L - Lar
Las - Leg
Leh - Lie
Lin - Lon
Loo - Lux
Lyd - Lys
La Salle, Robert Cavelier deb 1643, Rouen, France; d 1687, East Texas.Explorer; came through Chicago portage to reach the Mississippi Valley.
LaFramboise, Claudeb Nov. 16, 1771, Trois Rivieres, Quebec.Landowner; his land received in 1829 treaty became River Grove.
LaFromboise, Madelaineb c. 1780; d 1846.Ottawa woman; operated trading company.
Laemmle, Carlb Jan. 17, 1867, Laupheim, Germany; d Sept. 24, 1939, Beverly Hills, CA.Pioneer motion picture producer; owned. first nickelodeon movie theaters in Chicago.
Laflin, Matthewb Dec. 16, 1803, Southwick, MA; d May 20, 1897, Chicago.Pioneer powder manufacturer; helped build Academy of Sciences in Lincoln Park.
Lalime, Jean B.active early nineteenth century; d spring 1812, Chicago.Indian interpreter; occupied former DuSable residence.
Lance, Majorb ca. 1939; d Sept. 3, 1994, Decatur, GA.Bandleader; shaped Chicago's soul sound in 1960s.
Landers, Ann [Eppie Lederer; Esther Pauline Friedman]b July 4, 1918, Sioux City, IA; d June 22, 2002, Chicago.Syndicated newspaper advice columnist (1955–2002).
Landis, Kenesaw Mountainb Nov. 20, 1866, Millville, OH; d Nov. 25, 1944, Chicago.Lawyer; federal judge; first baseball commissioner; banned “Black Sox” players from Major League Baseball; presided over conviction of IWW leaders in 1918.
Landon, Margaret Mortensonb Sept. 3, 1903; d Dec. 4, 1993.Writer; wrote Anna and the King of Siam.
Lane, Albert G.b May 15, 1841; d Aug. 22, 1906, Chicago.Educator; superintendent of Chicago Public Schools (1891–1898).
Lane, Frank “Trader”b Feb. 1, 1895 or 1896, Cincinnati, OH; d Mar. 19, 1981, Richardson, TX.Baseball executive; White Sox general manager (1950s).
Lane, Hannahb July 15, 1780, Kingsbury, NY; d Sept. 16, 1853, Worth Township, Cook County, IL.Arrived in Alsip in 1834.
Lane, Josephb Aug. 10, 1773, Champlain, Clinton, NY; d June 10, 1877, Worth Township, Cook County, IL.Arrived in Alsip in 1834.
Lanigan, James (Jim) W.b Jan. 30, 1902, Chicago; d Apr. 9, 1983, Elburn, IL.Classical and jazz musician; violinist with Chicago Symphony Orchestra; string bass/tuba player with original Austin High School jazz band.
Lansett, Peterb Canada.Credited with 1820 discovery of coal near Coal City.
Lansing, Georgeb NY.Arrived in Lansing area in 1846.
Lansing, Henryb Chenango County, NY; active 1840s–1860s.Early Lansing postmaster; operated general store.
Lansing, Johnb NY.Platted village of Lansing in 1865.
Lardner, Ringb Mar. 6, 1885, Niles, MI; d Sept. 25, 1933, Long Island, NY.Sports journalist; playwright; lyricist.
Lasker, Albert Davisb May 1, 1880, Freiburg, Germany; d May 30, 1952, New York, NY.Advertising executive; philanthropist; pioneered modern advertising methods.
Lasker, MarySee Block, Mary Lasker
Lathrop, Jedediah H.b July 5, 1806, Lebanon, NH; d Nov. 23, 1889.Early settler of Elmhurst; planted elm trees along Cottage Grove.
Lathrop, Juliab June 29, 1858, Rockford, IL; d Apr. 15, 1932, Rockford, IL.Social reformer; Hull House resident; first head of U.S. Children's Bureau.
Laughlin, Clara Elizabethb Aug. 3, 1873, New York, NY; d Mar. 3, 1941, Chicago.Travel writer; founder and editor of So You're Going travel monthly.
Laughton, Bernardus H.active 1820s–1830s.Indian trader; established trading post in Lyons with brother David.
Laughton, Davidactive 1820s–1830s.Early settler; established trading post in Lyons with brother Bernardus.
Lawrence, George R.b Feb. 24, 1867, Ottawa, IL; d Dec. 15, 1938, Chicago.Photographer; pioneer in aerial and panoramic photography; banquet photographer.
Lawson, Victor Fremontb Sept. 9, 1850, Chicago; d Aug. 19, 1925, Chicago.Owner and editor of Chicago Daily News (1876–1925); philanthropist.
Le Beau, Emily Beaubienb July 8 or 28, 1825, River Raisin, Washtenaw, MI; d Nov. 4, 1919, Aurora, IL.Daughter of Mark Beaubien.
Le Grand Saulteur [Mineweweh; Ninkaton; Minavavana]b c. 1710; d Autumn 1770.Ojibwa chief; prominent leader from Sault Ste. Marie District.
Leahy, Mary Clemenzaactive 1910s.Nun; one of the first women to earn a bachelor's degree at DePaul, 1912.
Leaner, ArthurSee Benson, Al
Leaner, Georgeb June 1, 1917, MS; d Sept. 18, 1983, Chicago.Record producer; founded “One-derful” record label in 1962.
Leavensworth, Jessieactive 1840s.Resident near Riverwoods and Deerfield Road in 1841.
Lederer, EppieSee Landers, Ann
Lee, Charlesactive 1800s.Farmer before 1812.
Lee, William A.b Apr. 11, 1895, Chicago; d June 16, 1984, Chicago.Labor leader; head of Bakery Truck Drivers Union (1916–1960); president of Chicago Federation of Labor (1946–1984).
Legge, Katherine [Katherine McMahan] b 1870, Butler County, PA; d Aug. 22, 1924, Pasadena, CA.Wife of president of International Harvester; husband donated land for memorial park in her honor.
Legler, Henry Eduardb Feb. 22, 1861, Palermo, Italy; d Sept. 13, 1917, Chicago.Librarian of Chicago Public Library (1909–1917); proposed network of neighborhood libraries.
Lehmann, Ernst E.b Oct. 28, 1886, Chicago; d Jan. 18, 1930, Chicago.Cattle breeder; son of founder of Lake Villa.
Lehmann, Ernst J.b Jan. 27, 1849, Tetrow, Germany; d Jan. 4, 1900, White Plains, NY.Originator of the department store concept in Chicago; owned “The Fair Store”; founded Lake Villa and Lindenhurst.
Leigh, Edward Bakerb Apr. 23, 1853, Townsend, MA; d May 17, 1932, Kerr County, TX.President of Chicago Railway Equipment Co.
Leiter, Levi Z.b Nov. 2, 1834, Leitersburg, MD; d June 9, 1904, Bar Harbor, ME.Merchant; partner in Field, Leiter & Co. (later Marshall Field & Co.); president of Commercial Club and Art Institute of Chicago.
Leopold, Nathan, Jr.b Nov. 19, 1904, Chicago; d Aug. 30, 1971, San Juan, Puerto Rico.Thrill murderer; coperpetrator in 1924 kidnapping and murder of Bobby Franks.
Lester, Frederick E.b July 3, 1828, Clinton, NY; d Jan. 21, 1891.Merchant; postmaster; founded Wood Dale.
Levy, Felix Alexanderb Oct. 20, 1884, New York, NY; d June 16, 1963, New York, NY.Rabbi of Congregation Emanuel (1907–1956); president of Central Conference of American Rabbis.
Lew, Gerardb May 7, 1888, MA; d Mar. 11, 1965, Chicago.First president of DuSable Museum Board; poet.
Lewis, Allen C.b 1821, Sterling, CT; d Oct. 27, 1877, Chicago.Businessman; established Polytechnic School (forerunner of Illinois Institute of Technology).
Lewis, Arthur Morrowb ca. 1873, England; d Aug. 22, 1922, Chicago.Lecturer; socialist; speaker at Dill Pickle Club.
Lewis, Benjamin Franklinb Nov. 23, 1842, Union County, IN; d Feb. 2, 1928, Pasadena, CA.Publisher of county histories.
Lewis, Evan “Strangler”active late nineteenth century.Wrestler; fought in first recognized professional heavyweight championship.
Lewis, Frank J.b Apr. 9, 1867, Chicago; d Dec. 21, 1960, Chicago.Businessman; philanthropist; founded Lewis Univ.
Lewis, Henry B.b 1825, Madison County, NY; d June 6, 1901, Chicago.Early realestate dealer in Englewood; member of Chicago Board of Trade.
Lewis, Lloyd Downsb May 2, 1891, Pendleton, IN; d Apr. 21, 1949, Libertyville, IN.Journalist and managing editor at Chicago Daily News; biographer.
Lewis, Meade Luxb Sept. 4, 1905, Chicago; d June 7, 1964, Minneapolis, MN.Boogie-woogie pianist; discovered in Chicago clubs.
Lewis, Samuelactive 1830s.Music teacher; opened school of music around 1835.
Leyendecker, Joseph Christianb Mar. 23, 1874, Montabaur, Germany; d July 25, 1951, New Rochelle, NY.Artist; illustrator; known for magazine cover illustrations; did first Arrow collar advertisements.
Lieb, Hermannb May 24, 1826, Turgau, Switzerland; d Mar. 4, 1908, Chicago.Lawyer; county clerk; cofounded Abend Zeitung; owner and editor of Chicago Democrat.
Liesegang, Adolphactive late nineteenth century.Bandleader; organized band after the fire of 1871.
Lincoln, Abrahamb Feb. 12, 1809, Hodgenville, KY; d Apr. 14, 1865, Washington, DC.U.S. president; nominated at 1860 Republican Convention in Chicago; cofounded Republican Party in Illinois; congressman (1847–1849).
Lincoln, Benjamin B.b 1806, VT; d 1855, Palatine, IL.Arrived in Palatine around 1835; first justice of the peace in Palatine.
Lincoln, Mary Toddb Dec. 13, 1818, Lexington, Kentucky; d July 16, 1882, Springfield, IL.U.S. First Lady; hospitalized at Bellevue Place sanatorium in Batavia.
Lincoln, Robert Toddb Aug. 1, 1843, Springfield, IL; d July 26, 1926, Manchester, VT.Lawyer; railroad executive; founded Glenwood School; U.S. secretary of war; diplomat.
Lindheimer, Benjamin Franklinb Oct. 1, 1889, Chicago; d June 5, 1960, Beverly Hills, CA.Real-estate dealer; racetrack owner.
Lindsay, Vachelb Nov. 10, 1879, Springfield, IL; d Dec. 5, 1931, Springfield, IL.Poet; associated with Chicago Renaissance; wrote The Congo and Other Poems.
Lingg, Louisb Sept. 9, 1864, Mannheim, Germany; d Nov. 10, 1887, Chicago.Anarchist; convicted in Haymarket Square riot; committed suicide before his execution.
Lingle, Alfred Philip “Jake”b July 2, 1891, Chicago; d June 9, 1930, Cicero, IL.Crime reporter for Chicago Tribune.
Little Turtleb ca. 1752, Ft. Wayne, IN; d July 14, 1812, Fort Wayne, IN.Chief and military leader of the Miami Indians.
Livermore, Mary Ashton Riceb Dec. 19, 1820, Boston, MA; d May 23, 1905, Melrose, MA.Writer; abolitionist; suffragist; founded Illinois Woman Suffrage Association.
Llapitan, Carmelitob Dec. 14, 1910; d Apr. 2, 1988.Founded Filipino American Council of Chicago; served as council president 1961–1965 and 1970–1978.
Lloyd, Henry Demarestb May 1, 1847, New York, NY; d Sept. 28, 1903, Chicago.Social reformer; economist; Chicago Tribune journalist; wrote Wealth vs. Commonwealth (1894).
Locke, Nedb Dec. 25, 1919, Redwing, MN; d Feb. 4, 1992, Kimberling, MO.Ringmaster on Bozo's Circus television show.
Loeb, Jacob M.b Sept. 17, 1875, Chicago; d Feb. 17, 1944, Chicago.Insurance executive; president of Chicago Board of Education (1910s).
Loeb, Richardb June 11, 1905, Chicago; d Jan. 28, 1936, Lockport, IL.Thrill murderer; coperpetrator of 1924 kidnapping and murder of Bobby Franks; killed in prison.
Loewy, Raymondb Nov. 5, 1893, Paris, France; d July 14, 1986, Monte Carlo, Monaco.Industrial designer; designed Studebaker car and Coca-Cola bottle.
Logan, John Alexanderb Feb. 9, 1826, Murphysnoro, IL; d Dec. 26, 1886, Washington, DC.Lawyer; U.S. Army general; state legislator (1853–1854; 1857–1858); U.S. representative (1859–1862; 1867–1870), U.S. senator (1871–1876; 1879–1886).
Logan, Josephine Hancockb May 1, 1862, Chicago; d Nov. 1, 1943, Chicago.Arts patron; writer; established “Sanity in Art” committee (1936).
Lohr, Lenox R.b Aug. 15, 1891, Washington, DC; d 1968.General manager of Century of Progress World's Fair, 1933.
Long, Birch Burdetteb ca. 1878, Columbus, OH; d Mar. 1, 1927, New York, NY.Artist; painter; illustrator.
Loomis, Frank D.b Dec. 14, 1880, Bowling Green, OH; d Nov. 1969, Hopedale, IL.Executive director of Chicago Community Trust; founded Crusade of Mercy in 1934.
Lorimer, Williamb Apr. 27, 1861, Manchester, England; d Sept. 13, 1934, Chicago.U.S. congressman and U.S. senator; led Republican political machine in Chicago.
Lott, Georgeb Oct. 16, 1906, Springfield, IL; d Dec. 3, 1991, Chicago.Tennis player; outstanding doubles player in the 1930s; tennis coach at DePaul Univ.
Loughman, John Patrickb May 12, 1894, Chicago; d Dec. 5, 1946, Chicago.Labor speaker; known as King of the Soapboxers; captain of Hobo College.
Louis, Josephb May 13, 1914, Lafayette, AL; d Apr. 12, 1981, Las Vegas, NV.Heavyweight boxing champion; became a professional boxer in Chicago.
Lovett, Harriett [Harriett Lovett Sayre]b ca. 1820; d Nov. 16, 1913, Chicago.Arrived in Chicago in 1835; farmed in Montclare area.
Lovett, Robert Morssb Dec. 25, 1870, Boston, MA; d Feb. 8, 1952, Chicago.Reformer; educator; editor; English professor at Univ. of Chicago; Hull House resident.
Lowden, Frank Orrenb Jan. 26, 1861, Sunrise City, MN; d Mar. 30, 1943, Tucson, AZ.Lawyer; businessman; governor of Illinois (1917–1921); agriculturist.
Lowe, Julia R.active late nineteenth century.Physician; led campaign for public baths.
Lozano, Rudyb July 17, 1951, Harlingen, TX; d June 8, 1983, Chicago.Labor organizer; community activist; Midwest director of International Ladies Garment Workers Union.
Lubin, Charles W.b Nov. 16, 1903, Chicago; d July 15, 1988, Chicago.Businessman; founded Kitchens of Sara Lee.
Luckman, Sidneyb Nov. 21, 1916, Brooklyn, NY; d July 5, 1998, Aventura, FL.Professional football player; Bears quarterback (1940s).
Ludby, Peteractive 1830s.Arrived in Dunning in 1839.
Ludmila, Anna [Jean Cahley; Jean Marie Gee]b Jan. 12, 1903, Chicago; d Apr. 18, 1990, Houston, TX.Ballet dancer; principal dancer of Chicago Opera Ballet in the 1920s.
Lumbard, Frankactive 1840s.Educator; appointed vocal teacher in public schools, 1847.
Lundgren, Harrietb Nov. 20, 1907, Chicago; d Jan. 9, 1996, Chicago.Ballet dancer; principal dancer with Chicago Grand Opera Ballet; conducted ballet school in Chicago.
Lundin, Frederickb May 18, 1868, West Tollstad, Sweden; d Aug. 29, 1947, Beverly Hills, CA.Manufacturer; state senator (1894-1898); U.S. congressman (1909–1911); president of Lundin & Co.
Lunt, Orringtonb Dec. 24, 1815, Bowdoinham, ME; d Apr. 5, 1897, Evanston, IL.Grain merchant; philanthropist; cofounded Northwestern Univ.
Lush, Marionb Aug. 10, 1931, Chicago; d May 4, 1993, Hollywood, FL.Singer; polka bandleader and musician.
Lux, John Andrewb Sept. 3, 1849, Buffalo, NY; d Mar. 27, 1926, Waukegan, IL.Farmer; platted a village site named Wadsworth in 1874.
Lydy, Richard Grantb Dec. 27, 1895, Springfield, MO; d Apr. 22, 1976, Chicago.Business executive; opened first parking garage for automobiles in the Loop.
Lynch, John J.active twentieth century.Community leader; temporary president of Round Lake Beach immediately after incorporation (1937).
Lyon, Paulina Harrietteactive late nineteenth century, early twentieth century.Clubwoman; founded Woman's Athletic Club (1898).
Lyser, Gustavb 1840 or 1841; d Oct. 7, 1909, Milwaukee, WI.Socialist journalist; editor of the Verbote and Chicagoer Arbeiter-Zeitung.