H - Han
Han - Har
Har - Hea
Hea - Hen
Her - Hil
Hil - Hob
Hob - Hol
Hol - Hou
Hou - Hum
Hum - Hut
Haas, Williamactive 1830s.Brewer; opened brewery in 1833 on the West Side.
Haase, Ferdinandb Apr. 27, 1826, Maedlich, Germany; d Jan. 6, 1911, Chicago.President of the Forest Home Cemetery Co.
Hack, Johnb Nov. 18, 1787; d Nov. 21, 1856, St. John, IN.Farmer; first postmaster of St. John, IN.
Hackett, Francisb Jan. 21, 1883, Kilkenny, Ireland; d Apr. 25, 1962, Virum, Denmark.Literary critic; novelist; editorial writer for Chicago Evening Post (1906–1909); founded Post's Friday Literary Review.
Hackney, Williamactive early twentieth century.Promoter of big concerts; involved with “All-Colored Composers' Concerts.”
Hadley, Marian M.b 1898? Nashville, TN; d 1974? Chicago.Librarian; active in early development of DuSable Museum.
Haeger, David H.b Aug. 7, 1837, Mecklenburg, Germany; d June 9, 1900, Dundee, IL.Founded brickyard; manufacturer of pottery and ceramics.
Haentze, Albertb July 20, 1869, Fond du Lac, WI; d July 16, 1947, CA.Businessman; real-estate developer.
Haines, Elijah Middlebrookb Apr. 21, 1822, Oneida County, NY; d Apr. 25, 1889, Waukegan, IL.Lawyer; farmer; state legislator; platted Hainesville; editor of the MISK-WI-NEN-NE.
Halas, George Stanleyb Feb. 2, 1895, Chicago; d Oct. 31, 1983, Chicago.Football player and coach; founded Chicago Bears; coach (1920–1929, 1933–1942, 1946–1955, 1958–1967); charter member of football Hall of Fame.
Hale, Raleigh P.b Oct. 2, 1889, Selvind, IN; d Dec. 1, 1931, East Chicago, IN.Dentist; mayor of East Chicago (1926–1930).
Haley, Margaret Angelab Nov. 15, 1861, Joliet, IL; d Jan. 5, 1939, Chicago.Teacher; led Chicago Teachers Federation.
Hall, Benjaminactive 1830s.First proprietor of tavern on Dutchman's Point in Niles.
Hall, Benjamin Franklinb Nov. 17, 1812, West Bloomfield, NY; d Sept. 8, 1860, on a steamer in Lake Michigan, IL.Banker; first mayor of Aurora; cofounded Aurora Beacon (1846).
Hall, Myron Volneyb early 1810s; d June 21, 1881, Chicago.Printer; banker; cofounded Aurora Beacon in 1846.
Hammerschmidt, Adolphb Jan. 30, 1827; d July 25, 1914.Cofounded Elmhurst Chicago Stone Co. in 1883.
Hammond, Alexanderb Sept. 28, 1818, Homer, NY; d May 20, 1905, Milwaukee, WI.Physician; developer; formed residential community at Glencoe.
Hammond, Georgeb May 5, 1838, Fitchburg, MA; d Dec. 29, 1886, Detroit, MI.Meatpacking executive; pioneered use of refrigerated railcars.
Hampton, Fredb Aug. 30, 1948; d Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago.Civil rights activist; leader of Chicago Black Panther Party; killed in 1969 police raid.
Hancock, Georgeactive 1880s.Inventor of softball.
Hand, John “Johnny” A.b Oct. 26, 1828, Wadern, Prussia; d Oct. 18, 1916, Chicago.Bandleader; known as Chicago's “music master.”
Handy, Henry Jamisonb Mar. 6, 1886; d Nov. 13, 1983.Swimmer; won Olympic medals 20 years apart (1904, 1924); founded company that made industrial training films.
Hankins, George V.b ca. 1845; d Aug. 18, 1912, Chicago.Gambler; opened Harlem Race Track (1894).
Hansberry, Carl Augustusb ca. 1895, Gloster, MS; d Mar. 7, 1946, Mexico.Real-estate broker; landlord; U.S. deputy marshal; active in Urban League and NAACP; challenged restrictive covenants in Hansberry v. Lee (1940).
Hansberry, Lorraineb May 19, 1930, Chicago; d Jan. 12, 1965, New York, NY.Playwright; wrote A Raisin in the Sun.
Happ, Johnb Oct. 13, 1794? Trier, Germany.Blacksmith; justice of the peace in 1849.
Harbert, Elizabeth Boyntonb Apr. 15, 1843, Crawfordsville, IN; d Jan. 19, 1925, Pasadena, CA.Journalist; social reformer; Chicago Inter-Ocean columnist; organized Evanston Woman's Club; president of Illinois Equal Suffrage Association.
Hard, Williamb Sept. 15, 1878, Painted Post, NY; d Jan. 30, 1962, New Canaan, CT.Journalist; editorial writer of Chicago Tribune; pioneer radio news commentator in 1920s.
Harder, Patb May 6, 1922, Milwaukee, WI; d Sept. 6, 1992, Waukesha, WI.Football player, Chicago Cardinals; three-time NFL All-Pro.
Hardy, Thomasb ca. 1813, Ireland.Came to Orland Park in 1836.
Harmon, Patrick T. “Paddy”b May 25, 1876, Chicago; d July 22, 1930, Des Plaines, IL.Sports promoter; built Chicago Stadium.
Harper, Lucius C.b Nov. 11, 1895, Augusta, GA; d Feb. 10, 1952, Chicago.Managing editor of Chicago Defender; cofounded Bud Billiken Club.
Harper, William Raineyb July 24, 1856, New Concord, OH; d Jan. 10, 1906, Chicago.First president of Univ. of Chicago; biblical scholar.
Harris, Albert Wadsworthb Nov. 4, 1867, Cincinnati, OH; d Nov. 9, 1958, Chicago.Banker; endowed Chicago Community Trust; bred Arabian horses.
Harris, Paul Percyb Apr. 19, 1868, Racine, WI; d Jan. 27, 1947, Chicago.Lawyer; founder and president of Rotary International (1919).
Harrison, Carter H.b Feb. 15, 1825, Fayette County, KY; d Oct. 28, 1893, Chicago.Congressman; mayor of Chicago (1879–1887, 1893).
Harrison, Carter H., IIb Apr. 23, 1860, Chicago; d Dec. 25, 1953, Chicago.Lawyer; publisher of Chicago Times; mayor of Chicago (1897–1905, 1911–1915).
Harrison, Elizabethb Sept. 1, 1849, Athens, KY; d Oct. 31, 1927, San Antonio, TX.Educator; founded Chicago Kindergarten Training School, first institution in the United States to provide professional training for kindergarten teachers.
Harrison, Robertactive late nineteenth century.Businessman; first president of incorporated Wauconda in 1877.
Hart, Aaron Nortonb Apr. 16, 1816, Akron, OH; d Jan. 12, 1883, Plum Creek, IN.Early farmer in Dyer; developed local drainage system; Philadelphia publisher.
Hart, Harryb Feb. 17, 1850, Eppelsheim, Germany; d Nov. 20, 1929, Chicago.Clothing manufacturer; founder and president of Hart, Schaffner & Marx.
Hart, Henryactive 1850s.Mapmaker; published “City of Chicago” map in 1853.
Hart, Pearl M. [Pearl M. Harchovsky]b Apr. 7, 1890, Traverse City, MI; d Mar. 22, 1975, Chicago.Lawyer; civil rights activist; professor at John Marshall Law School; cofounded Mattachine Midwest.
Hartnett, Gabby [Charles Leo Hartnett]b Dec. 20, 1900, Woonsocket, RI; d Dec. 20, 1972, Park Ridge, IL.Baseball player and manager with the Chicago Cubs (1922–1940); Hall of Fame.
Harvey, Alonzoactive 1840s.Built first house within present limits of West Chicago.
Harvey, Turlington Walkerb Mar. 10, 1835, Siloam, NY; d Sept. 12, 1909, Littleton, NH.Lumber merchant; philanthropist; founded Harvey, IL.
Harvey, William “Coin”b Aug. 16, 1851, Buffalo, WV; d Feb. 11, 1936, Monte Ne, AR.Lawyer; economic reformer; “free silver” activist; author of Coin's Financial School (1894), an influential populist tract.
Hathaway, Joshuab 1810; d 1863.Mapmaker.
Hatzfeld, Clarenceb ca. 1873; d Aug. 25, 1943, Washington, DC.Architect; designed park district fieldhouses (ca. 1920s).
Hauser, Jon Williamb June 8, 1916, Sault Ste. Marie, MI; d Mar. 20, 1999, Geneva, IL.Industrial designer; Sears' director of design (1943–1945).
Havighurst, Robert J.b June 5, 1900, De Pere, WI; d Jan. 31, 1991.Education scholar; Univ. of Chicago faculty; prepared 1964 Chicago Public Schools evaluation.
Hayden, Sophia Gregoriab Oct. 17, 1868, Santiago, Chile; d Feb. 3, 1953, Winthrop, MA.Architect; designed Woman's Building for 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Haydon, Harold E.b Apr. 22, 1909, Fort William, Canada; d Jan. 18, 1994, Chicago.Artist; art teacher; art critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.
Haynes, Charlesactive nineteenth century.Musician; wrote “eight-hour songs” around 1865.
Haywood, William D.b Feb. 4, 1869, Salt Lake City, UT; d May 18, 1928, Moscow, Russia.Labor activist; played leading role at IWW convention in Chicago (1905).
Hazelton, Charlesactive 1880s.Founded first church in Forest Glen area.
Heacock, Russell E.b 1779, Litchfield, CT; d end June 1849, Summit, IL.Carpenter; lawyer; came to Chicago in 1827; farmer and innkeeper in Summit; promoted I&M Canal.
Head, Cloydb Sept. 24, 1886; d Feb. 7, 1969, Chicago.Playwright; active with Little Theatre in 1910s; business manager Goodman Theatre 1920s.
Heald, Nathanb Sept. 24, 1775, New Ipswich, NH; d Apr. 27, 1832, St. Charles, MO.Commander at Fort Dearborn; taken prisoner with his wife during Fort Dearborn attack of 1812.
Heald, Rebekah Wellsb between 1785 and 1790, Louisville, KY; d 1857, St. Charles, MO.Taken prisoner with her husband Nathan Heald after Fort Dearborn attack of 1812.
Healy, George Peter Alexanderb July 15, 1813, Boston, MA; d June 24, 1894, Chicago.Artist; portrait painter.
Healy, Williamb 1869, Beaconsfield, England; d Mar. 15, 1963, Clearwater, FL.Psychiatrist; founder and director of Chicago Juvenile Psychopathic Institute (later the Institute for Juvenile Research).
Heap, Janeb Nov. 1, 1883, Topeka, KS; d June 16, 1964, London, England.Editor of Little Review; artist.
Hebner, Harryb June 15, 1891; d Oct. 1968.Water polo player; Olympic swimming champion (1912).
Hecht, Benb Feb. 28, 1894, New York, NY; d Apr. 18, 1964, New York, NY.Journalist; writer; playwright (The Front Page); Academy Award–winning screenwriter.
Hegewisch, Adolphactive 1880s.President of U.S. Rolling Stock Co.; founded Hegewisch as workers' community.
Heinrich, John C.b June 23, 1927; d Jan. 16, 1993, Valparaiso, IN.Architect; codesigned Lake Point Tower; student of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Helgason, Arnib Mar. 16, 1891, Iceland; d Dec. 1968.Engineer; director of Chicago Transformer Corp.
Helm, Margaretactive early nineteenth century.Stepdaughter of John Kinzie; wife of American officer at Fort Dearborn.
Helm, Nathan B.b Feb. 9, 1825, Cayuga County, NY; d Apr. 26 or 27, 1904, Harvard, IL.Hardware merchant; first mayor of Harvard around 1891.
Hemingway, Ernest Millerb July 21, 1899, Oak Park, IL; d July 2, 1961, Ketchum, ID.Writer; spent childhood and adolescence in Oak Park; won Nobel Prize in Literature (1954).
Henderson, Charles Richmondb Dec. 17, 1848, Covington, IN; d Mar. 29, 1915, Charleston, SC.Sociologist; minister; chair of Sociology Department, Univ. of Chicago.
Henderson, Davidb Apr. 26, 1853, Edinburgh, Scotland; d May 27, 1908, Chicago.Journalist; theatrical manager; producer; built Chicago Opera House.
Henderson, William Penhallowb June 4, 1877, Medford, MA; d Oct. 15, 1943, Santa Fe, NM.Artist; muralist.
Henius, Maxb June 16, 1859, Aalborg, Denmark; d Nov. 15, 1935, Aalborg.Chemist; founded American Academy of Brewing; president of Chicago Public Library.
Henneberry, Williamactive 1860s.Discovered coal deposits in Will County in 1864.
Hennepin, Louisb Apr. 7, 1640, Ath, Belgium; d between 1701 and 1705.Clergyman; explorer; writer; accompanied La Salle on expedition to central Illinois.
Henrotin, Ellen Martinb July 6, 1847, Portland, ME; d June 29, 1922, Cherryplain, NY.Women's club leader; social reformer; member of Chicago Vice Commission.
Henrotin, Fernandb Sept. 28, 1847, Brussels, Belgium; d Dec. 9, 1906, Chicago.Surgeon; Cook County physician; physician of police and fire dept.; president of Chicago Medical Society (1896).
Henrotin, Joseph F.b Aug. 2, 1813? Tellin, Belgium; d Mar. 17, 1876, Chicago.Physician; Belgian consul in Chicago.
Herbert, Fred B.b ca. 1888, Canada; d June 1955, London, England.Kentucky Derby winner in 1910; Chicago Ridge resident.
Herrick, Robertb Apr. 26, 1868, Cambridge, MA; d Dec. 23, 1938, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands.Writer; English professor at Univ. of Chicago (1893–1923).
Herrington, Augustus M.b July 27, 1820, Mercer, PA; d Aug. 14, 1883, Geneva, IL.Lawyer; U.S. district attorney.
Herrington, Charityb Sept. 6, 1799, Cumberland County, PA; d Sept. 22, 1879, Geneva, IL.Cofounded Geneva, IL.
Herrington, James Claytonb May 8, 1798, York County, PA; d Mar. 25, 1839, Geneva, IL.Land speculator; sheriff; cofounded Geneva, IL.
Herrington, James, Jr. b June 6, 1824, Mercer, PA; d July 7, 1890, Geneva, IL.Farmer; journalist; first mayor of Geneva, IL.
Herskovits, Melville Jeanb Sept. 10, 1895, Bellefontaine, OH; d Feb. 25, 1963, Evanston, IL.Anthropologist; created Department of Anthropology and Program of African Studies at Northwestern Univ.; member of Mayor's Commission on Race Relations.
Hertz, John Danielb Apr. 10, 1879, Ruttka (now Slovakia); d Oct. 8, 1961, Los Angeles, CA.Transportation entrepreneur; founded Yellow Cab Co. (1915).
Hesing, Anton Casperb Jan. 6, 1823, Vechta, Germany; d Mar. 31, 1895, Chicago.Owner and editor of Illinois-Staatszeitung; Cook County sheriff.
Hesler, Alexanderb July 1823, Montreal, Canada; d July 5, 1895, Evanston, IL.Photographer; known for landscapes and portraits of Lincoln.
Hess, Julius H.b 1876, Ottawa, IL; d Nov. 2, 1955, Los Angeles, CA.Pediatrician; established premature infant clinic at Michael Reese Hospital; invented infant incubator.
Hesse, Richard C.b Oct. 4, 1895, Chicago; d Oct. 20, 1975, Chicago.Hardware executive; founded Ace Hardware, 1924.
Hetherington, John Toddb Aug. 15, 1859, Uxbridge, Canada; d Dec. 26, 1936, Chicago.Architect; designed fieldhouse for Ridge Park in Beverly (1912).
Hibbard, William G.b ca. 1825, Dryden, NY; d Oct. 11, 1903, Chicago.Founded hardware wholesaling firm; president of Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
Hicks, Bobb Oct. 9, 1899; d May 19, 1987, Ojai, CA.Wrestling coach, Tilden Tech; won city titles and two state championships.
Higgins, Hiram M.b Oct. 13, 1820, Chautauqua County, NY; d July 13, 1897, San Diego, CA.Music composer; publisher; opened first music publishing house in Chicago.
Higinbotham, Harlow Nilesb Oct. 10, 1838, Joliet, IL; d Apr. 18, 1919, New York, NY.Merchant; president of 1893 World's Columbian Exposition; partner at Marshall Field & Co.; philanthropist.
Hildebrandt, Augustb Nov. 8, 1801, Prussia; d Mar. 16, 1891, Lansing, IL.Arrived in 1843 in Lansing.
Hill, Ellen Marieb Apr. 19, 1839, MA; d Jan. 4, 1916, Glen Ellyn, IL.Namesake of Lake Glen Ellyn.
Hill, Georgeb Mar. 21, 1870, Stratfordshire, England; d July 29, 1963, Chicago.Businessman; established first business, a hardware store, in Clearing, in 1909.
Hill, James Jeromeb Sept. 16, 1838, Rockwood, Canada; d May 29, 1916, St. Paul, MN.Railroad developer; headed Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad.
Hill, Joe [Joel Hagglund; Joseph Hillstrom]b Oct. 7, 1879, Gavle, Sweden; d Nov. 19, 1915, Salt Lake City, UT.Labor songwriter; member of the IWW; massive funeral in Chicago after execution in Utah.
Hill, Kimballb Oct. 10, 1910, Chicago; d Nov. 9, 1993, Evanston, IL.Builder; lawyer; pioneer in building prefabricated homes; created Rolling Meadows.
Hill, Thomas Arnoldb Aug. 23, 1888, Richmond, VA; d Aug. 1, 1947, Cleveland, OH.Led Chicago Urban League during World War I.
Hill, Thomas Clarksonb Mar. 11, 1831, Guilford County, NC; d 1896, Western Springs, IL.Land promoter in 1870; first president of incorporated Western Springs in 1886.
Hill, Thomas E.b Feb. 29, 1832, Sandgate, VT; d 1915.Publishing executive; village president and developer of Glen Ellyn.
Hill, Williamb Aberdeen, Scotland; d Oct. 15, 1875, West Dundee, IL.Nurseryman; founded D. Hill Nursery in 1855.
Hill, William “Big Bill”b Apr. 6, 1914; d Apr. 16, 1983, Chicago.Radio minister; rhythm and blues disc jockey (1950s).
Hillenbrand, Reynoldb July 19, 1904 or 1905, Chicago; d May 22, 1979, Chicago.Monsignor; social activist; pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Winnetka.
Hilliard, Laurin P.b Oct. 11, 1814, Unadilla, NY; d Nov. 2, 1895, Chicago.Real-estate agent; Cook County clerk; cofounded Washington Heights, Longwood, and Beverly Hills.
Hilliard, Raymond Marcellusb Aug. 8, 1907; d July 4, 1966, Chicago.Lawyer; director of Cook County Department of Welfare.
Hillis, Margaretb Oct. 1, 1921, Kokomo, IN; d Feb. 4, 1998, Evanston, IL.Founder and director of Chicago Symphony Chorus (1957).
Hillman, Sidneyb Mar. 23, 1887, Zagare, Lithuania; d July 10, 1946, Point Lookout, NY.Labor leader; first president of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America; cofounded Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).
Hines, Earl Kennethb Dec. 28, 1905, Duquesne, PA; d Apr. 22, 1983, Oakland, CA.Jazz pianist; band leader; performed regularly at Grand Terrace Club.
Hines, Edwardb July 31, 1863, Buffalo, NY; d Dec. 1, 1931, Evanston, IL.Lumber merchant; philanthropist; founded Edward Hines Lumber Co.
Hinman, Mary Woodb Feb. 14, 1878, OH; d July 4, 1952, Los Angeles, CA.Teacher of folk and social dance; choreographer; taught dance at Hull House and Francis W. Parker School (1906–1919).
Hirsch, Emil Gustavb May 22, 1851, Luxembourg; d Jan. 7, 1923, Chicago.Rabbi; led Sinai Congregation for 43 years; founding editor of Reform Advocate.
Hitchcock, Annie McClureb 1839 or 1840; d June 29, 1922, Berea, KY.Cofounded Chicago's Woman's Club.
Hitt, Willis M.b ca. 1826, MD.Early developer; subdivided land around 1866.
Hobson, Baileyb Apr. 30, 1798, Jefferson County, TN; d Mar. 25, 1850, Naperville, IL.Built first water powered flour mill in DuPage County; served in first county government.
Hobson, Clarissa Stewartb Dec. 13, 1804, GA; d Mar. 27, 1884.Early resident of DuPage County; arrived in 1832.
Hodes, Artb Nov. 14, 1904, Nikolaev, Russia; d Mar. 4, 1993, Harvey, IL.Jazz-blues pianist; writer.
Hodge, Emma B.b Apr. 16, 1862, Milwaukee, WI; d July 1, 1928, Chicago.Book collector; authority on ceramics, textiles, and needlework.
Hodgkins, Jeffersonb Oct. 27, 1843 or 1844, ME; d Jan. 2, 1921? FL.Quarryman; crushed stone contractor; president Kimball & Cobb Stone Co.
Hoellen, Johnb Sept. 24, 1914, Chicago; d Jan. 30, 1999.Lawyer; alderman (1947–1975); lost mayoral race to Richard J. Daley in 1975.
Hoffman, Abbott Howard “Abbie”b Nov. 30, 1936, Worcester, MA; d Apr. 12, 1989, Solebury Township, PA.Antiwar activist; cofounded Youth International Party (“Yippies”); one of the “Chicago Seven” arrested at 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.
Hoffman, George, Jr.b May 8, 1855, Chicago; d Mar. 18, 1942, Lyons, IL.Brewer; built a dam on Des Plaines River; erected Hoffman Tower.
Hoffman, Julius Jenningsb July 7, 1895, Chicago; d July 1, 1983, Chicago.Lawyer; federal judge; presided over Chicago Seven conspiracy trial.
Hoffman, Samb July 20, 1900, Russia; d Oct. 13, 1959, Phoenix, AZ.Developer of Hoffman Estates.
Hogan, Quintin “Quinn”b Mar. 26, 1922, Chicago; d Dec. 7, 1993, Seminole, FL.Land developer; developed Vernon Hills.
Hoge, Jane C.b July 31, 1811, Philadelphia, PA; d Aug. 26, 1890, Chicago.Welfare worker; fundraiser; cochaired Chicago branch of Sanitary Commission.
Hohman, Caroline Sibley [Caroline Sibley]b 1828 or 1830, Wales, England; d Oct. 1900.Arrived in Chicago in 1849; created Hohman Opera House.
Hohman, Ernestb Sept. 5, 1817, Koenigsburg, Prussia; d buried Dec. 18, 1872, Hammond, IN.Large landowner in North, IN; Justice of the Peace in North Township.
Holabird, John A.b May 4, 1886, Evanston, IL; d May 4, 1945, Chicago.Architect; designed Art Institute and Soldier Field.
Holabird, Williamb Sept. 11, 1854, Amenia Union, NY; d July 19, 1923, Evanston, IL.Architect; partner at Holabird & Roche; pioneer in engineering skeleton steel skyscrapers.
Holcomb, Johnb Apr. 21, 1816 or 1819, Jefferson County, NY; d Jan. 25, 1889.Namesake of Holcomb, which became Mundelein in 1924; donated land for station and village plat in 1880.
Holdom, Jesseb Aug. 23, 1851, London, England; d July 14, 1930, Chicago.Lawyer; judge of the Superior Court of Cook County.
Holland, Bud C.b Dec. 27, 1922, Chicago; d Dec. 29, 1994, Chicago.Art dealer; gallery owner.
Holloway, Milton J.b Jan. 24, 1896, Chicago; d Mar. 15, 1972, Portola Valley, CA.Candy manufacturer; founder and president of M. J. Holloway Candy Co.
Holme, Frankb 1868, Corinth, WV; d July 27, 1904, Denver, CO.Graphic designer; newspaper artist; founded Chicago School of Illustration.
Holmes, Bereniceb Feb. 4, 1905, Chicago; d Apr. 2, 1982, Chicago.Ballet dancer; dance teacher; choreographer.
Holmes, Edward Lorenzob Jan. 28, 1828, Dedham, MA; d Feb. 12, 1900, Chicago.Early ophthalmologist; director of Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; president of Rush Medical College.
Holmes, Josephb 1948, Chicago; d Apr. 11, 1986, Chicago.Dancer; founder and artistic director of Joseph Holmes Dance Theatre.
Holt, Nora Douglasb 1885, Kansas City, KS; d 1974.Composer; cofounded National Association of Negro Musicians.
Holton, Frankb Mar. 10, 1858, Allegan, MI; d Apr. 17, 1942, Elkhorn, WI.Musician; trombonist with John Philip Sousa Band; founded Frank Holton Band Instrument Manufacturing Co.
Hood, Raymond Mathewsonb Mar. 29, 1881, Pawtucket, RI; d Aug. 14, 1934, Stamford, CT.Architect; collaborated on winning design for 1922 Tribune Tower competition; designed Electrical Building at Century of Progress Exposition.
Hooker, John Leeb Aug. 22? 1917, Clarksdale, MS; d June 21, 2001, San Francisco, CA.Blues musician; influenced postwar blues and rock 'n' roll.
Hookway, Amelia Marcella Dunneb Apr. 24, 1858, Chicago; d Nov. 14, 1914, Chicago.Educator; principal, Howland School; sister of Finley Peter Dunne.
Hopkins, Claude C.b 1866, Spring Lake, MI; d Sept. 21, 1932, Grand Haven, MI.Advertising copywriter; developed advertising slogans for well-known products.
Hopkins, Emma Curtisb Sept. 2, 1849, Killingly, CT; d Apr. 8, 1925, Killingly.Feminist; theologian; teacher; writer; founded New Thought ministry in Chicago.
Hopkins, Howard D. “Doc”b Jan. 26, 1900, Wallins Creek, KY; d Jan. 3, 1988, Evanston, IL.Folk and country music singer; regular on WLS National Barn Dance music program.
Hopkins, John Patrickb Oct. 29, 1858, Buffalo, NY; d Oct. 13, 1918, Chicago.Businessman; first Irish Catholic mayor of Chicago (1893–1895).
Horn, Miltonb Sept. 1, 1905, Kiev, Ukraine; d Mar. 29, 1995, Chicago.Artist; sculptor; worked with wood, metal, and stone.
Horner, Henryb Dec. 29, 1818, Bohemia; d Feb. 11, 1878, Chicago.Grocer; founded Henry Horner & Co.; charter member of Chicago Board of Trade.
Horwich, Bernardb ca. 1861; d Apr. 23, 1949, Chicago.Manufacturer; banker; active in Chicago Zion Society.
Horwich, Frances R.b July 16, 1907, Ottawa, OH; d July 22, 2001, Scottsdale, AZ.Educator; host of Ding Dong School TV program.
Hossack, Johnb Dec. 6, 1806, Elgin, Scotland; d Nov. 8, 1891, Ottawa, IL.Grain and lumber dealer; convicted in 1860 of breaking fugitive slave law.
Hostetler, Lanab ca. 1942, IL; d Feb. 4, 1999, Springfield, IL.Activist; lobbied for children's issues and gay rights; founding member of Illinois Federation for Human Rights.
Hotchkiss, Almerinb June 6, 1816, CT; d Jan. 17, 1903, St. Louis, MO.Landscape architect; designed layout of Lake Forest; designed cemeteries.
Hough, Electab 1791, CT; d Jan. 16, 1864, Bloomingdale, IL.Came to Roselle in 1836.
Hough, Elijahb Sept. 20, 1785, Hampshire County, MA; d June 5, 1851, Bloomingdale, IL.Came to Roselle in 1836.
Hough, Roselle M.b 1820, NY; d Mar. 9, 1892, Chicago.Businessman; early landowner in Bloomingdale Township; first president of Chicago Chamber of Commerce.
Howe, Frankb 1849, Arlington, MA; d Jan. 4, 1909, Kansas City, MO.Architect; designed Electricity Building at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Howlin' Wolf [Chester Arthur Bennett]b June 10, 1910 or 1911, West Point, MS; d Jan. 10, 1976, Hines, IL.Blues musician; recorded for Chess Records.
Hoyne, Thomasb Feb. 11, 1817, New York, NY; d July 27, 1883, Carlton Station, NY.Justice of the peace; mayor of Chicago (1876).
Hoyt, Homerb June 14, 1896, St. Joseph, MO; d Nov. 29, 1984, Silver Springs, MD.Real-estate economist; director of research for Chicago Plan Commission; chief housing economist for Federal Housing Authority.
Hubbard, Gurdon Saltonstallb Aug. 22, 1802, Windsor, VT; d Sept. 14, 1886, Chicago.Businessman; partner at American Fur Co.
Hubble, Edwin Powellb Nov. 20, 1889, Marshfield, MO; d Sept. 28, 1953, San Marino, CA.Astronomer.
Hubschman, Jorgenb Aug. 4, 1897; d Feb. 21, 1983, Juno Beach, FL.Cofounded Lake Barrington; founder and president of Hubschman Construction Co.; mayor of Lake Barrington (1960–1977).
Huck, John A.b May 15, 1819, Uttenhofen, Baden; d Jan. 26 or 27, 1878, Chicago.Brewer; owned lager beer brewery in Chicago.
Hudlun, Anna Elizabeth Lewisb Feb. 6, 1840, Uniontown, PA; d Nov. 21, 1914, probably Chicago.Underground Railroad activist.
Hudlun, Joseph Henryb Oct. 4, 1839, Culpepper Courthouse, VA.Early black homeowner; born a slave; worked at Chicago Board of Trade.
Huebert, Diana [Diana Faidy]b Feb. 22, 1899, Chicago; d Dec. 1983.Chicago dancer; choreographer; dance teacher.
Hughes, Everett C.b Nov. 30, 1897, Beaver, OH; d Jan. 5, 1983, Cambridge, MA.Sociologist; professor at Univ. of Chicago; associated with Chicago School of Sociology.
Hughes, Langstonb Feb. 1, 1902, Joplin, MO; d May 22, 1967, New York, NY.Writer; associated with Harlem Renaissance but spent time in Chicago; set Not Without Laughter in Chicago.
Hulbert, Thomas H.b Sept. 20, 1848, Lee, MA; d Mar. 23, 1932, Chicago.Early real-estate developer; built homes in south Oak Park.
Hull, Denison B.b Mar. 25, 1897, Chicago; d Jan. 31, 1988, Scottsdale, AZ.Architect; designed First Congregational Church; Greek scholar.
Hummert, Anne Ashenhurst [Anne Schumacher]b Jan. 19, 1905, Baltimore, MD; d July 5, 1996, New York, NY.Soap opera writer; created radio soap opera Just Plain Bill.
Hummert, Frankb 1882 or 1887, St. Louis, MO; d Mar. 12, 1966, Manhattan, NY.Writer; creator of radio soap opera.
Humphrey, Dorisb Oct. 17, 1895, Oak Park, IL; d Dec. 29, 1958, New York, NY.Choreographer; dance teacher; founded ballet school in Oak Park (1913).
Humphrey, Johnb June 20, 1838, Walpole, England; d Oct. 3, 1914, Chicago.Lawyer; state legislator (1871–1872; 1885–1910); supervisor of Orland Park for 35 years.
Humphreys, Llewel(l)yn Morrisb ca. Apr. 20, 1899, Chicago; d Nov. 23, 1965, Chicago.Crime syndicate leader; protégé of Al Capone.
Hundley, Elishaactive 1850s.Built Lakeview House in 1854.
Hunt, Herold Christianb Feb. 9, 1902, Northville, MI; d Oct. 17, 1996, Lexington, MA.Educator; superintendent of Chicago Public Schools (1947–1953); undersecretary of Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare.
Hunt, Myronb Feb. 17, 1868, Sunderland, MA; d May 26, 1952, Pasadena, CA.Architect; associated with Prairie School.
Hunt, Richard Morrisb Oct. 31, 1827, Brattleboro, VT; d July 31, 1895, Newport, RI.Architect; built Administration Building at 1893 World's Fair; built Marshall Field mansion.
Hunter, Albertab Apr. 1, 1895, Memphis, TN; d Oct. 17, 1984, Roosevelt Island, NY.Blues musician; singer; performed extensively in small cabaret clubs in Chicago.
Hunter, Norman L.b Aug. 28, 1832, Forkland, AL; d Dec. 10, 1992, Chicago.Graphic designer; photographer; art director for African American magazines.
Hunter, Robertb Apr. 10, 1874, Terre Haute, IN; d May 15, 1942, Montecito, CA.Social worker and reformer; authored Tenement Conditions in Chicago (1901).
Huntley, Thomas Stilwellb Mar. 27, 1807, Cicinnatus, NY; d May 21, 1894.Businessman; platted the town of Huntley.
Hurley, Timothy Davidb Aug. 31, 1863, Maysville, KY; d July 22, 1926, Evanston, IL.Lawyer; president of Visitation and Aid Society; president of Illinois State Council of the Catholic Benevolent Legion.
Hutchins, Robert Maynardb Jan. 17, 1899, Brooklyn, NY; d May 14, 1977, Santa Barbara, CA.Educator; president of Univ. of Chicago (1929–1951); developed “Chicago Plan” for undergraduate education.
Hutchinson, Charles Lawrenceb Mar. 7, 1854, Lynn, MA; d Oct. 7, 1924, Chicago.Merchant; banker; founder and president of Art Institute.