 1957, Los Angeles, CA.Social worker; director of Chicago Hebrew Institute (1913–1945).
Sengstacke, John H.b Nov. 25, 1912, Savannah, GA; d May 28, 1997, Chicago.Publisher of Chicago Defender.
Senn, Nicholasb Oct. 31, 1844, Buchs, Switzerland; d Jan. 2, 1908, Chicago.Surgeon; writer; Rush Medical College faculty; philanthropist; book collector; pioneered surgical pathology; founded Association of Military Surgeons of the United States.
Sergel, Annie M. [Annie Meyers]b Aug. 18, 1857, Philadelphia, PA; d Dec. 23, 1927, Chicago.President of Illinois Woman's Press Club; organized Anti-Smoke League.
Sewell, Florence Lenore Davisb May 24, 1903, Holton, KS; d Apr. 9, 2000, Chicago.Philanthropist; silent partner in Pizzerias Uno and Due.
Sewell, Ikeb Sept. 9, 1903, Wills Point, TX; d Aug. 20, 1990, Chicago.Liquor executive; owner of Pizzeria Uno and Su Casa restaurants; invented “Chicago-style” deep-dish pizza.
Seymour, Henryactive 1830s.Farmer; subdivided land on Pershing Road in 1835.
Seymour, Ralph Fletcherb Mar. 18, 1876, Milan, Italy; d Jan. 1, 1966, Elburn, IL.Artist; illustrator; publisher; hand-lettered Baum's Father Goose: His Book (1899).
Shabbona [Shabonna; Shaubena]b ca. 1775, Maumee River, OH, or Kankakee River, IL; d July 17, 1859, Morris, IL.Potawatomi-Ottawa chief; ally of Tecumseh in War of 1812.
Shapey, Ralphb Mar. 21, 1921, Philadelphia, PA; d June 13, 2002, Chicago.Classical composer; violin prodigy; influential teacher.
Shapiro, Joryb ca. 1911; d Apr. 1993.Art collector; supporter of Museum of Contemporary Art.
Shapiro, Joseph Randallb Dec. 22, 1904, Russia; d June 16, 1996, Oak Park, IL.Art collector; helped found Museum of Contemporary Art.
Shapiro, Karl J.b Nov. 10, 1913, Baltimore, MD; d May 14, 2000, New York, NY.Poet; editor of Poetry magazine; literature professor at Univ. of Illinois at Chicago; won Pulitzer Prize (1944).
Shaughnessy, Clark Danielb Mar. 6, 1892, St. Cloud, MN; d May 15, 1970, Santa Monica, CA.Football coach; coached Chicago Bears; refined T formation.
Shaw, Clifford R.b 1895 or 1896, Luray, IN; d Aug. 1, 1957, St. Charles, IL.Sociologist; founded Chicago Area Project; worked for Institute for Juvenile Research.
Shaw, Howard Van Dorenb May 7, 1869, Chicago; d May 6, 1926, Baltimore, MD.Architect; designed Goodman Theatre, Market Square in Lake Forest, and the model steel town of Indiana Harbor.
Shedd, John Gravesb July 20, 1850, Alstead, NH; d Oct. 22, 1926, Chicago.Retail merchant; president of Marshall Field & Co.; funded Shedd Aquarium.
Shefferman, Nathan W.b July 19, 1887, Baltimore, MD; d Feb. 3, 1968, Chicago.Labor relations consultant; antiunion consultant to Sears, Roebuck.
Sheil, Bernard Jamesb Feb. 18, 1886, Chicago; d Sept. 13, 1969, Tucson, AZ.Roman Catholic bishop; founded Catholic Youth Organization (1930).
Sheldon, Arthur Frederickb May 1, 1868, Vernon, MI; d Dec. 21, 1935, Mission, TX.Educator; writer; founded Sheldon School for the teaching of business science.
Shelford, Victor Ernestb Sept. 22, 1877, Chemung County, NY; d Dec. 1968, Urbana, IL.Ecologist; zoologist at Univ. of Chicago; wrote Animal Communities in Temperate America as Illustrated in the Chicago Region.
Shepard, Otis Franklinb May 16, 1893 or 1894, Linden, KS; d Feb. 9, 1969, Ross, CA.Graphic designer; art director for Wrigley Co.; designed Chicago Cubs uniforms.
Sheridan, Jackb Jan. 11, 1905; d Feb. 1967, Chicago.Bughouse Square speaker.
Sheridan, James “Jimmie”b Jan. 11, 1905; d Feb. 6, 1972, Oak Park, IL.Bughouse Square speaker; hobo activist; twin of Jack Sheridan.
Sherman, Alson Smithb Apr. 21, 1811, Barre, VT; d Sept. 22, 1903, Waukegan, IL.Builder; fire chief; alderman (1842, 1846), trustee of Northwestern Univ.; mayor of Chicago (1844–1845).
Sherman, Francis Cornwallb Sept. 18, 1805, Newton, CT; d Nov. 6, 1870, Chicago.Builder; mayor of Chicago (1841–1842; 1862–1865).
Sherman, Silas 1840s.First sheriff of Cook County; filed claim for 160 acres in Northbrook area in 1843.
Shimer, Frances Woodb Aug. 31, 1826, Milton, NY? d 1901.College president; founder and president of Mount Carroll Seminary and Conservatory of Music of Mount Carroll.
Shober, Charlesactive 1850s.Lithographer; engraver.
Siedenburg, Fredericb Jan. 28, 1872, Cincinnati, OH; d Feb. 20, 1939, Detroit, MI.Educator; sociologist; helped establish School of Social Work at Loyola Univ.
Silber, Saulb ca. 1882, Dvinsk, Latvia; d Sept. 1, 1946, Chicago.Rabbi of Anshe Sholom Congregation; president of Hebrew Theological College.
Silsbee, Joseph Lymanb ca. 1849, Salem, MA; d Jan. 31, 1913, Chicago.Architect; designed Lincoln Park Conservatory.
Simonds, Ossian Coleb Nov. 11, 1855, Grand Rapids, MI; d Nov. 20, 1931, Chicago.Landscape architect; redesigned Graceland Cemetery; designed Lincoln Park extension.
Simons, Algie Martinb Oct. 9, 1870, North Freedom, WI; d Mar. 11, 1950, New Martinsville, WV.Socialist theorist; journalist; social activist; edited International Socialist Review (1900–1918).
Simpson, Herbert D.b May 21, 1876, Carnegie, PA; d June 4, 1952, Evanston, IL.Economist; public finance professor at Northwestern Univ.; expert on city and federal taxes.
Simpson, John A.b Nov. 3, 1916, Portland, OR; d Aug. 31, 2000, Chicago.Nuclear physicist; founded Atomic Scientists of Chicago, Inc.
Sinclair, Upton Beallb Sept. 20, 1878, Baltimore, MD; d Nov. 25, 1968, Bound Brook, NJ.Writer; reformer; socialist; wrote The Jungle (1906).
Singer, Horaceb Oct. 1, 1823, Schenectady, NY; d Dec. 28, 1896, Pasadena, CA.Businessman; moved to Lockport in 1836; state legislator; Cook County commissioner.
Singleton, Arthur “Zutty” Jamesb May 14, 1898, Bunkie, LA; d July 14, 1975, New York, NY.Jazz drummer; played in various Chicago jazz bands.
Siporin, Mitchellb May 5, 1910, New York, NY; d June 11, 1976, Newton, MA.Educator; artist.
Siskel, Eugene Kalb Jan. 20, 1946, Chicago; d Feb. 20, 1999, Evanston, IL.Film critic; critic for Chicago Tribune and on television with Roger Ebert.
Siskind, Aaronb Dec. 4, 1903, New York, NY; d Feb. 8, 1991, Providence, RI.Photographer; taught at Institute of Design (1951–1970).
Skidmore, Louisb Apr. 8, 1897, Lawrenceburg, IN; d Sept. 27, 1962, Winter Haven, FL.Architect; founding partner of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; chief designer of Century of Progress Exposition.
Skinner, Markb Sept. 13, 1813, Manchester, VT; d Sept. 16, 1887.Cook County Judge; city attorney; prominent Democrat during Civil War.
Slater, Frederick W.b Dec. 19, 1898, Normal, IL; d Aug. 14, 1966, Chicago.First African American circuit court judge in Illinois.
Sleight, Morrisb 1795, Hyde Park, NY; d 1863.Real-estate trader; entrepreneur in Naperville.
Small, Albion Woodburyb May 11, 1854, Buckfield, ME; d Mar. 24, 1926, Chicago.Sociologist; founded department of sociology at Univ. of Chicago; founded American Journal of Sociology.
Smart, Alfredb June 17, 1894, Omaha, NE; d Feb. 3, 1951, Chicago.Publisher; cofounded Esquire magazine.
Smart, David Archibaldb Oct. 4, 1892, Omaha, NE; d Oct. 15 or 16, 1952, Chicago.Publisher; cofounded Esquire magazine; founded Smart Museum.
Smarzewski-Schermann, Anthonyb May 24, 1818, Kcynia, Poznan Duchy, Poland; d Sept. 22, 1900, Chicago.Arrived in Chicago in 1851; early Polish resident of Chicago; helped organized St. Stanislaus Kostka parish.
Smith, Amanda Berryb Jan. 23, 1837, Long Green, MD; d Feb. 24, 1915, Sebring, FL.Evangelist; reformer; founded a home for African American orphans in Harvey, IL.
Smith, Clarence “Pine Top”b June 11, 1904, Troy, AL; d Mar. 15, 1929, Chicago.Boogie-woogie pianist; played and recorded in Chicago.
Smith, David Sheppardb Apr. 28, 1816, Camden, NJ; d Apr. 29, 1891, Chicago.Doctor; introduced homeopathy in Chicago; president of Hahnemann College.
Smith, Dollyactive 1860s.Named town of Minooka.
Smith, Elijah J.b May 8, 1815, Morristown, NJ; d 1888.Dairy farmer; physician; founded Itasca (ca. 1840s).
Smith, Georgeb Feb. 10, 1808, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; d Oct. 7, 1899, London, England.Financier; early Chicago banker; founded Wisconsin Marine & Fire Insurance Co.
Smith, Henry Justinb June 19, 1875, Chicago; d Feb. 9, 1936, Evanston, IL.Editor and journalist at Chicago Daily News.
Smith, Masonb ca. 1807, Potsdam, NY.Farmer; filed claim (with George Mason) on land called Dunklee's Grove in Bensenville area.
Smith, Miltonb 1810, NY; d 1874.Farmer; abolitionist; founded Wesleyan Methodist Church in Wheaton.
Smith, Nathaniel Clarkb July 31, 1877, Fort Leavenworth, KS; d Oct. 8, 1935, Kansas City, MO.Band director; composer; established first black-owned music publishing company.
Smith, Perry Dunlapb Dec. 16, 1888, Chicago; d Feb. 4, 1967, Winnetka, IL.Educator; founded North Shore Country Day School; cofounded Winnetka Teachers College.
Smith, Tempel J.b Aug. 10, 1909; d Dec. 19, 1980, Chicago.Founder and president of Tempel Steel Co.; bred Lipizzan show horses.
Smith, Thomas Vernorb Apr. 26, 1890, Blanket, TX; d May 24, 1964, Hyattsville, MD.Philosophy professor at Univ. of Chicago; state senator; congressman-at-large from Illinois.
Smulski, John F.b Feb. 4, 1867, Posen, Poland; d Mar. 18, 1928, Chicago.Lawyer; banker; alderman (1898–1903); city attorney; founded Northwestern Trust & Savings Bank (1906).
Snow, George Washingtonb Sept. 16, 1797, Keene, NH; d July 29, 1870, Altoona, PA.City surveyor; lumber dealer; innovator in balloon frame construction.
Solomon, Hannah Greenbaumb Jan. 14, 1858, Chicago; d Dec. 7, 1942, Chicago.Social reformer; one of the first Jewish women admitted in Chicago Woman's Club; founded National Council of Jewish Women.
Solti, Sir Georgb Oct. 21, 1912, Budapest, Hungary; d Sept. 5, 1971, Antibes, France.Conductor; music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1969–1991); made over 50 recordings with CSO; won 32 Grammy awards.
Soltker, Gertrudeb July 22, 1912; d Oct. 1981?Cofounded Old Town School of Folk Music.
Sowerby, Leob May 1, 1865, Grand Rapids, MI; d July 7, 1968, Fort Clinton, OH.Composer; organist at St. James Church; won Pulitzer Prize for Canticle of the Sun (1946).
Spacek, Leonard Paulb Sept. 12, 1907, Cedar Rapids, IA; d Mar. 19, 2000, Chicago.Accountant; managing partner at Arthur Andersen in 1950s.
Spalding, Albert G.b Sept. 2, 1850, Byron, IL; d Sept. 9, 1915, Point Loma, CA.Baseball player and executive; sporting goods manufacturer.
Spanier, Francis Joseph “Muggsy”b Nov. 9, 1901, Chicago; d Feb. 12, 1967, Sausalito, CA.Jazz cornetist; bandleader; performed in numerous Chicago clubs; recorded with his ragtime band.
Spann, Otisb Mar. 21, 1930, Jackson, MS; d Apr. 24, 1970, Chicago.Blues pianist and singer; played with Muddy Waters band; recorded on Chess and Checker labels.
Spaulding, Henry A.b Nov. 11, 1837, New York, NY.Jewel merchant; established jewelry firm in Chicago in 1888.
Spears, Ethelb Oct. 5, 1903, Chicago; d Aug. 2, 1974, Navasota, TX.Artist; painter; illustrator.
Spencer, Robert Clossen, Jr.b Apr. 13, 1864, Milwaukee, WI; d Sept. 9, 1953, Tucson, AZ.Architect; writer; designed interior of Chicago Public Library and the Art Institute.
Spiegel, Arthur H.b ca. 1885; d Apr. 7, 1916, New York, NY.Founded Spiegel company, 1904.
Spiegel, Josephb Sept. 23, 1840, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; d Sept. 13, 1918, Chicago.Merchant; founder and president of Spiegel House Furnishing Co., 1904.
Spies, August Vincent Theodoreb Dec. 10, 1855, Landeck, Germany; d Nov. 11, 1887, Chicago.Anarchist; convicted in Haymarket Square riot; executed.
Spolin, Violab Nov. 7, 1906, Chicago; d Nov. 22, 1994, Los Angeles, CA.Theatre educator; developed “Theater Games” improvisation method to train actors.
Spoor, George K.b Dec. 18, 1871, Highland Park, IL; d Nov. 24, 1953, Chicago.Cofounded Essanay Film Co.; pioneered moving picture industry in Chicago; invented movie equipment.
Spoor, John A.b Sept. 30, 1851, Freehold, NY; d Oct. 15, 1926, Chicago.Rare book collector; president of Union Stock Yard.
Squire, Belleb Jan. 28, 1870; d Apr. 17, 1939, Chicago.Teacher; suffragist; coestablished Alpha Suffrage Club (1913).
Stacy, Philo W.b Jan. 13, 1833, Ashford, NY; d Mar. 2, 1917, Glen Ellyn, IL.Early settler of Milton Township; donated Stacy Park to Glen Ellyn.
Stagg, Amos Alonzob Aug. 16, 1862, West Orange, NJ; d Mar. 17, 1965, Stockton, CA.Football coach for 40 years at Univ. of Chicago; brought collegiate basketball to Chicago.
Stallbohm, Johann Friedrich Willhelmb 1823, Germany; d 1899, Munster, IN.Innkeeper; ran Stallbohm's Inn, also called the Green House, in Munster.
Stanley, Dexterb Oct. 1780, Taunton, MA; d Feb. 12, 1849.Downers Grove resident in 1840s.
Stark, Inez Cunningham [Inez Stark Boulton]d Aug. 16, 1958, Washington, DC.Poet; teacher; active in Renaissance Society at Univ. of Chicago.
Starks, Edward Albertb Mar. 26, 1928, Robbins, IL; d Apr. 3, 1987, Robbins, IL.Real-estate developer in 1960s; opened Golden Acres subdivision in Robbins, IL.
Starr, Ellen Gatesb Mar. 19, 1859, Laona, IL; d Feb. 10, 1940, Suffern, NY.Settlement worker; labor activist; bookbinder; cofounded Hull House (1898).
Stead, William T.b July 5, 1849, Embleton, Northumberland, England; d Apr. 15, 1912, on theTitanic. Journalist; wrote If Christ Came to Chicago (1894).
Stearns, John Goddardb 1843, New York, NY; d Sept. 16, 1917.Architect; designed Machinery Hall at the World's Columbian Exposition.
Steele, Ashbelb 1794, Derby, England; d Sept. 26, 1861, River Forest, IL.Coroner and sheriff of Cook County; arrived in Chicago in 1833; settled in River Forest.
Steger, John Valentineb Mar. 24, 1854, Ulm, Württemberg, Germany; d June 11, 1916, Steger, IL.Piano manufacturer; founded village of Steger.
Steghagen, Emmab Mar. 5, 1856, Germany; d Oct. 31, 1948? Hartford, MI.Labor organizer; organized the Wage Earners' Suffrage League; secretary of Chicago Women's Trade Union League.
Stein, Julesb Apr. 26, 1896, South Bend, IN; d Apr. 29, 1981, Los Angeles, CA.Entertainment executive; ophthalmologist; philanthropist; founded Music Corp. of America (MCA).
Stein, Louis P.b Sept. 18, 1893, Warsaw, Poland; d June 24, 1952, Chicago.Beauty supply manufacturer; organized Helene Curtis Industries.
Steinfeldt, Harry M.b Sept. 29, 1877, St. Louis, MO; d Aug. 17, 1914, Bellevue, KY.Baseball player; Cubs third baseman.
Sternaman, Edward C. “Dutch”b Feb. 9, 1895; d Feb. 2, 1973, Chicago.Football and hockey coach; cofounder and coach of Decatur Staleys and Chicago Bears; first coach of Chicago Blackhawks.
Stevens, Alzina Parsonsb May 27, 1849, Parsonsfield, ME; d June 3, 1900, Chicago.Printer; labor organizer; journalist; settlement worker; Chicago's first probation officer (1899).
Stevens, Thomas Woodb Jan. 26, 1880, Daysville, IL; d Jan. 29, 1942, Tucson, AZ.Writer; cofounded Goodman Theatre; founded Blue Sky Press.
Stevenson, Adlai Ewingb Oct. 23, 1835, Christian County, KY; d June 14, 1914, Chicago.Lawyer; U.S. representative; vice president of the United States (1893–1896).
Stevenson, Adlai Ewing, IIb Feb. 5, 1900, Los Angeles, CA; d July 14, 1965, London, England.Lawyer; Illinois governor; diplomat; two-time candidate for U.S. president.
Stevenson, Sarah Hackettb Feb. 2, 1841, Buffalo Grove (now Polo), IL; d Aug. 14, 1909, Chicago.Doctor; settlement worker; founded Illinois Training School for Nurses.
Stewart, Bill (William)b 1894, Fitchburg, MA; d Feb. 18, 1964, Boston, MA.Hockey coach; coached Chicago Blackhawks (1937–1939); led team to Stanley Cup win (1938).
Stewart, William Larryb Mar. 24, 1937, Washington, DC; d Jan. 17, 1970, Neuse River, NC.Vocalist; soul performer in the 1960s.
Stickney, Alpheus Beedeb June 27, 1840, Wilton, ME; d Aug. 9, 1916, St. Paul, MN.Lawyer; railway executive; president of Chicago Great Western Railway.
Stigler, George J.b Jan. 17, 1911, Renton, WA; d Dec. 1, 1991, Chicago.Economist; associated with Chicago School of Economics; won Nobel Prize.
Stillman, Alexanderb Sept. 29, 1911, New York, NY; d Jan. 10, 1984, Barrington, IL.Philanthropist; donated land to Audubon Society of Chicago in 1976.
Stimpson, Williamb Feb. 14, 1832, Roxbury, MA; d May 26, 1872, Ilchester, MD.Marine zoologist; museum administrator; director of Chicago Academy of Sciences.
Stinson, Katherineb Feb. 14, 1891, Fort Payne, AL; d July 8, 1977, Santa Fe, NM.Early airmail pilot; first woman pilot to carry the U.S. mail.
Stoch, Karol C.b Nov. 1, 1889, Zubsuche, Poland; d Aug. 25, 1947, Chicago.Tavernkeeper; Polish mountain fiddler.
Stock, Frederick Augustb Nov. 11, 1872, Julich near Cologne, Germany; d Oct. 20, 1942, Chicago.Orchestra conductor; head of Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1905–1942); first director of Civic Orchestra.
Stockham, Alice Bunkerb Nov. 8, 1833, Cardington, OH; d Dec. 2, 1912, Alhambra, CA.Physician; publisher; suffragist; social reformer.
Stone, Bentleyb Aug. 31, 1907, Plankinton, SD; d Feb. 10, 1984, Chicago.Ballet dancer; teacher; choreographer; performed with Ruth Page.
Stone, Herbert Stuartb 1870 or 1871, Chicago; d May 7, 1915, died at sea during sinking of Lusitania.Journalist; publisher; editor and owner of the Chap-Book; founded Stone & Kimball publishers.
Stone, Melville Elijahb Aug. 22, 1848, Hudson, IL; d Feb. 15, 1929, New York, NY.Journalist; founded Chicago Daily News; general manager of Associated Press.
Stone, W. Clementb May 4, 1902, Chicago; d Sept. 3, 2002, Evanston, IL.Insurance executive; founded Combined Insurance Co. of America.
Storey, Wilbur Fiskeb Dec. 19, 1819, Salisbury, VT; d Oct. 27, 1884, Chicago.Journalist; editor and publisher of Chicago Times.
Storrs, John Henry Bradleyb June 28, 1885, Chicago; d Apr. 23, 1956, Mer, France.Sculptor; designed Ceres statue atop Board of Trade building.
Stracke, Winfred “Win” J.b Feb. 20, 1908; d June 29, 1991, Chicago.Folk singer; songwriter; pioneer of early Chicago television; cofounded Old Town School of Folk Music.
Strasser, Adolphb Jan. 23, 1846? Austria-Hungary; d Jan. 1, 1939, Lakeland, FL.Labor leader; cofounded American Federation of Labor.
Stratton, William Grantb Feb. 26, 1914, Ingleside, IL; d Mar. 2, 2001, Chicago.Republican governor of Illinois (1953–1961).
Strauss, C. late nineteenth century.Businessman; converted to Buddhism at 1893 World's Parliament of Religions.
Streeter, George Wellingtonb 1837; d Jan. 22, 1921, East Indiana Harbor Canal, near Forsythe, IN.Sea captain; claimed the Gold Coast area by right of original discovery; namesake of “Streeterville.”
Stritch, Samuel Alphonsusb Aug. 17, 1887, Nashville, TN; d May 27, 1958, Rome, Italy.Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago (1940–1958); created cardinal (1946).
Strode, James 1840s.Attorney; state senator (1832–1836).
Struckmann, Dietrichb Nov. 29, 1818, Landesbergen, Germany; d May 4, 1879, Elmhurst, IL.Landowner; purchased land around Bensenville in early 1870s.
Stydahar, Joseph Leeb Mar. 17, 1912, Kaylor, PA; d Mar. 23, 1977, Beckley, WV.Football player and coach for Chicago Bears; Bears' first draft pick, 1936.
Sullivan, Joseph Michaelb Nov. 4, 1906, Chicago; d Oct. 13, 1971, San Francisco, IL.Jazz pianist; composer; performed with several Chicago bands; recorded with Lionel Hampton and Billie Holiday.
Sullivan, Louis Henrib Sept. 3, 1856, Boston, MA; d Apr. 14, 1924, Chicago.Architect; designed early skyscrapers, Auditorium Building, Carson Pirie Scott store, and numerous other notable buildings.
Sullivan, Margaret Frances Buchananb 1847, Ireland; d Dec. 28, 1903.Journalist; editorial writer for Chicago newspapers.
Sullivan, Roger C.b Feb. 2, 1861, Belvidere, IL; d Apr. 14, 1920, Chicago.President of Ogden Gas Co.; leader of Democratic Party in Illinois.
Sulzer, Andrewactive 1830s.Established brewery in 1833.
Sulzer, Conradb May 3, 1807, Bussnang, Thurgau, Switzerland; d Dec. 24, 1873, Chicago.Settled in Lakeview area in 1837.
Sun Ra [Herman Lee; Herman Blount]b May 22, 1914, Birmingham, AL; d May 30, 1993, Birmingham, AL.Jazz pianist; electric keyboardist; bandleader; composer; founded avant-garde jazz band, Solar Arkestra.
Sunday, Billyb Nov. 19, 1862, Story County, IA; d Nov. 6, 1935, Chicago.Major League baseball player; conservative Protestant evangelist.
Sundstrom, Ebba [Ebba Sundstrom Nylander]b Feb. 26, 1896, Lindsborg, KS; d Jan. 4 or 5, 1963, Evanston, IL.Conductor; violist; teacher; formed Women's Symphony Orchestra of Chicago.
Sutherland, E. 1840s.Established tavern in 1841; first postmaster in Portage Park.
Swainson, Anneb c. 1900, Sweden; d May 19, 1955, Chicago.Industrial designer; formed Bureau of Design at Montgomery Ward, 1931.
Swanson, Gloria [Gloria May Josephine Svennson]b Mar. 27, 1899, Chicago; d Apr. 4, 1983, New York, NY.Film actress; career began at Chicago's Essanay film studio; known as one of the first glamour queens.
Sweet, Carroll F.b June 24, 1877, Grand Rapids, MI; d Sept. 26, 1955, Dolton, IL.Real-estate developer; construction executive; codeveloped Park Forest.
Swenie, Denis J.b July 29, 1834, Glasgow, Scotland; d Feb. 16, 1903, Chicago.Fireman; chief of Chicago's volunteer fire department (1858–1901).
Swift, Gustavus Franklinb June 24, 1839, Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA; d Mar. 29, 1903, Lake Forest, IL.Meatpacker; philanthropist; founder and president of Swift & Co.; pioneer in use of refrigerated railcars for shipping meat.
Swift, Louis F.b Sept. 27, 1861, Sagamore, MA; d May 12, 1937, Chicago.Meatpacker; president of Swift & Co. (1903–1931).
Swing, Davidb Aug. 23, 1830, Cincinnati, OH; d Oct. 3, 1894, Chicago.Minister at Fourth Presbyterian Church; accused of heresy; formed nondenominational congregation of Central Church (1875).
Szukalski, Stanislausb Dec. 13, 1893, Warta, Poland; d May 19, 1987, Burbank, CA.Sculptor; painter.