K - Ken
Ken - Kin
Kin - Koh
Kol - Kup
Kane, Elias Kentb June 7, 1894, New York, NY; d Dec. 12, 1835, Washington, DC.Lawyer; state legislator (1818–1822); U.S. senator (1824–1835); namesake of Kane County.
Kapp, Jackb June 15, 1901, Chicago; d Mar. 25, 1949, New York, NY.Record producer; worked for Columbia Records in Chicago; brought Decca Records to the United States.
Katz, Samb ca. 1892, Chicago; d Jan. 11, 1961, Beverly Hills, CA.Founded Balaban & Katz; head of production at MGM.
Kearney, Andrew Thomasb July 5, 1892, Brockway, PA; d Jan. 11, 1962, Chicago.Management consultant.
Keck, George Fredb May 17, 1895, Watertown, WI; d Nov. 21, 1980, Chicago.Architect; designed 12-sided glass House of Tomorrow for Century of Progress Exposition.
Keeley, Jamesb Oct. 14, 1867, London, England; d June 7, 1934, Lake Forest, IL.Managing editor of Chicago Tribune; owner of Chicago Herald.
Kehl, Frederick W.b Aug. 19, 1862, Eiterfeld, Germany; d Aug. 11, 1938, Chicago.Ballroom dancer; dance teacher; founded Chicago Association of Dancing Masters.
Kelley, Danielb May 3, 1818, Rutland County, VT; d 1900.Wool grower; donated land for railroad station near what became Carol Stream.
Kelley, Florenceb Sept. 12, 1859, Philadelphia, PA; d Feb. 17, 1932, Germantown, PA.Lawyer; social reformer; Hull House resident; first woman chief inspector of factories for Illinois; secretary of National Consumers' League; cofounded U.S. Children's Bureau.
Kellogg, Alice D. [Alice Kellogg Tyler]b Dec. 27, 1862, Chicago; d Feb. 14, 1900, Chicago.Painter; teacher; one of the first pupils at Art Institute of Chicago.
Kelly, Edward Josephb May 1, 1876, Chicago; d Oct. 20, 1950, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1933–1947).
Kelly, Lawrence V.b May 30, 1928, Chicago; d Sept. 16, 1974, Kansas City, MO.Dancer; cofounded Lyric Theatre of Chicago and Dallas Civic Opera.
Kemper, James Scottb Nov. 18, 1886, Van Wert, OH; d Sept. 17, 1981, Chicago.Insurance executive; ambassador; philanthropist; organized Kemper Insurance group and James S. Kemper & Co.
Kempf, Tudb Oct. 22, 1886, Jasper, IN.Artist; sculptor; woodcarver; active in WPA projects.
Kendall, Curtis P.b July 25, 1898, Louisville, KY; d July 4, 1949, Kenilworth, IL.Businessman; Washington National Insurance Co.; benefactor of Kendall College.
Kenna, “Hinky Dink” Mikeb Aug. 20, 1857, Chicago; d Oct. 9, 1946, Chicago.Alderman; bossed First Ward with “Bathhouse” John Coughlin.
Kennedy, Joseph Patrickb Sept. 6, 1888, Boston, MA; d Nov. 18, 1969, Hyannis, MA.Entrepreneur; ambassador to England; first chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission; bought Merchandise Mart (1945).
Kennelly, Martin H.b Aug. 11, 1887, Chicago; d Nov. 29, 1961, Chicago.Warehouse and trucking executive; mayor of Chicago (1947–1955).
Kennicott, John A.b Jan. 5, 1802, NY; d June 4, 1863, Glenview, IL.Doctor; early nursery man; horticultural editor of Prairie Farmer; promoted Morrill Act establishing land grant colleges.
Kennicott, Robertb Nov. 13, 1835, New Orleans, LA; d May 13, 1866, Ft. Nulato, AL.Naturalist; cofounded Chicago Academy of Sciences.
Kent, Trumbullb ca. 1827, Oswego County, NY.Farmer in Palatine; arrived in 1835.
Kenyon, William Asburyb Aug. 22, 1817, Hingham, MA; d Jan. 25, 1862, Hingham, MA.Early Chicago Poet.
Keppard, Freddieb Feb. 27, 1890, New Orleans, LA; d July 15, 1933, Chicago.Musician; cornetist; played in Chicago clubs.
Kern, Herbert Arthurb Aug. 31, 1890, Lake Elmo, MN; d Feb. 28, 1963, La Grange, IL.Chemical firm executive; founded Chicago Chemical Co. (1920), later Nalco Chemical Co.
Kern, Peteractive 1850s.Landowner; assessor; bought land in what would become Summit.
Kerner, Ottob Aug. 15, 1908, Chicago; d May 9, 1976, Chicago.Federal judge; governor of Illinois; chaired National Advisor Commission on Civil Disorders (1967); convicted in racetrack scandal.
Kerr, Charles Hopeb Apr. 23, 1860, LaGrange, GA; d June 1, 1944, Los Angeles, CA.Socialist publisher; cofounded Charles H. Kerr publishing house; published International Socialist Review.
Kettlestrings, Josephb Nov. 7, 1808, Newton, England; d Nov. 17, 1883, probably Chicago.Early landowner in Oak Park; member of Bickerdike & Noble firm.
Khan, Fazlur Rahmanb Apr. 3, 1929, Dacca, Bangladesh; d Mar. 27, 1982, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.Structural engineer; innovator in skyscraper design; designed Sears Tower and John Hancock Center.
Kikulski, Johnb Aug. 29, 1876, Poland; d May 21, 1920, Chicago.Union organizer of Stockyards Labor Council.
Kimball, Ingallsb Apr. 2, 1874, West Newton, MA; d Oct. 16, 1933, Mt. McGregor, NY.Publisher; insurance executive; founded publishing house Stone & Kimball.
Kimbell, Martin Nelsonb Jan. 24, 1812, Stillwater, NY; d Feb. 13, 1895, Chicago.Early farmer; claimed land in Jefferson Township (now Logan Square).
Kimberly, Edmund S.b 1803; d 1874, Libertyville, IL.Physician; Chicago's first village clerk; elected to first Board of Trustees.
Kimmelman, Susanb July 15, 1948, Brooklyn, NY; d Aug. 26, 2001, Chicago.Choreographer; lawyer; cofounded MoMing Dance and Arts Center.
Kincaid, Bradleyb July 13, 1895, Garrard County, KY; d Sept. 23, 1989, Springfield, OH.Country singer; composer; known for his arrangement of “Barbara Allen.”
Kincheloe, Samuel C.b Nov. 20, 1890, Georgetown, OH; d July 15, 1981.Sociologist; professor; applied scientific methods to study of religious institutions; wrote The American City and Its Church (1938).
King, Martin Luther, Jr.b Jan. 15, 1929, Atlanta, GA; d Apr. 4, 1968, Memphis, TN.Baptist minister; civil rights leader; received 1964 Nobel Peace Prize; played prominent role in Chicago open-housing movement.
Kingery, Robertb Sept. 26, 1890, Emporia, KS; d Nov. 13, 1951, Evanston, IL.Engineer; general manager of Chicago Regional Planning Association; chairman of Chicago Port Authority.
Kinzie, Eleanor Lyttleb ca. 1769–1771; d early 1834, NY.Early settler in Chicago.
Kinzie, Johnb Dec. 3, 1763, Quebec, Canada; d Jan. 6, 1828, Chicago.Fur trader; agent of the American Fur Co. (1827).
Kinzie, John H.b July 7, 1803, Sandwich, Ontario; d June 21, 1865, on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railroad.Fur trader, first president of Chicago Historical Society.
Kinzie, Juliette Augusta Magillb Sept. 11, 1806, Middletown, CT; d Sept. 14, 1870, Amagansett, Long Island.Early Chicago settler; wrote Wau-Bun, the “Early Day” in the North-West (1856).
Kiolbassa, Peterb Oct. 13, 1838, Swibiu, Poland; d June 23, 1905, Chicago.Businessman; building commissioner; city treasurer; state legislator (1877–1879); alderman; leading role in establishment of St. Stanislaus Kostka parish.
Kirkland, Josephb Jan. 7, 1830, Geneva, NY; d Apr. 29, 1894, Chicago.Writer; soldier; lawyer; wrote local histories of Chicago and novel Zury.
Kissel, Ben D.b Feb. 17, 1897; d Jan. 4, 1967, Chicago.Parking entrepreneur; converted old buildings to parking garages.
Kitchell, Ivab Mar. 31, 1912, Junction City, KS; d Nov. 9, 1983, Ormond Beach, FL.Concert dancer; dance satirist; performed with Chicago Grand Opera Ballet Company.
Kittredge, William A.b May 28, 1891, Lowell, MA; d July 26, 1945, Evanston, IL.Typographer; author; printer; director of design at Lakeside Press.
Klehm, John Adamb July 14, 1834, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany; d Mar. 16, 1916, Arlington Heights, IL.Bricklayer; farmer; established nursery business in Arlington Heights.
Klootwyck, Peterb 1847, Holland; d 1914, Munster, IN.Operated small store in Munster in nineteenth century.
Kluczynski, John Carlb Feb. 15, 1896, Chicago; d Jan. 26, 1975, Chicago.State representative (1933–1948); U.S. representative (1951–1975).
Klutznick, Philip M.b July 9, 1907, Kansas City, MO; d Aug. 14, 1999, Chicago.Lawyer; real-estate developer; philanthropist; developed Park Forest.
Knapp, Albert A.b Jan. 20, 1852, IL; d Dec. 20, 1932, Oak Park, IL.Businessman; built a combination creamery and cheese factory in 1873.
Kner, Albertb Feb. 19, 1899, Gyoma, Hungary; d Aug. 1976.Entrepreneur; pioneer in development of package design and market research; worked for Container Corp. of America.
Kner, Elizabethb Oct. 7, 1897, Gyoma, Hungary; d Feb. 26, 1998, Chicago.Printer; bookbinder at Newberry Library.
Knight, Frank Hynemanb Nov. 7, 1885, White Oak, IL; d Apr. 15, 1972, Chicago.Economist; part of Chicago School of Economics; Univ. of Chicago faculty.
Knox, William Franklinb Jan. 1, 1874, Boston, MA; d Apr. 28, 1944, Washington, DC.Newspaper editor and publisher; U.S. secretary of the navy; owned controlling interest in Chicago Daily News.
Kochs, Augustb Aug. 13, 1871, Lichtenau, Germany; d Nov. 21, 1960, Chicago.Chemical manufacturer; founded Victor Chemical Works (1902).
Kogan, Herman S.b Nov. 6, 1914, Chicago; d Mar. 8, 1989, New Buffalo, MI.Journalist; popular historian.
Kohl, Charles E.b Mar. 28, 1855, Brooklyn, NY; d Nov. 12, 1910, Oconomowoc, WI.Vaudeville manager; operated Kohl & Castle dime museum.
Kohlsaat, Herman H.b Mar. 22, 1853, Edwards County, IL; d Oct. 17, 1924, Washington, DC.Merchant; newspaper publisher; owned chain of bakeries and restaurants.
Kolze, Henry J.b June 23, 1859, Leyden, IL; d June 11, 1926, Chicago.Early restaurant owner; built Kolze's hotel in Dunning; county commissioner.
Kolze, Julia M.b Aug. 28, 1880, Chicago; d Nov. 12, 1938, Schiller Park, IL.Mayor of Schiller Park; first woman mayor in Illinois (1932).
Kolze, Williamb June 9, 1836, Germany; d June 23, 1896, Chicago.Early landowner near Des Plaines River; honorary mayor of unincorporated Kolze.
Korhumel, Newton F.b Aug. 21, 1905; d Feb. 5, 2001, Chicago.Steel manufacturer; developer in Mettawa.
Kotas, Helen [Helen Kotas Hirsch] b June 7, 1916, Chicago; d Dec. 15, 2000, Chicago.French horn player; member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Kovler, Marjorieb May 10, 1921, Chicago; d Dec. 20, 1970, Chicago.Owner of Kovler Art Gallery; namesake of Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture.
Kraft, James Lewisb Nov. 11, 1874, Fort Erie, Canada; d Feb. 16, 1953, Chicago.Inventor; cheese manufacturer; founded Kraft Foods.
Krainik, Ardis Joanb Mar. 8, 1929, Manitowoc, WI; d Jan. 18, 1997, Chicago.Director of Lyric Opera of Chicago (1981–1997).
Kramer, Ferdinand “Ferd”b Aug. 10, 1901, Chicago; d July 16, 2002, Chicago.Businessman; head of real-estate firm Draper & Kramer; president of Metropolitan Housing and Planning Council; managed Lake Meadows; developed Prairie Shores.
Kraus, Adolfb Feb. 26, 1850, Blowitz, Bohemia; d Oct. 22, 1928, Chicago.Lawyer; president of the Chicago Board of Education; head of City Law Department.
Kroc, Raymond Albertb Oct. 5, 1902, Oak Park, IL; d Jan. 14, 1984, La Jolla, CA.Founded McDonald's Corp. and Ronald McDonald House; pioneer in fast-food chain stores; opened first McDonald's franchise restaurant in Des Plaines.
Kruger, Johnactive late nineteenth century.Restaurateur; began a small chain of cafeterias in 1890s.
Krumske, Paul A.b July 25, 1912; d July 23, 1979, Boca Raton, FL.Hall of Fame bowler; television bowling host on WBKB-TV.
Krupa, Geneb Jan. 15, 1909, Chicago; d Oct. 16, 1973, Yonkers, NY.Jazz drummer; played with Benny Goodman in the 1930s and 1940s.
Kryl, Bohumirb May 2, 1875, Horice, Czechoslovakia; d Aug. 7, 1961, Wilmington, NY.Conductor; cornetist; joined John Philip Sousa's band in 1898; led “Chicago Band” (ca. 1910s).
Kubelik, Rafaelb June 29, 1914, Bychory, Czechoslovakia; d Aug. 11, 1996, Lucerne, Switzerland.Conductor; composer; directed Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1950–1953).
Kuh, Katherine W. [Katherine Woolf]b July 15, 1904, St. Louis, MO; d Jan. 10, 1994, New York, NY.Art critic; art consultant; first curator of modern art at Art Institute Chicago (1942–1959).
Kuné, Julianb 1831; d Aug. 29, 1914, Chicago.Newspaper music critic; member of Chicago Board of Trade; organized 24th Illinois Infantry in Civil War.
Kuppenheimer, Bernardb 1829, Baden, Germany; d Oct. 27, 1903, Chicago.Founded B. Kuppenheimer & Co., wholesale clothier.