N - Nic
Nic - Nov
Nagurski, Bronislau “Bronko”b Nov. 3 or 4, 1908, Rainy River, Ontario, Canada; d Jan. 7, 1990, International Falls, MN.College and professional football player; Bears fullback (1940s).
Naper, Josephb ca. 1798, VT; d Aug. 17, 1862, Naperville, IL.Platted Naperville; state legislator (1836–1840); first village president of Naperville (1857).
Napieralska, Stellaactive 1910s.Physician; supervised Guardian Angel Day Nursery Dispensary.
Napieralski, Johnb Poland; active 1830s.Captain in the Polish army; first Pole to arrive in Chicago.
Nash, Josephb Apr. 6, 1828, England; d Apr. 12, 1903, Hobart, IN.Brickmaker and journeyman; established first large brickyard in Hobart, IN (1863).
Nash, Patrick A.b Mar. 2, 1863, Chicago; d Oct. 6, 1943, Chicago.Politician; chairman of Cook County Democratic Party; built “Kelly-Nash” machine.
Nathan, Marksb 1845, Lidvinowa, Russia; d Nov. 6, 1903.Businessman; endowed Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan Home.
Neal, George Edwardb Nov. 10, 1907, Mem-phis, TN; d Aug. 22, 1938, Chicago.Painter, art teacher; worked for South Side Community Art Center.
Neebe, Oscar W.b July 12, 1850, New York, NY; d Apr. 22, 1916, Chicago.Anarchist; convicted in Haymarket Square riot; pardoned by Governor John P. Altgeld.
Nelson, Swainb Jan. 30, 1828, Fjelkestad, Sweden; d Jan. 18, 1917, Glenview, IL.Landscape designer; designed Lincoln and Union Parks.
Ness, Eliotb Apr. 19, 1903, Chicago; d May 16, 1957, Coudersport, PA.Federal law enforcement agent; headed the Untouchables; helped send Capone to prison.
Nestor, Agnesb June 24, 1880, Grand Rapids, MI; d Dec. 28, 1948, Chicago.Union organizer; president of International Glove Workers Union; president of Chicago Women's Trade Union League.
Nevans, Billyb July 17, 1833, Brooklyn, NY; d Mar. 27, 1894, Chicago.Bandleader; an organizer of Nevans & Dean's band.
Newberry, Julia Butlerb May 12, 1818, Oxford, NY; d Dec. 9, 1885, Paris, France.Arrived in Chicago in 1843; wife of founder of Newberry Library.
Newberry, Walter Cassb Dec. 23, 1835, Sangerfield, NY; d July 20, 1912, Chicago.Businessman; U.S. representative; postmaster of Chicago; Civil War soldier.
Newberry, Walter Loomisb Sept. 18, 1804, Windsor, CT; d Nov. 6, 1868, Died at sea; buried in Chicago.Merchant banker; real-estate investor; bequeathed funds to establish Newberry Library.
Newhouse, Henry L.b Apr. 11, 1874, Chicago; d Oct. 26, 1929, Chicago.Architect; designer of Queen Anne homes in Fuller Park in mid-1880s.
Newton, Lewey Q.b ca. 1798, VT; d Apr. 11, 1868.First physician in Glen Ellyn; built a railroad station.
Nichols, Mayb after 1856? d Oct. 11, 1865, VT?Village of Maywood named for her by her father, William T. Nichols.
Nichols, Thomas F.active 1870s.Laid out Morgan Park in 1870s.
Nichols, William T.b Mar. 24, 1829, Clarendon, VT; d Apr. 10, 1882, Maywood, IL.Businessman; president of Maywood Co.; founded Maywood.
Nielubowski, Alex M.b Feb. 15, 1885, Chicago; d Nov. 1968.Packinghouse union leader.
Nims, John Frederickb Nov. 20, 1913, Muskegon, MI; d Jan. 19, 1999, Chicago.Educator; poet; editor of Poetry Magazine.
Noble, Mark, Jr.b Nov. 20, 1810, Yorkshire, England.Farmer; partner of George Bickerdike; constructed sawmill on Aux Plaines (now Des Plaines) River.
Noble, Mark, Sr.b c. 1765, England; d Nov. 25, 1839, Chicago.Farmer; butcher; arrived in Chicago in 1831; lived in Kinzie's cabin.
Noone, Jimmieb Apr. 23, 1895, Cut Off, LA; d Apr. 19, 1944, Los Angeles, CA.Jazz clarinetist; bandleader (1920s); jazz pioneer in transition from New Orleans style to Chicago style.
Nordfeldt, Bror Julius Olssonb Apr. 13, 1878, Tullstrop, Skane, Sweden; d Apr. 21, 1955, Henderson, TX.Artist; trained and exhibited at Chicago Art Institute.
Norris, Benjamin “Frank” Franklinb Mar. 5, 1870, Chicago; d Oct. 25, 1902, San Francisco, CA.Novelist; author of The Pit.
Norris, James D.b Nov. 6, 1906, Chicago; d Feb. 25, 1966, Chicago.Boxing promoter; formed International Boxing Club (1949); co-owned Chicago Blackhawks.
North, Daveactive 1920s.Musician; played in Austin High Gang band.
North, Jessica Nelson [Jessica N. MacDonald]b Sept. 7, 1891, Madison, WI; d June 3, 1988.Poet; novelist; wrote Arden Acres (1935).
Norton, Hiramb Feb. 26, 1799, Skaneateles, NY; d Apr. 1, 1875, Lockport, IL.Contractor for I&M Canal; established firm of Norton & Co.; state legislator.
Nosek, Josephactive 1920s.Attorney; suggested incorporating Forest View in 1924.
Novikoff, Laurentb Aug. 3, 1888, Moscow, Russia; d June 18, 1956, New Buffalo, MI.Dancer; ballet master of Chicago Civic Opera Ballet.