R - Ran
Ras - Rei
Rei - Rie
Ril - Roc
Rod - Ros
Ros - Rye
Rye - Rye
Rabinowitch, Eugeneb 1901, St. Petersburg, Russia; d May 15, 1973, Washington, DC.Chemist; member of Manhattan Project; leader in international movement for nuclear arms control.
Raby, Al(bert) A.b Feb. 19, 1933, Chicago; d Nov. 23, 1988, Chicago.Civil rights activist; aide to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.; campaign manager for Harold Washington mayoral run.
Race, Charles T.b Nov. 1810, Greene, NY; d Apr. 20, 1888, Chicago.Farmer; real-estate developer; organized Irving Park Land Co.
Raday, Harryb Nov. 10, 1927, Chicago; d Oct. 1989.General contractor; mayor of Midlothian (1961–1985).
Rader, Paulb Aug. 24, 1879, Denver, CO; d June 19, 1938, Hollywood, CA.Evangelist; pastor at Moody Church; founded Chicago Gospel Tabernacle; early radio evangelist.
Ragen, Frank M.b Mar. 23, 1871, Chicago; d July 1, 1945, Chicago.County commissioner; Democratic ward committeeman; founded Ragen's Colts, an athletic club active in 1919 riot.
Rainey, Ma [Gertrude Pridgett]b Apr. 26, 1886, Columbus, GA; d Dec. 22, 1939, Columbus, GA.Blues singer; songwriter; known as “Mother of the Blues”; recorded for Paramount Records in Chicago (1920s).
Raisa, Rosa [Raisa Burchstein]b May 30, 1893, Bialystok, Poland; d Sept. 28, 1963, Pacific Palisades, CA.Soprano; voice teacher; joined Chicago Opera Company.
Rakove, Milton Leonb Oct. 30, 1918, Buhl, MN; d Nov. 5, 1983, Chicago.Political scientist; professor at Univ. of Illinois of Chicago; author of Don't Make No Waves, Don't Back No Losers; expert on Richard M. Daley's city politics.
Ramanujan, A. K.b Mar. 16, 1929, Mysore, India; d July 13, 1993, Chicago.Poet; writer; Univ. of Chicago professor specializing in Indian literature.
Ramberg, Christinab Aug. 21, 1946, Fort Campbell, KY; d Dec. 10, 1995, Naperville, IL.Artist; professor at the School of the Art Institute; associated with Imagist movement.
Rand, Sally [Helen Gould Beck]b Jan. 2, 1904, Elkton, MO; d Aug. 31, 1979, Glendora, CA.Fan dancer; sensation at Century of Progress World's Fair.
Rand, Socratesb ca. 1804, Franklin County, MA; d ca. 1890, Des Plaines, IL.Early farmer; justice of the peace in Des Plaines.
Rand, William H.b May 2, 1828, Quincy, MA; d June 20, 1915, New Canaan, CT.Publisher; cofounded Rand, McNally & Co. in 1856.
Randall, Dudleyb Feb. 17, 1832, Stonington, CT.Editor; worked for Aurora Beacon and various other Illinois newspapers.
Randolph, A. Philipb Apr. 15, 1889, Crescent City, FL; d May 16, 1979, Manhattan, NY.Founded Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; editor of the Messenger (NY).
Randolph, Paul Johnstonb Sept. 5, 1905, Beason, IL; d Nov. 19 or 20, 1990, on a cruise ship in Florida.State representative; influential in creating Chicago's Transportation Authority.
Ransom, Anning S.b 1795, NY; d 1883, Wheaton, IL.Early farmer in Carol Stream area (1830s); soldier in War of 1812.
Ransom, Reverdy Cassiusb Jan. 4, 1861, Flushing, OH; d Apr. 22, 1959, Wilberforce, OH.Bishop; civil rights leader; organized African Methodist Episcopal Institutional Church and Social Settlement.
Ransom, Willb 1878, Saint Louis, MI; d May 24, 1955, Norman, OK.Typographer; book artist; writer on the printing arts.
Rascher, Charlesb ca. 1844, Germany; d Nov. 8, 1900, Chicago.Surveyor; mapmaker and map publisher, 1880–1892.
Rascoe, Burtonb Oct. 22, 1892, Fulton, KY; d Mar. 19, 1957, New York, NY.Writer; editor; drama critic; worked for Chicago Tribune (1912–1920).
Rauch, John H.b Sept. 4, 1828, Lebanon, PA; d Mar. 24, 1894, Lebanon, PA.Physician; president of Illinois State Board of Health; park district advocate.
Rauhoff, John M.b May 15, 1868, Russellville, AL; d Oct. 18, 1927, Tinley Park, IL.Engineer; created “Ironite,” an additive for water- proofing cement used in the Hoover Dam.
Raupp, Melchiorb Mar. 11, 1814, Baden, Bavaria, Germany; d Jan. 8, 1891, Buffalo Grove, IL.Moved to Buffalo Grove around 1840s.
Raycroft, Joseph Edwardb Nov. 15, 1867, Williamstown, VT; d Sept. 30, 1955, Trenton, NJ.College basketball coach; coached Univ. of Chicago to four straight Big Ten championships.
Raymond, Benjamin Wrightb June 15, 1801, Rome, NY; d Apr. 6, 1883, Chicago.Merchant; watch manufacturer in Elgin; mayor of Chicago (1839–40; 1842–43).
Read, Opieb Dec. 22, 1852, Nashville, TN; d Nov. 2, 1939, Chicago.Novelist; newspaper journalist; member of the Chicago Press Club.
Rebori, Andrew Nicholasb Feb. 21, 1886, New York, NY; d May 31, 1966, Chicago.Chicago architect; designed Madonna della Strada Chapel (1938–1939).
Redenbacher, Orville Clarenceb July 16, 1907, Brazil, IN; d Sept. 19, 1995, Coronado, CA.Food manufacturer; introduced gourmet popcorn.
Redmond, James F.b Sept. 13, 1915, Kansas City, MO; d Mar. 21, 1993, La Grange, IL.Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools (1966–1975).
Reed, Charlesb Apr. 16, 1784, VA; d Aug. 26, 1863, Rockton, IL.Founded Joliet.
Reed, Guy Euclidb July 11, 1890, Holdrege, NE; d Jan. 2, 1959, Northbrook, IL.Banker; president of Chicago Crime Commission; president of village of Long Grove.
Reed, Mathis James “Jimmy”b Sept. 6, 1925, Dunleith, MS; d Aug. 29, 1976.Blues musician; singer; songwriter; recorded for Vee-Jay Records.
Reeder, Johnactive 1840s.Arrived in area known as Reeder Station (later Schererville, IN) around 1840.
Rees, James H.b Apr. 24, 1813, PA; d Sept. 21, 1880, Chicago.Built hotel in 1854 in Lake View (Lakeview House).
Reese, Michaelb Aug. 15, 1817, Hainsfurth, Bavaria, Germany; d Aug. 1, 1878, Wallenstein, Bavaria, Germany.Financier; his heirs donated part of his fortune to build Michael Reese Hospital.
Regensteiner, Theodoreb May 17, 1868, Munich, Germany; d July 15, 1952, Chicago.Founder and president of Regensteiner Corp.; pioneer in field of color printing.
Regnery, Henryb Jan. 5, 1912, Hinsdale, IL; d June 18, 1996, Chicago.Publisher; established trade publishing firm in Chicago; nurtured conservative authors.
Reich, Johnb Sept. 30, 1906, Vienna, Austria; d Feb. 9, 1988.Theater producer and director; led the Goodman Theatre (1957–1972).
Reinecke, Jean Otisb July 9, 1909, Ft. Scott, KS; d Dec. 18, 1987.Industrial designer; designed 1947 Toastmaster; established Barnes & Reinecke.
Reiner, Fritzb Dec. 19, 1888, Budapest, Hungary; d Nov. 15, 1963, New York, NY.Conductor; music director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1953–1962); conductor of several orchestras in the Eastern United States.
Reitman, Benjamin L.b Jan. 1, 1879, St. Paul, MN; d Nov. 16, 1942, Chicago.Physician; activist on behalf of hobo community; founded Hobo College.
Reitzel, Robertb Jan. 27, 1849, Weitenau amt Schopfheim, Baden Germany; d Mar. 31, 1898, Detroit, MI.German American poet; publisher; founded anarchist newspaper Der Arme Teufel; defended and eulogized Haymarket anarchists.
Revell, Fleming Hewittb Dec. 11, 1849, Chicago; d Oct. 11, 1931, Yonkers, NY.Publisher of religious books; founded Fleming H. Revell Co.
Rexroth, Kennethb Dec. 22, 1905, South Bend, IN; d June 6, 1982, Santa Barbara, CA.Poet; critic; translator; active in Dill Pickle Club; prominent during Beat movement.
Reynolds, George M.b 1864 or 1865, Panora, IA; d Feb. 26, 1940, Pasadena, CA.Banker; owned Continental & Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
Reznick, Hymanb Jan. 15, 1904, Chicago; d June 6, 1973, Portland, OR.Music director; founded Halevi Choral Society.
Rhea, Delbert “Dell” F.b Apr. 27, 1907, Springfield, MO; d Oct. 16, 1992, Chicago.Restaurateur; owned Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket restaurant in Willowbrook.
Rhode, Paul P.b Sept. 16, 1870 or 1871, Wejherowo, Poland; d Mar. 3, 1945, Green Bay, WI.Pastor of St. Michael's Catholic Church; first Polish bishop in Chicago and the United States (1908).
Rhodes, B.b England; active 1840s.Early landowner in Elmwood Park.
Rhodes, Richard S.b Nov. 5, 1843, Providence, RI; d May 13, 1902, River Grove, IL.Book publisher; president of Rhodes & McClure Publishing Co.
Rhodus, Charlotte C.active 1910s.President of Woman Suffrage Party of Cook County (1912).
Rhymer, Paulb c. 1905, Fulton, IL; d Oct. 26, 1964, Chicago.Comedy writer; wrote Vic and Sade radio serial.
Riccardo, Ricb ca. 1903, Italy; d Oct. 11, 1954, Chicago.Artist; restaurateur; owner Riccardo Studio restaurant.
Rice, John Blakeb May 28, 1809, Easton, MD; d Dec. 17, 1874, Norfolk, VA.Actor; theater manager; state and national legislator; mayor of Chicago (1865–1869).
Rice, Joseph Mayerb May 20, 1857, Philadelphia, PA; d June 24, 1934, Philadelphia.Physician; education critic.
Richardson, Henry Hobsonb Sept. 29, 1838, St. James Parish, LA; d Apr. 27, 1886, Brookline, MA.Architect; designed Marshall Field wholesale store and J. J. Glessner House.
Ricketts, Coella Lindsayb May 24, 1859, Shepardstown, OH; d Feb. 19, 1941, Wilmette, IL.Electric company executive; calligrapher; illustrator.
Rieck, Emilieb May 1850, Hamburg, Germany; d Jan. 1, 1929? Chicago?Brothel owner; operated Arena Hotel in Glen Ellyn.
Riley, Ida M.d Mar. 7, 1901, Chicago.Teacher; cofounded Columbia School of Oratory.
Riley, Jack H.b June 13, 1909; d Mar. 22, 1993.Wrestler; won Olympic silver medal (1932); All-American in football and wrestling at Northwestern Univ.
Riley, John D.b Dec. 29, 1870, Blackburn, England; d Mar. 14, 1933, Chicago.Superintendent, Chicago Bureau of Maps.
Risberg, Charles “Swede”b Oct. 13, 1894, San Francisco, CA; d Oct. 16, 1975, Red Bluff, CA.Professional baseball player for Chicago White Sox; involved in “Black Sox Scandal”; banned from baseball for life.
Robbins, Eugene S.b Oct. 12, 1862, Jordan, NY; d Apr. 25, 1944, Chicago.Real-estate agent.
Robbins, Henryb Nov. 27, 1836, Brooklyn, MA; d Apr. 20, 1950, Chicago.Real-estate agent.
Robbins, Samuel P.active 1830s.Farmer; arrived in Portage around 1838.
Robbins, Williamb July 20, 1824, Oswego County, NY; d June 1889, Hinsdale, IL.Early landowner in what is now Hinsdale.
Roberts, Eben Ezrab 1865 or 1866, Boston, MA; d Aug. 4, 1943, Muskegon, MI.Architect; designed homes in Oak Park; associated with Prairie style.
Robie, Frederick Carletonb Aug. 14, 1876, Chicago; d Dec. 17, 1962, OH.Merchant; inventor; home in Hyde Park notable for Frank Lloyd Wright design.
Robins, Margaret Dreierb Sept. 6, 1868, Brooklyn, NY; d Feb. 21, 1945, Hernando County, FL.Social reformer; labor leader; president of National Women's Trade Union League.
Robins, Raymondb Sept. 17, 1873, Staten Island, NY; d Sept. 26, 1954, Brooksville, FL.Progressive reformer; headed Northwestern Univ. Settlement; member of Chicago Charter Convention (1906–1909).
Robinson, Alexander [Che Che Pin Qua]b ca. 1772, Mackinac, MI; d Apr. 22, 1872, Leyden, IL.Potawatomi chief; government interpreter.
Robinson, Elishaactive 1880s.Mapmaker; published real-estate atlas in 1886.
Robinson, Increase [Josephine Dorothea Reichmann]b 1890, Chicago; d 1981.Painter; gallery owner; state director of Federal Art Project (1935–1938).
Robinson, Johnb England.Swimming instructor at Chicago Athletic Association; introduced water polo to Chicago in 1893.
Robinson, John (Johnny) C.b Nov. 26, 1903, Carabelle, FL; d Mar. 27, 1954, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Aviator; cofounded Robbins Airport; pilot of Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie.
Roche, Martinb Aug. 15, 1855, Cleveland, OH; d June 4, 1927, Chicago.Architect; partner at Holabird & Roche; an originator of the skeleton skyscraper office building; designed Soldier Field, Palmer House, Board of Trade.
Rockefeller, John D.b July 8, 1839, Richford, NY; d May 23, 1937, Ormond Beach, FL.Oil magnate; philanthropist; owned Standard Oil Co.; endowed Univ. of Chicago.
Rockne, Knute Kennethb Mar. 4, 1888, Voss, Norway; d Mar. 31, 1931, airplane crash near Bazaar, KS.Head football coach at Notre Dame (1918–1931).
Rodchenko, Alexander Mikhailovichb Nov. 23, 1891, St. Petersburg, Russia; d Dec. 3, 1956, Moscow, Russia.Artist; faculty  member at Institute of Design.
Rodeheaver, Homer Alvanb Oct. 4, 1880, Union Furnace, OH; d Dec. 18, 1955, Winona Lake, IN.Evangelist, musician, musical director for Billy Sunday.
Roden, Carl B.b June 7, 1870, Kansas City, MO; d Oct. 25, 1956, Palatine, IL.Librarian; head librarian at Chicago Public Library (1918–1950).
Rodzinski, Arturb Jan. 1, 1892, Spalato (now Split, Croatia); d Nov. 27, 1958, Boston, MA.Conductor; music director, Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1947–1948).
Roe, Clifford Griffithb June 26, 1875, Rowling Prairie, IN; d June 28, 1934, Chicago.Lawyer; assistant state's attorney of Cook County; prosecuted “white slaves trade.”
Roe, Hiramactive 1850s.Proprietor of tavern at Roe's Hill (later Rosehill Cemetery) around 1859.
Roebuck, Alvah Curtisb ca. 1864, Lafayette, IN; d June 18, 1948, Evanston, IL.Retail executive; cofounded Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Roeh, Hansactive twentieth century.Community leader; elected president of Round Lake Beach in 1937.
Rogers, Henry Wadeb Oct. 10, 1853, Holland Patent, NY; d Aug. 16, 1926, Pennington, NJ.Lawyer; educator; president of Northwestern Univ. (1890–1900); federal judge.
Rogers, James Gambleb Mar. 3, 1867, Bryant's Station, KY; d Oct. 1, 1947, New York, NY.Architect; designed downtown Chicago campus of Northwestern Univ.
Rogers, Jimmy [James A. Lane]b June 13, 1924, Ruleville, MS; d Dec. 19, 1997, Chicago.Blues guitarist; pioneer of Chicago electric blues; played with Muddy Waters.
Rogers, Phillip M.b Aug. 15, 1812, Dublin, Ireland; d Dec. 13, 1856, Rogers Park, IL.Evanston assessor; early landowner in Lakeview Township; purchased 1,600 acres of government land.
Rohl-Smith, Carlb 1848; d Aug. 22, 1900, Copenhagen, Denmark.Sculptor (Benjamin Franklin at World's Columbian Exposition; The Indian Massacre; General Sherman).
Rohn, Ferdinandb ca. 1826.Austrian truck farmer around South Shore; butcher.
Rokosz, Stanleyd Apr. 20, 1921, Chicago.Labor leader; business agent for Butchers' Union; president of Polish National Alliance.
Rold, June D.b Nov. 28, 1905; d Oct. 11, 1993.Dance teacher; owner and operator of June Rold School of Dance for 50 years.
Root, George Frederickb Aug. 30, 1820, Sheffield, MA; d Aug. 6, 1895, Bailey's Island, ME.Composer; music educator; partner in music firm Root & Cady; wrote “Battle Cry of Freedom.”
Root, John Wellbornb Jan. 10, 1850, Lumpkin, GA; d Jan. 15, 1891, Chicago.Architect; collaborated with Daniel H. Burnham; best known for Montauk and Monadnock Buildings; consulted for World's Columbian Exposition.
Rosenthal, Benjamin J.b Nov. 5, 1867, Chicago; d May 14, 1936, Chicago.Businessman; founded Chicago mail-order company; built subsidized housing.
Rosenwald, Juliusb Aug. 12, 1862, Springfield, IL; d Jan. 6, 1932, Chicago.Merchandiser; philanthropist; early partner of Sears & Roebuck; established Museum of Science and Industry; major donor to African American schools in rural South and to African American YMCAs.
Ross, Barney [Barnet David Rosofsky]b Dec. 23, 1909, New York, NY; d Jan. 18, 1967, Chicago.Lightweight and welterweight boxing champion; learned boxing on Chicago's West Side.
Ross, Norman DeMilleb Mar. 16, 1896, Portland, OR; d June 19, 1953, Evanston, IL.Radio announcer; classical music disk jockey; won Olympic gold medal in swimming (1920).
Ross, Samb Mar. 10, 1911, Kiev, Ukraine; d Mar. 30, 1998.Writer; member of Illinois Writers' Project.
Rossiter, Willb Mar. 15, 1867, Wells, Somerset, England; d June 10, 1954, Oak Park, IL.Music publisher; composer; wrote “I'd Love to Live in Loveland.”
Rouensab ca. 1650, Kaskaskia, IL.Illinois tribal leader; chief of Kaskaskia tribe.
Rowe, Louise Osbornb ca. 1889, Jacksonville, IL; d Mar. 26, 1962, Elgin, IL.First Commissioner of Public Welfare (1915).
Royko, Michael Melvinb Sept. 19, 1932, Chicago; d Apr. 29, 1997, Evanston, IL.Newspaper columnist; wrote for Chicago Daily News, Sun-Times, and Chicago Tribune; won Pulitzer Prize in 1972.
Rubloff, Arthurb June 25, 1902, Duluth, MN; d May 24, 1986.Real-estate developer; philanthropist; president of Arthur Rubloff & Co.
Ruby, Jack [Jacob Rubenstein]b ca. 1911, Chicago; d Jan. 3, 1967, Dallas, TX.Assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald; grew up around Maxwell Street.
Rucker, Edward A.b Jan. 24, 1822, Cook County, IL; d June 19, 1872, Chicago.Pioneered title indexing; firm was forerunner of Chicago Title & Trust.
Rudowitz, Christian A.b ca. 1873, Courland Province, Russia.Latvian revolutionary; his U.S. extradition case set legal precedent.
Rueckheim, Frederick Williamb Apr. 18, 1846, Japenzin, Germany; d Jan. 12, 1934, Chicago.Popcorn manufacturer; created “Cracker Jack” snacks.
Ruml, Beardsleyb Nov. 5, 1894, Cedar Rapids, IA; d Apr. 18, 1960, Danbury, CT.Economist; Social Science Division dean at Univ. of Chicago; originated pay-as-you-go income tax collection.
Rumsey, Julian S.b Apr. 3, 1823, Batavia, NY; d Apr. 20, 1886, Chicago.Grain merchant; county treasurer; president of Board of Trade; mayor of Chicago (1861–1862).
Russ, Alamondo B.b ca. 1829, VT.Undertaker; furniture dealer.
Russell, Charles Edwardb Sept. 25, 1860, Davenport, IA; d Apr. 23, 1941, Washington, DC.Journalist; reformer; published Chicago American; wrote exposé of meatpacking industry; attended founding meeting of NAACP.
Russo, William Josephb June 25, 1928, Chicago; d Jan. 11, 2003, Chicago.Jazz composer; founded Chicago Jazz Ensemble; initiated music department at Columbia College.
Ruud, Helga M.b Dec. 28, 1860, Kongsberg, Norway; d Jan. 29, 1956, Chicago.Doctor; taught at women's medical college of Northwestern Univ.
Ryerson, Edward L.b Dec. 3, 1886, Chicago; d Aug. 2, 1971, Chicago.Steel manufacturer; president of Inland Steel Co.
Ryerson, Joseph T.b Mar. 25, 1813, Chester, PA; d Mar. 10, 1883, Chicago.Iron merchant; founded Ryerson-Tull (later Inland Steel).
Ryerson, Martin Antoineb Oct. 26, 1856, Grand Rapids, MI; d Aug. 11, 1932, Lake Geneva, WI.Lumber executive; Art Institute trustee and patron.