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Mabon, Willieb Oct. 24, 1925, Hollywood, TN; d Apr. 19, 1985, Paris, France.Blues pianist; harmonica player; recorded for Chess Records.
MacArthur, Catherine T. [Catherine T. Hyland]b Nov. 23, 1908, Chicago; d Dec. 15, 1981, Palm Beach Shores, FL.Philanthropist; cofounded John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
MacArthur, Charlesb Nov. 5, 1895, Scranton, PA; d Apr. 21, 1956, New York, NY.Playwright; screenwriter; journalist; worked with Ben Hecht on The Front Page.
MacArthur, John Donaldb Mar. 6, 1897, Pittston, PA; d Jan. 6, 1978, West Palm Beach, FL.Insurance and real-estate executive; philanthropist; established the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.
MacChesney, Nathan Williamb June 2, 1878, Chicago; d Sept. 25, 1954.Lawyer; diplomat; member of Chicago Plan Commission; drafted standard restrictive covenant.
MacDonald, Jessica N.See North, Jessica Nelson
MacLagan, Jamesb Nov. 14, 1858, Ayreshire, Scotland; d Mar. 29, 1929, Chicago.Pastor of First Scotch Presbyterian Church.
MacLean, Annieb 1870? St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada; d May 1, 1934, Pasadena, CA.Sociologist; studied retail workers in late 1890s.
Macdonald, Charles Blairb Nov. 14, 1855, Niagara Falls, Canada; d Apr. 21, 1939, Southampton, NY.Stock broker; amateur golf champion; golf course designer.
Mack, Julian (Judge)b July 19, 1866, San Francisco, CA; d Sept. 5, 1943, New York, NY.Lawyer; Cook County and federal judge; Zionist leader; cofounded Harvard Law Review.
Mackey, Frankb Mar. 20, 1852, Bilbao, NY; d Feb. 24, 1927, Minneapolis, MN.Businessman; founded Household Finance Corp. (now Household International) around 1885.
Maclean, Normanb Dec. 23, 1902, Clarinda, IA; d Aug. 2, 1990, Chicago.Writer; English professor at Univ. of Chicago; wrote A River Runs Through It.
Mad Sturgeon [Bad Sturgeon; Nuscotomeg]active early nineteenth century.Led Potawatomi in attacking Fort Dearborn in 1812.
Madden, Martin B. “Skinny”b Mar. 20, 1855, Darlington, England; d Apr. 27, 1928, Washington, DC.Chicago city council member (1889–1897); U.S. congressman (1905–1928).
Maggio, Michael J.b July 3, 1951, Chicago; d Aug. 19, 2000, Chicago.Stage director; Dean at DePaul Univ.; directed Theatre School at Goodman Theatre.
Magic Sam [Samuel Maghett]b Feb. 14, 1937, Grenada, MS; d Dec. 1, 1969, Chicago.Guitarist; helped to develop the West Side generation of great Chicago bluesmen; performed with Willie Dixon.
Maher, George W.b Dec. 25, 1864, Mill Creek, WV; d Sept. 12, 1916, Douglas, MI.Architect in Prairie Style; designed numerous residences.
Main Pocb c. 1765, probably southern MI; d 1816, near Manistee, Michigan Territory.Potawatomi war leader and shaman.
Majdak, Ivanactive 1930s.President of Croatian-American Radio Club in Berwyn in 1935.
Malnati, Luciano “Lou” Ernesto Giuseppeb June 27, 1929, Varese, Italy; d Feb. 28, 1978, Chicago.Businessman; manager of Pizzeria Uno, 1940s; founded Lou Malnati's restaurant.
Maloney, Elizabethb Nov. 19, 1880, Joliet, IL; d Oct. 26, 1921, Chicago.Waitress; union organizer; suffragist.
Manilow, Nathanb Apr. 10, 1898, Baltimore, MD; d Oct. 28, 1971, Miami Beach, FL.Chicago area home builder; developed Park Forest and Park Forest South.
Mann, Fredb Oct. 9, 1873, Germany; d Oct. 8, 1930, Chicago.Restaurateur; owner of Rainbo Gardens.
Mann, James R.b Oct. 20, 1856, Bloomington, IL; d Nov. 30, 1922, Washington, DC.Lawyer; U.S. congressman; sponsored White Slave Traffic Act of 1910 (Mann Act).
Mansfield, Portiab Nov. 19, 1887, Chicago; d Jan. 29, 1979, Carmel, CA.Dancer; choreographer; camp director; taught social dance.
March, Herbertb Nov. 8, 1912, Brooklyn, NY; d Feb. 10, 2002.Trade union organizer; led United Packinghouse Workers (1930s–1940s).
Marcy, Mary Edna Tobiasb May 8, 1877, Belleville, IL; d Dec. 8, 1922, Chicago.Editor; radical writer; editor of International Socialist Review in early 1900s.
Maremont, Arnold Haroldb Aug. 24, 1904, Chicago; d Nov. 1, 1978, New York, NY.Industrialist; philanthropist; advocated birth control; housing reformer.
Markham, Charles H.b May 22, 1861, Clarksdale, TN; d Nov. 24, 1930.Railroad executive; president and chairman of Illinois Central Railroad.
Markin, Morrisb July 15, 1892, Russia; d July 7, 1970, Kalamazoo, MI.Businessman; founder and president of Checker Cab.
Marquette, Jacquesb June 1, 1637, Laon, France; d May 18, 1675, Ludington, MI.Missionary and explorer; with Joliet the first Europeans to visit Chicago (1673).
Marquis, A. Nelsonb Jan. 10, 1855, Brown County, OH; d Dec. 21, 1943, Evanston, IL.Founder and publisher of Who's Who in America; published first Chicago business directory.
Marsh, Sylvesterb Sept. 30, 1803, Compton, NH; d Dec. 30, 1884, Concord, NH.Grain dealer; invented more efficient grain dryers.
Marshall, Benjamin Howardb May 5, 1874, Chicago; d June 19, 1944, Chicago.Architect; designed Blackstone Theatre, Drake Hotel, and Edgewater Beach Apartments.
Marshall, Charles [Carlo Marziali]b Sept. 15, 1886, Auburn, ME; d May 8, 1951, Assembly Point, Lake George, NY.Operatic tenor; American debut as Otello with Chicago Civic Opera in 1920.
Marshall, Johnactive 1830s.Early settler; builder of tavern at Dutchman's Point in 1830s.
Martin, Halloweenb Apr. 14, 1902.Chicago's first disc jockey; had a show “Musical Clock” (1929–1946).
Martin, Horace Hawesb Sept. 22, 1855, Olean, NY; d Oct. 19, 1925, Lake Forest, IL.Book collector; lawyer; trustee of Newberry Library.
Martin, Roberta [Roberta Evelyn Winston]b Feb. 12, 1907, Helena, AR; d Jan. 18, 1969, Chicago.Gospel singer; pianist; composer/ arranger; music publisher.
Martin, Sallieb Nov. 20, 1895, Pittfield, GA; d June 18, 1988, Chicago.Gospel singer; composer.
Martinon, Jeanb Jan. 10, 1910, Lyon, France; d Mar. 1, 1976, Paris, France.Composer; conductor of Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1963–1968).
Marwood, Fryerb June 2, 1830, Kirby, Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England; d Jan. 16, 1910, Ellsworth, ILLandowner; bought property in 1865 on what is now Harlem Avenue.
Marwood, Merritt B.b Sept. 4, 1867, Orison, IL; d CA.First mayor of incorporated Elmwood Park.
Marx, Julius “Groucho” Henryb Oct. 2, 1890, New York, NY; d Aug. 19, 1977, Los Angeles, CA.Comedian; member of Marx Brothers comedy team.
Mason, Charles Maxb Oct. 26, 1877, Madison, WI; d Mar. 23, 1961, Claremont, CA.Mathematical physicist; president of Univ. of Chicago (1925–1928).
Mason, Roswell B.b Sept. 19, 1805, New Hartford, NY; d Jan. 1, 1892, Chicago.Civil engineer; mayor of Chicago (1869–1871).
Masters, Edgar Leeb Aug. 23, 1869, Garnett, Kansas; d Mar. 5, 1950, Philadelphia, PA.Lawyer; novelist; poet; wrote Spoon River Anthology.
Mather, Stephen T.b July 4, 1867, San Francisco, CA; d Jan. 22, 1930, Brookline, MA.Reformer; organizer and first director of National Park Service; advocated a dunes park.
Matsuoka Roshi, Soyuactive mid-twentieth century.Abbot; led Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago early 1960s.
Matteson, Joel Aldrichb Aug. 2, 1808, Watertown, NY; d Jan. 31, 1873, Chicago.Railroad executive; governor of Illinois (1853–1857); contractor in building I&M Canal.
Matthews, J. 1830s–1840s.Operated ferry in mid-1830s (with George Dolton).
Matthews, Vincentactive 1830s–1840s.Operated ferry ca. 1836–1842.
Mau-Me-Nassactive early nineteenth century.Potawatomi woman; owned land at site that became Chesterton, IN.
May, George S.b June 5, 1890, Windsor, IL; d Mar. 12, 1962, Niles, IL.Management consultant; established and directed golf tournaments.
Mayer, Harold Melvinb Mar. 27, 1916, New York, NY; d July 23, 1994, Milwaukee, WI.Urban planner; geographer; Univ. of Chicago faculty member; research director of Chicago Plan Commission; coauthor of Chicago: Growth of a Metropolis.
Mayer, Oscar Ferdinandb Mar. 29, 1859, Kissingen, Germany; d Mar. 11, 1955, Chicago.Meatpacker; founded Oscar Mayer & Co.
Mayfield, Curtisb June 3, 1942, Chicago; d Dec. 26, 1999, Roswell, GA.Singer; songwriter; guitarist.
McAlpine, William J.b Apr. 30, 1812, New York, NY; d Feb. 16, 1890.Civil engineer; designed Chicago municipal water supply, 1850s.
McAndrew, Williamb Aug. 20, 1863, Ypsilanti, MI; d June 28, 1937, Mamaroneck, NY.Educator; editor of Educational Review; superintendent of Chicago Public Schools.
McCarthy, Joseph Vincentb Apr. 21, 1887, Philadelphia, PA; d Jan. 13, 1978, Buffalo, NY.Baseball player; manager; took over Chicago Cubs in 1925.
McCarty, Josephb 1808, Morrison, NJ; d May 8 or 10, 1839, Tombigbee River, AL.Early settler in Aurora.
McCarty, Samuelb Mar. 9, 1810, Morrison, NJ; d Mar. 30, 1889, Aurora, IL.Founded Aurora.
McClellan, George B.b Dec. 3, 1826, Philadelphia, PA; d Oct. 29, 1885, Orange, NJ.Engineer and vice president of Illinois Central Railroad; commander of Army of the Potomac during Civil War.
McClintock, Carrie E.b ca. 1866, OH; d May 13, 1941, Harvey, IL.Cofounded South Harvey (later Hazel Crest); wife of William McClintock.
McClintock,William C.b ca. 1847; d July 22, 1903.Real-estate owner; cofounded South Harvey (later Hazel Crest).
McClurg, Alexander Caldwellb 1832 or 1833, Philadelphia, PA; d Apr. 15, 1901, St. Augustine, FL.Bookseller; publisher; president of McClurg Publishing Co.
McConnell, Josephb ca. 1810, NY; d 1877.Founded Turner (now West Chicago).
McConnell, Mary Thompsonb ca. 1810; d 1890.Platted Town of Turner (now West Chicago).
McCook, John Jamesb May 26, 1845, Carrollton, OH; d Sept. 17, 1911.Civil war veteran; Santa Fe Railroad director.
McCormick, Chaunceyb Dec. 7, 1884, Chicago; d Sept. 8, 1954, Bar Harbor, ME.Business executive; philanthropist; president of Art Institute.
McCormick, Cyrus Hallb Feb. 15, 1809, Rockbridge County, VA; d May 13, 1884, Chicago.Businessman; philanthropist; invented the reaper.
McCormick, Cyrus Hall, Jr.b May 16, 1859, Washington, DC; d June 2, 1936, Lake Forest, IL.Manufacturer; managed and chaired International Harvester.
McCormick, Edith Rockefellerb Aug. 31, 1872, Cleveland, OH; d Aug. 25, 1932, Chicago.Philanthropist; promoted Chicago Civic Opera; financially supported Chicago Juvenile Court.
McCormick, Harold Fowlerb May 2, 1872, Chicago; d Oct. 16, 1941, Beverly Hills, CA.Manufacturer; International Harvester Co. executive; founded Chicago Grand Opera (1910).
McCormick, Joseph Medillb May 16, 1877, Chicago; d Feb. 25, 1925, Washington, DC.Publisher; U.S. congressman and senator; owned Chicago Daily Tribune.
McCormick, Nettie Fowlerb Feb. 8, 1835, Brownsville, NY; d July 5, 1923, Lake Forest, IL.Businesswoman; philanthropist.
McCormick, Robert Rutherfordb July 30, 1880, Chicago; d Apr. 1, 1955, Wheaton, IL.Newspaper editor; publisher of Chicago Tribune; alderman; founded WGN radio station; president of Sanitary District.
McCormick, Ruth Hannab Mar. 27, 1880, Cleveland, OH; d Dec. 31, 1944, Chicago.U.S. representative; woman suffrage activist; organizer and leader of Republican Women's Clubs in Chicago.
McCormick, Stanleyb Nov. 2, 1874, Chicago; d Jan. 19, 1947, Santa Barbara, CA.Businessman with McCormick Harvesting Machine Co.
McCoy, Johnb Nov. 16, 1793, NH; d July 24, 1854.Farmer; established farm in 1830s; home was Underground Railroad stop.
McCoy, Sabrab July 21, 1799, Wells, Rutland, VT; d July 26, 1884.Farmer; established farm in 1830s; home was Underground Railroad stop.
McCulloch, Catharine Waughb June 4, 1862, Ransomville, NY; d Apr. 20, 1945, Evanston, IL.Lawyer; suffragist; active in Chicago Political Equality League; first woman Justice of the Peace in Illinois.
McCutcheon, John T.b May 6, 1870, South Raub, IN; d June 10, 1949, Lake Forest, IL.Editorial cartoonist for Chicago Tribune; writer; war correspondent; won 1932 Pulitzer Prize.
McDermott, John Andrewb June 12, 1926, Philadelphia, PA; d Aug. 17, 1996, Chicago.Civil rights activist; founded Chicago Reporter.
McDermott, John J.b Aug. 10 or 12, 1891, Philadelphia, PA; d Aug. 2, 1917, Yeadon, PA.Professional golfer; first American-born winner of U.S. Open (1911).
McDonald, Eugene F.b Mar. 11, 1890, Syracuse, NY; d May 15, 1958.President of Zenith Radio Corp.
McDonald, Michael Cassiusb 1839; d Aug. 9, 1907, Chicago.Gambling-house owner; Democratic Party leader in Chicago.
McDowell, Maryb Nov. 30, 1854, Cincinnati, OH; d Oct. 14, 1936, Chicago.Social worker; reformer; kindergarten teacher at Hull House; directed Univ. of Chicago Settlement House; president of Woman's City Club; Chicago commissioner of social welfare; co-founded Women's Trade Union League.
McFetridge, William Laneb Nov. 28, 1893, Chicago; d Mar. 15, 1969, Chicago.Labor leader; president of Building Service Employees International Union.
McGaw, Foster G.b Mar. 7, 1897, Hot Springs, NC; d Apr. 16, 1986, Lake Forest, IL.Founder and chairman of American Hospital Supply Corp.; philanthropist.
McGee, Henry Wadworthb Feb. 7, 1910, Hillsboro, TX; d Mar. 18, 2000, Evanston, IL.First black postmaster in Chicago (1966); president of Chicago chapter of NAACP.
McGillivray, Perryb Aug. 5, 1893, Oak Park, IL; d July 27, 1944, Chicago.Olympic water polo player.
McGinley, William Josephb July 14, 1923, Hinsdale, IL; d Jan. 21 or 22, 2001, Key Largo, FL.Founded Methode Electronics, Inc.; owned Horizon Farms and bred thoroughbred horses.
McIntosh, Arthur T.b Mar. 28, 1877, Clear Lake, IA; d Nov. 7, 1955, Chicago.Real-estate developer; built communities in Glenview, Inverness, and Barrington.
McKay, Henry Donaldb Dec. 6, 1899, Orient, SD; d Apr. 1980?Sociologist; Institute for Juvenile Research; collaborator of Clifford R. Shaw.
McKenzie, Roderick D.b Feb. 3, 1885, Carman, Manitoba; d May 6, 1940, Ann Arbor, MI.Sociologist; associated with Chicago School of Sociology.
McKibbin, George Baldwinb Apr. 26, 1888, Keosauqua, IA; d Sept. 14, 1960, Chicago.Lawyer; chairman of Illinois Public Aid Commission; unsuccessful candidate for mayor of Chicago (1943).
McKim, Charlesb Aug. 24, 1847, Isabella Furnace, PA; d Sept. 14, 1909, St. James, NY.Architect; firm designed Agriculture Building at World's Columbian Exposition.
McKinsey, James Oscarb June 4, 1889, Gamma, MO; d Nov. 30, 1937, Chicago.Management consultant; founded McKinsey & Co.
McKinzie, Alexanderactive mid-nineteenth century.Actor; manager of Isherwood and McKinzie, first dramatic organization in Chicago.
McLaughlin, Danielb Aug. 9, 1831, Lanarkshire, Scotland; d May 1, 1901, Chicago.Coal miner, union leader; mayor of Braidwood.
McLaughlin, Frederickb June 27, 1877, Chicago; d Dec. 17, 1944, Lake Forest, IL.Coffee executive; purchased Blackhawks hockey team in 1920s.
McMurtrie, Douglas C.b July 20, 1888, Belmar, NJ; d Sept. 19, 1944, Evanston, IL.Type designer; director of typography at Ludlow Co. and Cuneo Press.
McNear, Everettb Sept. 30, 1904; d Oct. 1984.Artist; designer; donated a collection of Persian miniatures to Art Institute of Chicago.
McNeill, Donb Dec. 23, 1907, Galena, IL; d May 7, 1996, Evanston, IL.Radio broadcaster; host of Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club (1933–1968).
McParlan, Jamesb 1844, Ulster, Ireland; d May 19, 1919, Denver, CO.Liquor store and saloon owner; detective; joined Pinkerton agency in early 1870s; noted for work in Molly Maguire case in Pennsylvania.
McPartland, James “Jimmy” Dougaldb Mar. 15, 1907, Chicago; d Mar. 13, 1991, Port Washington, NY.Jazz cornetist; member of Austin High Gang.
McPartland, Richard “Dick” G.b May 18, 1905, Chicago; d Nov. 30, 1957, Elmhurst, IL.Guitarist; banjo player; member of Austin High Gang; performed in Chicago for over 30 years.
McPherson, Scott Williamb Oct. 13, 1959, OH; d Nov. 7, 1992, Chicago.Playwright; wrote Marvin's Room, which premiered at Goodman Theatre.
McRae, Ednab June 15, 1901, Chicago; d June 7, 1990, Evanston, IL.Contemporary dancer; dance teacher; owned dance school.
McSwiggin, William H.b Feb. 8, 1900, Chicago; d Apr. 27, 1926, Cicero, IL.Assistant state's attorney; posthumously exposed as associated with Al Capone.
McVickar, Brockholst H.b May 1810, New York, NY; d Oct. 14, 1883, Buffalo, NY.First city physician; surgeon at Marine Hospital; health commissioner.
McVicker, James H.b Feb. 14, 1822, New York, NY; d Mar. 7, 1896, Chicago.Theater manager; built McVicker's Theatre in Chicago (1857).
Meacham, Benjamin Franklinb 1813, Oswego County, NY; d 1879.Large landholder; promoted development near Bloomingdale.
Meacham, Harveyb Aug. 9, 1800, Pawlet, VT; d Nov. 11, 1878, Belgrade, OH.Early land purchaser in DuPage County.
Meacham, Lymanb ca. 1796, Pawlet, VT; d ca. 1892.Justice of the peace in Bloomingdale in 1834.
Meacham, Silasb July 2, 1789, Pawlet, VT; d July 21, 1852, Maine, IL.Early land purchaser in DuPage County; postmaster of Des Plaines (1840s).
Mead, Edwardb Mar. 21, 1819, Leeds, England; d 1883, coast of Pico near Azores.Physician; founded Chicago Retreat for the Insane in 1847.
Mead, George Herbertb Feb. 27, 1863, South Hadley, MA; d Apr. 26, 1931, Chicago.Philosopher; social theorist; helped establish philosophy department at Univ. of Chicago.
Mead, William Rutherfordb Aug. 20, 1946, Brattleboro, VT; d June 20, 1928, Paris, France.Architect; firm designed Agriculture Building for World's Columbian Exposition.
Mears, Charles H.b Dec. 27, 1851, Chicago; d June 20, 1916, Pasadena, CA.Lumber dealer; identified with Mears-Slayton lumber company.
Medill, James C.b May 1, 1828; d Nov. 3, 1864.Printer; engaged with brother William in publication of Prairie Farmer in late 1850s.
Medill, Joseph E.b Apr. 6, 1823, St. John, New Brunswick; d Mar. 16, 1899, San Antonio, TX.Journalist; publisher of Chicago Tribune; mayor of Chicago (1871–1873).
Medill, William H.b Nov. 5, 1835, Massillon, OH; d July 16, 1863, Frederick City, MD.Printer; engaged with his brother James in publication of Prairie Farmer in late 1850s.
Mee, D. D.b June 9, 1850, Cedar Creek, IN; d June 14, 1919, Chicago.Owned D. D. Mee grocery, an early store in Irving Park area.
Meegan, Joseph B.b Aug. 5, 1911, Chicago; d July 8, 1994, Hinsdale, IL.Sociologist; cofounder and executive director of Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council for almost 50 years.
Meigs, Merrill C.b Nov. 25, 1883, Malcom, IA; d Jan. 25, 1968, Palm Beach, FL.Newspaper publisher; executive at Hearst Corp.; head of Chicago Aeronautics Commission.
Meinken, Johnnyb Nov. 4, 1866, Bremen, Germany; d Aug. 29, 1924, Norwood Park, IL.Musician.
Meir, Golda [Golda Mabovitch Meyerson]b May 3, 1898, Kiev; d Dec. 8, 1978, Jerusalem, Israel.Member of Chicago “Poalei Tzion” (Workers of Zion); worked at Chicago Public Library; prime minister of Israel (1969–1974).
Memphis Minnie [Lizzie Douglas]b June 3, 1897, Algiers, LA; d Aug. 6, 1973, Memphis, TN.Early blues singer; guitarist; banjo player; popular Chicago club performer.
Memphis Slim [John Len Chatman]b Sept. 3, 1915, Memphis, TN; d Feb. 24, 1988,Paris, France. Blues singer; pianist; performed with Big Bill Broonzy.
Mendel, Edwardb June 24, 1827; d Apr. 4, 1884.Early Chicago lithographer.
Mentch, Luna Elburnb June 3, 1860, Omro, WI; d Oct. 6, 1937, Cary, IL.Entrepreneur; opened first bank and real-estate agency in Cary; first president of incorporated Cary in 1893.
Merriam, Charles Edwardb Nov. 15, 1874, Hopkinton, IA; d Jan. 8, 1953, Rockville, MD.Political scientist; alderman (1909–1911, 1913–1917); Univ. of Chicago faculty; Social Science Research Council founder.
Merriam, Robert Edwardb Oct. 2, 1918, Chicago; d Aug. 25, 1988, Chicago.Business executive; alderman; unsuccessful 1955 GOP Chicago mayoral candidate; presidential adviser.
Merrill, Dudleyb Sept. 15, 1814, VT; d July 8, 1890, Merrillville, IN.Arrived in 1837; namesake of Merrillville.
Merrill, Georgeactive 1830s.Saloonkeeper at Whiskey Point in Belmont Cragin.
Merrill, Williamb Apr. 16, 1808, VT; d Jan. 1, 1860, Merrillville, IN.Early settler; namesake of Merrillville.
Merrion, Joseph E.b Oct. 19, 1898, Chicago; d Nov. 28, 1971, Long Beach, IN.Real-estate developer of Hometown, Merrionette Park, and Country Club Hills; president of J. E. Merrion & Co.
Mestrovic, Ivanb Aug. 15, 1883, Vrpolje, Croatia; d Jan. 16, 1962, South Bend, IN.Sculptor; architect.
Metcalfe, Ralph Haroldb May 30, 1910, Atlanta, GA; d Oct. 10, 1978, Chicago.Track and field athlete; alderman (1955–1970); U.S. representative (1971–1978); Olympic medal winner (1932, 1936).
Meyer, Albert Gregoryb Mar. 9, 1903, Milwaukee, WI; d Apr. 9, 1965, Chicago.Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago (1958–1965); cardinal (1959–1965); a leader at Vatican Council II.
Meyer, Fred J.b May 17, 1900; d Mar. 1983.Wrestler; 1920 Olympic wrestling medalist; trained at Chicago Hebrew Institute.
Meyer, Louis J.b Nov. 8, 1851, Elmhurst, IL; d Dec. 8, 1929, Addison Township, IL.Farmer; sold land to Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railway.
Meyer, Lucy Riderb Sept. 9, 1849, New Haven, VT; d Mar. 16, 1922, Chicago.Educator; founded Chicago Training School for City, Home, and Foreign Missions.
Mezzrow, Milton “Mezz” [Milton Mesirow]b Nov. 9, 1899, Chicago; d Aug. 5, 1972, Paris,France. Jazz clarinetist; saxophone player; promoter.
Michaels, Kellyb Mar. 12, 1957, Morton Grove, IL; d Mar. 18, 1995, Chicago.Dancer; cofounded Chicago Human Rhythm Project (1990).
Michelson, Albert Abrahamb Dec. 19, 1852, Strelno, Prussia (later Strzelno, Poland); d May 9, 1931, Pasadena, CA.Physicist; first chair of physics department at Univ. of Chicago; won Nobel Prize in Physics (1907).
Middaugh, Henry C.b Feb. 19, 1833, Scio, NY; d Oct. 28, 1916, Clarendon Hills, IL.Early landowner in Clarendon Hills.
Middeldorf, Ulrich Alexanderb June 23, 1901; d Feb. 19, 1983.Art historian; faculty at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Univ. of Chicago; active in Hyde Park Art Center.
Middleton, Georgeb 1842; d Feb. 15, 1926, Pasadena, CA.Museum owner; opened first vaudeville entertainment in Chicago.
Middleton, Robert Hunterb May 6, 1898, Glasgow, Scotland; d Aug. 3, 1985, Chicago.Type designer; printer; worked at Ludlow Typographic Co. for 50 years.
Midney, Frankb 1876, Brooklyn, NY; d Dec. 12, 1939, Kankakee, IL.Socialist lecturer; Bughouse Square speaker.
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwigb Mar. 27, 1886, Aachen, Germany; d Aug. 17, 1969, Chicago.Architect; created International Style of steel and glass skyscrapers.
Mihalótzy, Gézab Apr. 21, 1825, Hungary; d Mar. 11, 1864, Chattanooga, TN.Soldier; organized Slovak military unit in Civil War (part of 24th Illinois Infantry).
Milleman, Jacobd 1849 or 1850.Cholera victim; estate was added to city cemetery.
Millen, Johnb 1796; d Aug. 11, 1853.Arrived in Chicago in 1838; resident in Deerfield; suggested name for Deerfield.
Miller, Howardb Dec. 17, 1912, Chicago; d Nov. 8, 1994, Naples, FL.Disc jockey; radio personality (1940s–1970s); program director at WIND.
Miller, Jacobb Nov. 4 or 5, 1804, Alsace, France; d May 19, 1874.Built saw- and grist- mill along a tributary of Des Plaines River, naming it Mill Creek.
Miller, James Roscoeb Oct. 26, 1905, Murray, UT; d Oct. 16, 1977, Evanston, IL.Educator; dean of Northwestern Medical School (1941–1949); president of Northwestern Univ. (1949–1974).
Miller, Jesseactive 1830s.Arrived in Barrington Hills in 1834.
Miller, Loren R.b July 1, 1877; d Mar. 19, 1967, Chicago.Merchant; Loren Miller's department store became Goldblatt's in Uptown area.
Miller, Merton H.b May 16, 1923, Boston, MA; d June 3, 2000, Chicago.Economist; Univ. of Chicago faculty specializing in finance; won Nobel Prize (1990).
Miller, Samuelactive 1820s; d Michigan City, IN..Businessman; proprietor of Miller House, an early tavern; Cook County Commissioner.
Miller, Timothy Lathropb Apr. 7, 1817, Middletown, CT; d Mar. 15, 1900, De Funiak Springs, FL.Breeder of Hereford cattle in area near Beecher (1870s).
Millis, Harryb May 14, 1873, Paoli, IN; d June 25, 1948, Chicago.Educator; Univ. of Chicago economist; chairman of National Labor Relations Board in 1940.
Mills, Johnb Apr. 17, 1854, Kingston, Ontario, Canada; d Dec. 7, 1841, Wilmette, IL.Developer; laid out Westwood subdivision.
Mills, Makeb ca. 1871, Kuibyshev, Russia; d Sept. 26, 1956, Chicago.Police lieutenant; led Chicago's Red Squad in 1920s.
Mills, Theodore Sedgwickb July 1823 or 1824, Williamstown, MA.Started farm in Vernon Hills in 1851.
Miltimore, Irab Sept. 28, 1813, Andover, VT; d June 8, 1879, Janesville, WI.Abolitionist; alderman; chairman of school committee.
Minton, Shermanb Oct. 20, 1890, Georgetown, IN; d Apr. 9, 1965, New Albany, IN.U.S. senator; U.S. Supreme Court justice; U.S. Court of Appeals judge.
Mitchell, McKinleyb ca. 1935, Jackson, MS; d Jan. 18, 1986, Chicago.Blues singer.
Moczygemba, Leopoldb Oct. 18, 1824, Pluznica, Poland; d Feb. 23, 1891, Dearborn, MI.First Polish priest in Chicago; pastor at St. Alphonsus Church in Lemont, IL (1882–1887).
Moholy-Nagy, Lászlób July 20, 1945, Bacsborsod, Hungary; d Nov. 24, 1946, Chicago.Painter; author; photographer; first director of New Bauhaus, Chicago (1937); president of Institute of Design.
Monroe, Dayb Oct. 10 or 19, 1888, Wakeeney, KS; d June 1982.Sociologist.
Monroe, Harrietb Dec. 23, 1860, Chicago; d Sept. 26, 1936, Arequipa, Peru.Editor; poet; wrote official poem of World's Columbian Exposition; founding editor of Poetry.
Monroe, Lucy [Lucy Calhoun]b Mar. 1865, Chicago; d Sept. 5, 1950, Chicago.Writer; helped found Little Theatre; art critic for Chicago Herald.
Monroe, William “Bill” Smithb Sept. 13, 1911, Rosine, KY; d Sept. 9, 1996, Nashville, TN.Bluegrass musician; known as “Father of Bluegrass Music”; WLS National Barn Dance dancer.
Moody, Dwight Lymanb Feb. 5, 1837, Northfield, MA; d Dec. 22, 1899, Northfield, MA.Evangelist; revivalist; first president of Chicago YMCA (1866); founded Chicago (now Moody) Bible Institute (1886).
Moody, Walter Dwightb Jan. 16, 1874, Detroit, MI; d Nov. 21, 1920, Chicago.Business executive; promoted Burnham's Plan of Chicago; managing director of Chicago Plan Commission.
Moore, Christopherb ca. 1930; d June 26, 1987, Little Rock, AR.Minister; founded Chicago Children's Choir (1956).
Moore, J. Howardb Dec. 4, 1862, Linden, MO; d June 17, 1916, Chicago.Educator; writer; animal rights activist.
Moore, William Henryb Oct. 25, 1848, Utica, NY; d Jan. 11, 1923, NY.Lawyer; reorganized industrial companies (Rock Island Railroad, National Biscuit Co.).
Moran, George “Bugs”b 1893; d Feb. 25, 1957, Leavenworth, KS.Prohibition-era gangster; led North Side gang after the deaths of Dion O'Banion and Hymie Weiss.
Moran, Michaelb Dec. 15, 1844, Longford, Ireland.Postmaster; opened Whiskey Point Hotel in Belmont-Cragin area.
Morgan, Annab Feb. 24, 1851, Fleming, NY; d Aug. 27, 1936, Chicago.Speech and drama teacher; cofounded the Little Room literary salon.
Morgan, George C.b Sept. 11, 1830; d Mar. 21, 1895.Founded Chesterton State Bank.
Morgan, Jesseb May 12, 1787, Monongalia County, VA; d Feb. 3, 1853, Chesterton, IN.Early resident of Chesterton; first postmaster in Porter County.
Morgan, John “Jack” R.b July 14, 1903, Guatemala City, Guatemala; d Feb. 10, 1986, WI.Industrial designer; head of design at Sears (1934–1944).
Morgan, Thomasb Mar. 9, 1783, Surrey, England; d Mar. 19, 1857.Early English immigrant to Chicago.
Morris, Buckner Stithb Aug. 19, 1800, Augusta, KY; d Dec. 16, 1879, Chicago.Lawyer; alderman; circuit court judge; mayor of Chicago (1838–1839).
Morris, Kennethb Aug. 28, 1917, New York, NY; d Feb. 1, 1989, Chicago.Pianist; music publisher; composed hundreds of gospel songs; cofounded Martin & Morris Music Co.
Morris, Nelsonb Jan. 21, 1838, Hechingen, Germany; d Aug. 27, 1907, Chicago.Early cattle trader; meatpacker; central figure at Union Stock Yard for 50 years; founded Morris & Co.
Morrison, Charles Claytonb Dec. 4, 1874, Harrison, OH; d Mar. 2, 1966, Chicago.Minister; editor of the Christian Century magazine for 39 years; taught at Chicago Theological Seminary.
Morrison, Robertb Dec. 27, 1842, Richmond, IN; d 1888?Druggist; founded Fuller-Morrison drug company.
Morrissette, Bruce Archerb Apr. 26, 1911, Richmond, VA; d Feb. 6, 2000, Chicago.Univ. of Chicago professor of Romance Languages; film and novel scholar.
Morse, T. Vernetteb 1852? Cortland, NY; d Feb. 19, 1925, Chicago.Artist; writer; philanthropist; art writer during World's Columbian Exposition.
Morton, Ferdinand “Jelly Roll”b Oct. 20, 1890, New Orleans, LA; d July 10, 1941, Los Angeles, CA.Jazz composer; ragtime, blues pianist; jazz bandleader; regarded as first jazz composer.
Morton, Joyb Sept. 27, 1855, Detroit, MI; d May 9, 1934, Lisle, IL.Salt merchant; president of Morton Salt Co.; founded Morton Arboretum.
Moser, Haroldb c. 1914, IN; d Dec. 17, 2001, Naperville, IL.Real-estate developer, especially in Naperville; philanthropist.
Mosher, Charles Delevanb Feb. 10, 1829, NY; d June 7, 1897, Chicago.Photographer specializing in “cartes de visite.”
Motley, Archibald John, Jr.b Oct. 7, 1891, New Orleans, LA; d Jan. 19, 1981, Chicago.Painter; active in South Side Community Art Center.
Motley, Willard Francisb July 14, 1909, Chicago; d Mar. 4, 1965, Mexico City, Mexico.Novelist; WPA writer; wrote Knock on Any Door, set in Chicago.
Motts, Robert T.b 1861, Washington, IA; d July 10, 1911, Chicago.Music hall proprietor; owned Pekin Theater.
Mould, Brooks 1840s–1850s.Music publisher; prominent in Chicago music trade 1847–1859; operated his own music store.
Muddy Waters [McKinley Morganfield]b Apr. 4, 1915, Rolling Forks, MS; d Apr. 30, 1983, Chicago.Blues singer; guitarist; recorded for 30 years with Chess Records; transformed Delta Blues into Chicago Blues.
Mudgett, Herman Webster [H. H. Holmes]b 1861, Gilmanton, NH; d May 7, 1896, Philadelphia, PA.Serial killer; confessed to 27 murders.
Mueller, Vinzenzb Jan. 21, 1865, Liptingen, Germany; d June 6, 1942, Oak Park, IL.Founded a surgical instruments company.
Muhammad, Clara Evansb Nov. 2, 1898, GA; d Aug. 12, 1972, Chicago.Instrumental in creating the Clara Muhammad Elementary Schools.
Muhammad, Elijah [Robert Poole]b Oct. 1897, Sandersville, GA; d Feb. 25, 1975, Chicago.Leader of the Nation of Islam (1934–1975).
Mundelein, George Williamb July 2, 1872, New York, NY; d Oct. 2, 1939, Chicago.Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago (1915–1939); cardinal (1924–1939).
Mundie, William Bryceb Apr. 30, 1863, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; d Mar. 27, 1939, Evanston, IL.Architect; partner of William LeBaron Jenney; designed Horticultural Building for World's Columbian Exposition.
Mundy, James A.b July 9, 1886, Maysville, KY; d Dec. 25, 1978, Chicago.Choral director; trained thousands of black singers; known for “Battles of the Choirs.”
Muni, Paul [Muni Weisenfreund]b Sept. 22, 1895, Lemberg, Austria (now Lviv, Ukraine); d Aug. 25, 1967, Santa Barbara, CA.Broadway and Hollywood actor; began acting career in Maxwell Street Yiddish theater; won Academy Award for The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936).
Munn, Ira Y.b ca. 1818, NJ; d 1882, Ouray, CO.President, Board of Trade; plaintiff in Supreme Court case Munn v. Illinois (1877).
Munster, Jacob [Monster]b ca. 1846, Holland; d 1924, Munster, IN.Early postmaster of Munster.
Murphy, John Benjaminb Dec. 21, 1857, Appleton, WI; d Aug. 11, 1916, Mackinac Island, MI.Surgeon; chair of Rush Medical College; performed first successful appendectomy in the United States in Chicago.
Musso, Georgeb Apr. 8, 1910, Collinsville, IL; d Sept. 5, 2000, Edwardsville, IL.Professional football player; Bears player and team captain (1940s).