P - Par
Par - Pea
Pea - Pet
Pet - Plu
Pol - Pra
Pre - Pyl
Paddock, Charles S.b Sept. 10, 1883, Chicago; d May 23, 1967, Arlington Heights, IL.Newspaper publisher; published Daily Herald.
Paddock, Hosea C.b Aug. 5, 1852, Western NY; d Nov. 15, 1935, Arlington Heights, IL.Newspaper publisher; founded Paddock Publications, owner of Daily Herald.
Paddock, Stuart Ransomb Aug. 10, 1881, Plainfield, IL; d May 4, 1968, Dunedin, FL.Newspaper publisher; published Daily Herald.
Paepcke, Walterb June 29, 1896, Chicago; d Apr. 13, 1960, Chicago.Founder and president of Container Corp. of America.
Page, Geraldineb Nov. 22, 1924, Kirksville, MO; d June 13, 1987, New York, NY.Actor; trained at Goodman Theatre Dramatic School in Chicago.
Page, H. R.active 1870s.Mapmaker; compiled real-estate atlas in 1879.
Page, Harlan (Pat) O.b Mar. 20, 1887, Watervliet, MI; d Nov. 23, 1965, St. Joseph, MI.Athlete; Univ. of Chicago football player; basketball player and coach; in Basketball Hall of Fame.
Page, Ruth [Ruth Fischer]b Mar. 22, 1899, Indianapolis, IN; d Apr. 7, 1991, Chicago.Ballet dancer; director of Chicago Opera Ballet; founded Ruth Page Ballet.
Page, William R.active 1870s.Lawyer; land promoter in Western Springs around 1870.
Pahlman, Hermann H.b Apr. 25, 1812, Latbergan, Hanover, Prussia; d Feb. 21, 1900.Built cabin near Long Grove Road in Kildeer around 1837.
Paine, Sethb ca. 1815, New England; d 1871?Merchant; purchased lakeshore tract and developed it as Lake Zurich.
Pajeau, Charles H.b Aug. 18, 1875, New Ipswich, NH; d Dec. 17, 1952, Evanston, IL.Toy manufacturer; invented Tinker Toys.
Palandech, John R.b Sept. 23, 1873, Sulina, Roumania; d Sept. 14, 1959, Chicago.Editor and publisher of the United Serbian; founded Palandech Press.
Paley, William Sb Sept. 27 or 28, 1901, Chicago; d Oct. 26, 1990, New York, NY.Broadcasting executive; president of CBS.
Palmer, Bertha Honoréb May 22, 1849, Louisville, KY; d May 5, 1918, Osprey, FL.Philanthropist; art collector.
Palmer, Potterb May 20, 1826, Potter's Hollow, NY; d May 4, 1902, Chicago.Merchant and innovator of retail practices; early developer of State Street; built the Palmer House.
Pargellis, Stanleyb June 25, 1898, Toledo, OH; d Jan. 6, 1968, Chicago.Librarian of Newberry Library (1942–1962).
Park, Robert Ezrab Feb. 14, 1864, Luzerne County, PA; d Feb. 7, 1944, Nashville, TN.Sociologist; Univ. of Chicago professor; associated with Chicago School of Sociology; first president of Chicago Urban League.
Parker, Francis Waylandb Oct. 9, 1837, Bedford, NH; d Mar. 2, 1902, Pass Christian, MS.Educational reformer; principal of Cook County Normal School; founded Francis W. Parker School.
Parmelee, Frankb Aug. 11, 1816, Byron, NJ; d Oct. 1, 1904, Chicago.Transportation executive; founded Chicago Omnibus Line, the first in the city.
Parsons, Albert R.b June 24, 1848, Montgomery, AL; d Nov. 11, 1887, Chicago.Anarchist; convicted in Haymarket Square riot; executed.
Parsons, Lucy Eldineb Mar. 1853, Waco, TX; d Mar. 7, 1942, Chicago.Free-speech advocate; labor activist; active in anarchist, socialist and Communist movements in Chicago.
Passavant, Williamb Oct. 9, 1821, Zelienople, PA; d June 3, 1894, Pittsburgh, PA.Lutheran clergyman; founded hospitals and orphanages; principal founder of Chicago Lutheran Seminary (1891).
Patrick, Hiram Blanchardb 1819, Courtland County, NY; d 1906.Farmer; arrived in DuPage County in 1843.
Patterson, Erastusb Woodstock, VT; d 1837.Established Patterson Tavern along Green Bay Trail in 1836 (with Zeruah Patterson).
Patterson, George A.b Oct. 27, 1907, Scotland; d Oct. 3, 1988, Chicago.Union organizer; founding president of Local 65 of United Steelworkers of America; picket captain at Memorial Day Massacre in 1937.
Patterson, Joseph Medillb Jan. 6, 1879, Chicago; d May 25, 1946, New York, NY.Newspaper publisher; editor of Chicago Tribune; state legislator (1903–1904); Pulitzer Prize (1940).
Patterson, Richard J.b Nov. 14, 1817, Berkshire County, MA; d Apr. 27, 1893, Batavia, IL.Physician specializing in mental illness; founded Bellevue Place; physician in charge during Mary Todd Lincoln's stay.
Patterson, Robert Wilsonb Nov. 30, 1850, Chicago; d Apr. 1, 1910, Philadelphia, PA.Journalist; editor-in-chief of Chicago Tribune.
Patterson, Zeruah (or Zernah)b ca. 1794, Woodstock, VT.Established Patterson Tavern in 1836 along Green Bay Trail (with Erastus Patterson).
Patti, Adelina Juanab Feb. 19, 1843, Madrid, Spain; d Sept. 27, 1919, Craig-y-Nos, Wales, England.Soprano; performed in Chicago during 1850s as a child prodigy.
Patton, Francis Landryb Jan. 22, 1843, Warwick, Bermuda; d Nov. 25, 1932.Presbyterian preacher; taught at McCormick Seminary; accused David Swing of heresy.
Patton, Johnb ca. 1883; d Dec. 23, 1956, Earl Park, IN.Capone vice overlord; had 42-year career as “boy mayor of Burnham” (1908–1949).
Paul, Renéactive 1820s.Surveyor; made first survey of possible I&M Canal routes (with Justus Post).
Pavley, Andreas [Andreas van Dorp de Weyer]b Nov. 1, 1892, Batavia, Java (now Indonesia); d June 26, 1931, Chicago.Dancer; ballet master of Chicago Civic Opera; founded Pavley-Oukrainsky ballet.
Payne, Jimmyb Aug. 21, 1905; d Nov. 13, 2000, Chicago.Artist; tap dancer and teacher in Chicago in the 1940s.
Payne, William Mortonb Feb. 14, 1858, Newburyport, MA; d July 11, 1919, Chicago.Educator; writer; associate editor of the Dial; literary editor of Chicago Morning News and Chicago Evening Journal.
Payton, Walter Jerryb July 25, 1954, Columbia, MS; d Nov. 1, 1999, Barrington, IL.Hall of Fame football player; Chicago Bears running back (1975–1987); businessman.
Peabody, Robert Swainb Feb. 22, 1845, New Bedford, MA; d Sept. 23, 1917, Marblehead, MA.Architect; designed Machinery Hall on the Court of Honor and Massachusetts Building for World's Columbian Exposition.
Peattie, Donald Culrossb June 21, 1898, Chicago; d Nov. 16, 1964, Santa Barbara, CA.Naturalist; writer; author of Flora of the Indiana Dunes.
Peattie, Elia Wilkinsonb Jan. 15, 1862, Kalamazoo, MI; d July 12, 1935, Wellingford, VT.Writer; literary critic; journalist for Chicago Tribune and the Daily News.
Peck, Charles Edwinb Sept. 2, 1816, Washington, VT; d Aug. 12, 1904.Cofounded village of Winnetka; postmaster of Winnetka; Chicago fire chief.
Peck, Ferdinand Wytheb July 15, 1848, Chicago; d Nov. 4, 1924, Chicago.Lawyer; president of opera festival; promoted building of the Auditorium Theatre.
Peck, Phillip F. W.b Jan. 16, 1809, Providence, RI; d Oct. 23, 1871, Chicago.Early Chicago merchant; real-estate developer.
Peel, Peter J.b May 14, 1874, Dublin, Ireland; d May 4, 1969, Chicago.Soccer player; considered the “father of American soccer”; led first U.S. Olympic soccer team (1924).
Penny, George W.b ca. 1820s, Bangor, ME; d Sept. 11, 1868.Brickyard owner in Park Ridge; built Park Ridge residence in 1857.
Perez, Manuelb Dec. 28, 1871, New Orleans, LA; d 1946, New Orleans, LA.Bandleader; cornetist; played ragtime and jazz; performed with Charles Elgar's Creole Orchestra in Chicago.
Periolat, Napoleonactive mid-nineteenth century.Businessman; built brewery in Wheeling in 1850.
Perkins, Charles Elliottb Nov. 24, 1840, Cincinnati, OH; d Nov. 8, 1907, Westwood, MA.Railroad executive; president of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (1875–1907).
Perkins, Dwight Healdb Mar. 26, 1867, Memphis, TN; d Nov. 2, 1941, Lordsburg, NM.Architect; specialist in school architecture; designed over 200 Chicago public buildings; campaigned for creation of forest preserves.
Perkins, Lawrence Bradfordb Feb. 12, 1907, Evanston, IL; d Dec. 3, 1997, Evanston, IL.Architect; designed Crow Island Elementary School in Winnetka, IL, and First National Bank of Chicago.
Perkins, Marion M.b 1908, Marche, AR; d Dec. 17, 1961, Chicago.Artist; sculptor.
Perkins, Marlinb Mar. 28, 1905, Carthage, MO; d June 14, 1986, St. Louis, MO.Naturalist; television personality; Lincoln Park Zoo director for 18 years.
Perren, Juliusb Germany; d ca. 1878, Niles, IL.Farmer; settled in Niles in early 1830s.
Petersdorf, Frederickactive 1850s.Landowner; purchased land from Peter Kern around 1850s.
Petersen, Louis P.b ca. 1884, Detroit, MI; d June 13, 1958, Chicago.Bowling alley owner; organized Petersen Bowling Classic; founded Chicago Bowling Proprietors Association.
Peterson, Gunnar A.b Jan. 3, 1915, Pittsfield, MA; d June 7, 1976, Halifax, Nova Scotia.Preservation activist; founding executive director of Openlands Project (1963–1975).
Peterson, Per S.b June 15, 1830, Vä, Skåne, Sweden; d Jan. 19, 1903, Chicago.First professional nurseryman in Middle West; started Rose Hill Nursery.
Peterson, Virgil W.b Nov. 16, 1904, Olds, IA; d Feb. 20, 1989, Berwyn, IL.Lawyer; FBI agent; directed Chicago Crime Commission for 27 years.
Petrillo, James Caesarb Mar. 16, 1892, Chicago; d Oct. 23, 1984, Chicago.Labor leader; musician; president of American Federation of Musicians.
Pettibone, Holmanb Feb. 27, 1889, Albion, NE; d July 24, 1962, Lac du Flambeau, WI.Banker; chairman of the board of Chicago Title & Trust Co.
Phillips, Irnab July 1, 1903, Chicago; d Dec. 23, 1973, Chicago.Radio and television writer; created radio and television daytime serials including The Guiding Light and As the World Turns.
Phillips, James F. [“The Fox”]b Nov. 20, 1930, Aurora, IL; d Oct. 3, 2001, Aurora.Environmental activist.
Piacenza, Aldob Aug. 13, 1888, Italy; d Feb. 1976.Self-taught artist; made elaborate painted birdhouses.
Piatkiewicz, Karolb Oct. 29, 1891; d Apr. 23, 1971, Hot Springs, AR.Chief editor of Polish National Alliance newspaper (Dziennik Związkowy) for 36 years.
Pierce, Bessie Louiseb Apr. 20, 1888, Caro, MI; d Oct. 3, 1974, Iowa City, IA.Historian; Univ. of Chicago faculty; wrote three-volume history of Chicago.
Pierce, Elijahactive 1820s.Opened tavern near Montgomery in mid-1830s.
Pihlfeldt, Thomas G.b Oct. 11, 1858, Vadso, Norway; d Jan. 23, 1941, Chicago.Engineer; city engineer of bridges.
Pinet, Pierreb ca. 1660; d July 16, 1704, Cahokia, IL.Roman Catholic priest; established Mission of the Guardian Angel in 1696.
Pingree, Andrewb July 16, 1803, Weare, NH; d Aug. 18, 1879, Pingree Grove, IL.Minister; farmer; surveyor of Burlington; established Pingree Grove.
Pinkerton, Allanb Aug. 25, 1819, Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland; d July 1, 1894, Chicago.Private detective; founded Pinkerton National Detective Agency in Chicago (1850).
Pinkerton, Robert Allenb Dec. 2, 1848, Dundee, IL; d Aug. 12 or 13, 1907, aboard ship to Europe.Private detective; head of Pinkerton Detective agency's eastern division.
Pinkerton, William Allenb Apr. 7, 1846, Dundee, IL; d Dec. 11, 1923, Los Angeles, CA.Private detective; chief of Pinkerton Detective Agency during Haymarket Affair; secret service agent during Civil War.
Piper, Alexander Rossb Mar. 1, 1865, Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, NY; d Nov. 1, 1952, South Salem, NY.Police captain; led internal investigation of Chicago Police Department in 1904.
Piper, Charles E.b June 12, 1858, Chicago; d Jan. 28, 1923, Black Mountain, NC.Lawyer; real-estate investor in Berwyn.
Piven, Byrneb Sept. 24, 1929, Scranton, PA; d Feb. 18, 2002, Evanston, IL.Actor; director; teacher; founded Piven Theatre Workshop.
Plagge, Christophactive 1850s.Music writer; wrote “The Garden City Polka” in 1854.
Plamondon, Marieb Sept. 27, 1880; d May 14, 1967, Chicago.Social worker; codirector of Madonna Center (1932–1967).
Plawinski, Edward E.b Oct. 18, 1903, Chicago; d Feb. 16, 1986, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.Pastor at St. Simeon (Bellwood) for 26 years; president of Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council (1940–1945).
Plummer, Jonathan W.b Mar. 25, 1835, Richmond, IN; d Feb. 2, 1918, Dixon, IL.Wholesale druggist; founded wholesale drug firm of Morrison, Plummer & Co. (later Fuller-Morrison).
Polacheck, Hilda Satt [Hinda]b Oct. 12, 1882, Wloclawek, Poland; d May 18, 1967, Chicago.Writer; involved in labor, peace, and woman suffrage movements; active participant in Hull House.
Poncelet, Adolpheb May 15, 1819, Neufchateau, Belgium; d May 11, 1857, Blue Island, IL.Belgian consul in Chicago (1850s).
Pond, Allen B.b Nov. 21, 1858, Ann Arbor, MI; d Mar. 17, 1929, Chicago.Architect; codesigned Hull House buildings.
Pond, Irving Kaneb May 1, 1857, Ann Arbor, MI; d Sept. 29, 1939, Washington, DC.Architect; structural engineer; codesigned Hull House buildings.
Pontiacb ca. 1714, Ottawa village on the Detroit River; d Apr. 20, 1769, Cahokia, IL.Ottawa chief; led Indian mobilization, 1763–1764.
Poole, George A.b Apr. 8, 1907, Chicago; d Mar. 21, 1990.Printer; philanthropist; rare book collector.
Poole, William Frederickb Dec. 24, 1821, Salem/Peabody, MA; d Mar. 1, 1894, Evanston, IL.Librarian; bibliographer; president of American Library Association; librarian of Chicago Public Library (1873–1887); librarian of Newberry Library (1887–1894).
Pooley, Georgia Bitzisb Jan. 20, 1857, Corfu, Greece; d June 1, 1945, Chicago.First known Greek woman in Chicago (1885).
Pooley, Peterb 1844, Corfu, Greece; d 1914, Chicago.Sea captain.
Poorman, John G.b Jan. 27, 1882, Cincinnati, OH; d Sept. 22, 1955, Beaumont, CA.Inventor; poultry farmer; invented a chicken brooder.
Porter, Benjamin M.b July 3, 1816, Pawlet, VT; d Jan. 6, 1897, Palatine, IL.Arrived in Chicago area around 1835.
Porter, Eliza Emily Chappellb Nov. 5, 1807, Geneseo, NY; d Jan. 1, 1888, Santa Barbara, CA.Educator; relief worker; missionary; Underground Railroad activist.
Porter, Jeremiahb Dec. 27, 1804, Hadley, MA; d July 25, 1893, Beloit, WI.Early clergyman; organized First Presbyterian Church in Chicago (1833).
Porter, Julia Fosterb Aug. 22, 1846, Chicago; d Aug. 23, 1936, Chicago.Administrator; philanthropist; founded Children's Hospital.
Porthier, Victoire Mirandeaub 1800 or 1801; d after 1883.Métis member of Ouilmette and Kinzie households; eyewitness to Lalime hom-icide.
Post, George Browneb Dec. 15, 1837, New York, NY; d Nov. 28, 1913, Bernardsville, NJ.Architect; designed Manufacturers and Liberal Arts Buildings at World's Columbian Exposition.
Post, Justusb ca. 1781, NJ; d Mar. 14, 1846, Caledonia, IL.Engineer; made the first survey of possible I&M Canal routes (with René Paul).
Post, Louis Freelandb Nov. 15, 1849, Warren County, NJ; d Jan. 10, 1928, Washington, DC.Writer; reformer; member of Chicago Board of Education; assistant U.S. secretary of labor.
Powers, Johnnyb Feb. 15, 1852, Brannon, Kilkenny, Ireland; d May 19, 1930, Chicago.Alderman (1888–1927); businessman; Democratic Party power broker.
Pratt, John Morganb Mar. 23, 1886, Sharpsville, IN; d June 14, 1954, Chicago.Lawyer; newspaper executive; active in Association of Real Estate Taxpayers (ARET); leader in 1930s tax strikes.
Prendergast, Patrick Eugeneb ca. 1868, Ireland; d July 13, 1894, Chicago.Assassinated mayor Carter Harrison (1893); executed for the murder.
Price, Florence Beatriceb Apr. 9, 1888, Little Rock, AR; d June 3, 1953, Chicago.Composer; organist; pianist.
Priebe, Karlb July 1, 1914, Milwaukee, WI; d July 6, 1976, Milwaukee, WI.Artist; painter; teacher.
Prince, Earl H.b Oct. 10, 1861, Roxbury, VT; d Feb. 8, 1940, Dixon, IL.Real-estate developer; platted a subdivision of Downers Grove.
Prince, Frederick Henryb Nov. 24, 1859, Winchester, MA; d Feb. 2, 1953, Biarritz, France.Financier; incorporated Chicago Stock Yards Co.; founded Central Manufacturing District (1905).
Prince, Richardb Sept. 18, 1922, Chicago; d July 6, 1996, Holland, MI.Helped found Trinity Christian College; served as dean.
Proudfoot, Malcolmb July 18, 1907, Chicago; d Nov. 21, 1955, Oxford, England.Geographer; professor at Northwestern Univ.
Pucinski, Roman C.b May 13, 1919, Buffalo, NY; d Sept. 25, 2002, Park Ridge, IL.U.S. congressman (1959–1973); alderman; reporter for Sun-Times.
Puffer, Henryb Feb. 15, 1790, Berlin, MA; d Mar. 12, 1851 or 1857, Downers Grove, IL.Early resident of Downers Grove area.
Pullman, George Mortimerb Mar. 3, 1831, Brocton, NY; d Oct. 19, 1897, Chicago.Manufacturing innovator and entrepreneur, founded town of Pullman, Pullman Palace Car Co.
Purcell, Williamb 1880, Wilmette, IL; d Apr. 11, 1965.Architect.
Purington, Dillwyn V.b Jan. 22, 1841, Sidney, ME; d Apr. 2, 1914, Ocean Springs, MS.Manufacturer; founded brick companies.
Purvin, Jennie Franklinb Aug. 23, 1873, Chicago; d Nov. 1, 1958, Chicago.Civic reformer; active in Chicago's women's clubs; campaigned for public bathing along Lake Michigan.
Putnam, Alice Harvey Whitingb Jan. 18, 1841, Chicago; d Jan. 19, 1919, Chicago.Leader in kindergarten movement; president of Chicago Kindergarten Club.
Putnam, Frederic Wardb Apr. 16, 1839, Salem, MA; d Aug. 14, 1915, Cambridge, MA.Anthropologist; curator of Harvard's Peabody Museum; director of anthropological section World's Columbian Exposition.
Pyle, Charles C.b Mar. 25, 1882, Van Wert, OH; d Feb. 3, 1939, Los Angeles, CA.Sports promoter; agent for football star Red Grange.