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Gage, Darius Benjaminb July 29, 1801, Onondaga County, NY; d Mar. 8, 1875 or 1877, IL.Filed early land claims along Sequoit Creek in Antioch.
Gage, David 1830s.Landowner along Des Plaines River; treasurer of city of Chicago.
Gage, George late nineteenth century.Landowner; namesake of Gage Park.
Gage, Lyman Judsonb June 28, 1836, De Ruyter, NY; d Jan. 26, 1927, Point Loma, CA.Banker; financier; U.S. secretary of the treasury (1897–1902); president of First National Bank of Chicago.
Gage, Matilda Joslynb Mar. 24, 1826, Cicero, NY; d Mar. 18, 1898, Chicago.Suffragist; writer; editor; founding member of National Woman Suffrage Association.
Gage, Thomas Q.b 1809, Ontongon, MI; d May 18, 1881.Arrived in Antioch in 1837.
Galvin, Paul V.b June 29, 1895, Harvard, IL; d Nov. 5, 1959, Evanston, IL.Founded Galvin Manufacturing Co. (now Motorola); pioneered the car radio.
Gandil, “Chick”b Jan. 19, 1888; d Dec. 13, 1970, Calistoga, CA.Baseball player; 3rd baseman, Chicago White Sox; involved in “Black Sox” scandal; banned from baseball for life.
Ganz, Rudolphb Feb. 24, 1877, Zurich, Switzerland; d Aug. 2, 1972, Chicago.Pianist; conductor; president of Chicago Musical College (1933–1954).
García-Camilo, Ramónb Aug. 9, 1918, La Vega, Dominican Republic; d Feb. 18, 1997, Park Ridge, IL.Physician; founded Camilo Medical Center and Washington National Bank; Dominican Republic's consul general in Chicago.
Garden, Hugh M. G.b July 9, 1873, Toronto, Canada; d Oct. 6, 1961, Chicago.Architect; designed Montgomery Ward warehouse; senior partner in Schmidt, Garden & Erikson.
Garden, Maryb Feb. 20, 1874, Aberdeen, Scotland; d Jan. 3, 1967, Aberdeen, Scotland.Operatic soprano; Chicago Grand Opera (1910–1930).
Gardiner, Alexanderb Jan. 31, 1812, Dundee, Scotland; d June 5, 1875, Woodstock, IL.Named town of Dundee for his Scottish hometown.
Gardner, Helenb Mar. 17, 1878, Manchester, NH; d June 4, 1946, Chicago.Art historian; author; faculty of Art Institute of Chicago and Univ. of Chicago.
Gardner, Joseph C.b June 10, 1821, Chautauqua, NY; d Oct. 29, 1906.Banker; established Valparaiso Savings Bank and Chesterton Bank.
Garland, (Hannibal) Hamlinb Sept. 14, 1860, West Salem, WI; d Mar. 4, 1940, Los Angeles, CA.Writer; novelist; essayist; won Pulitzer Prize (1922) for A Daughter of the Middle Border.
Garrett, Augustusb 1801, New York, NY; d Nov. 30, 1848, Chicago.Early landowner; alderman (1840–1843); mayor of Chicago (1843–1846).
Garroway, David Cunninghamb July 13, 1913, Schenectady, NY; d July 21, 1982, Swarthmore, PA.Radio personality; television broadcaster; telecast “Garroway at Large” from NBC Chicago (1940s–early 1950s).
Gary, Charles Wesleyb Nov. 1, 1801, Pomfret or Putnam, CT; d Aug. 31, 1871, Gary's Mill, IL.DuPage County justice; founded Warrenville Methodist Church; family founded Gary's Mill.
Gary, Elbert Henryb Oct. 8, 1846, Wheaton, IL; d Aug. 15, 1927, New York, NY.Lawyer; first mayor of Wheaton; founded U.S. Steel Corp. and Gary, IN.
Gary, Erastusb Apr. 5, 1806, Pomfret, CT; d May 7, 1888, Wheaton, IL.Staked first land claim in Winfield Township, 1831; cofounded Gary's Mill; helped establish Wheaton College.
Gary, Joseph Eastonb July 9, 1821, Potsdam, NY; d 1906.Judge, Superior Court of Cook County; presided over in Haymarket anarchists' trial.
Gary, Jude Perrinb Feb. 3, 1811, Pomfret, CT; d May 11, 1881, Warrenville, IL.Early settler of Winfield Township and DuPage County.
Gates, Simon S.b Oct. 1, 1799, Stockbridge, VT; d June 24, 1878 or 1879, Crystal Lake, IL.Landowner; platted village of Nunda (later North Central Lake).
Gaudette, Thomas (Tom) A.b Mar. 22, 1923; d Sept. 19, 1998, Chicago.Community organizer; trained by Saul Alinsky; founded mid-American Center and Northwest Community Organization.
Gautreaux, Dorothyb 1927; d 1968.Civil rights activist; plaintiff in Chicago Housing Authority segregation suit.
Gay, Edwinb ca. 1861, England.Brigadier in Salvation Army; helped found Salvation Army in Chicago (1885).
Gelert, Johannes Sophusb Dec. 10, 1852, Nybel, Denmark; d Nov. 4, 1923.Sculptor; designed Haymarket monument (Chicago) and statue of General Grant (Galena, IL).
Gerber, Henry [Joseph Henry Dittmar]b June 29, 1892, Bavaria, Germany; d Dec. 31, 1972, Washington, DC.Gay rights activist; founded Society for Human Rights.
Gerhardt, Paul, Jr.b Jan. 23, 1899, Chicago; d Oct. 11, 1966, Chicago.City architect (1928–1966); designed Chicago Free Academy and South District Filtration Plant.
Germano, Joseph S.b Feb. 12, 1904, Chicago; d Jan. 2, 1992, Honolulu, HI.Labor organizer; district director, United Steel Workers of America (1940–1973).
Gerstenberg, Aliceb Aug. 2, 1885, Chicago; d July 28, 1972, Minneapolis, MN.Playwright; novelist; associated with Chicago Literary Renaissance.
Gherkin, Henryb Prussia; active 1830s.Grave-digger; one of the first gravediggers in Chicago.
Giancana, Samb May 24, 1908, Chicago; d June 19, 1975, Oak Park, IL.Crime syndicate boss; ruled Chicago Mafia in 1950s and 1960s.
Gillespie, Frank L.b Nov. 8, 1876, Osceola, AR; d May 1, 1925, Chicago.Founded Supreme Liberty Life Insurance Co.
Gilmore, Patrickb Dec. 25, 1829, Ballygar, Ireland; d Sept. 24, 1882, St. Louis, MO.Band leader; 1873 Chicago Jubilee.
Gingrich, Arnoldb Dec. 5, 1903, Grand Rapids, MI; d July 9, 1976, Ridgewood, NJ.Editor; cofounded Esquire magazine.
Givins, Robert C.b 1845, Yorkville, Canada; d Apr. 14, 1915, San Francisco, CA.Real-estate developer; novelist; charter member and vice president of Chicago Real Estate Board.
Glackin, Edward J.b May 9, 1867, Montreal, Canada; d June 15, 1939, Chicago.State senator (1904–1926); sponsored early zoning law (1919).
Gleason, Frederick Grantb Dec. 18, 1848, Middletown, CT; d Dec. 6, 1903, Chicago.Musician; composer; music editor of Chicago Tribune.
Glessner, John J.b Jan. 26, 1843, Zanesville, OH; d Jan. 20, 1936, Chicago.Industrialist; cofounded International Harvester Co.
Gnesin, Mauriceb Nov. 16, 1896, Odessa, Russia; d Feb. 26, 1957.Play producer; theater director; head of Goodman School of Drama.
Godie, Leeb 1908; d Mar. 2, 1994, Chicago.Folk artist; painter; homeless collage artist.
Goggin, Catharineb 1855, Adirondack, NY; d Jan. 4, 1916, Chicago.Teacher; labor leader; cofounded Chicago Teachers Federation.
Goins, Irene [Irene V. Sappington]b Dec. 18, 1876, Moberly, MO Or Quincy, IL; d Mar. 12, 1929, Chicago.Clubwoman; suffragist; labor activist; president of Federation of Colored Women's Clubs.
Goldberg, Arthur Josephb Aug. 8, 1908, Chicago; d Jan. 19, 1990, Washington, DC.Lawyer; diplomat; U.S. secretary of labor; U.S. Supreme Court justice.
Goldberg, Bertrandb July 17, 1913, Chicago; d Oct. 8, 1997, Chicago.Architect; student of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; designed Marina City.
Goldman, Emmab June 27, 1869, Kovno, Lithuania; d May 14, 1940, Toronto, Canada.Anarchist; editor; lecturer; free-speech advocate; buried next to Haymarket Martyrs in Waldheim Cemetery.
Goldman, Solomonb Aug. 19, 1893, Volhynia, Russia; d May 14, 1953, Chicago.Conservative rabbi; led Anshe Emet Congregation (1929 to 1953).
Goldsholl, Mortonb Dec. 21, 1911; d Feb. 27, 1995.Graphic designer; created packaging and corporate symbols.
Goldsmith, Charles late nineteenth century.Agent of American Lithographics Co. of NY in Chicago; produced picture postcards for 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Goldsmith, Myronb Sept. 15, 1918, Chicago; d July 15, 1996, Wilmette, IL.Architect; engineer; student of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; professor of architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology; designed Hancock Center.
Goode, George Brownb Feb. 13, 1851, Albany, IN; d Sept. 6, 1896, Washington, DC.Taxonomist; classified and designed exhibits at 1893 World's Columbian Exposition; director of Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.
Gooding, Williamb 1803, Bristol, NY; d 1878, Lockport, IL.Civil engineer; worked on I&M Canal.
Goodman, Benjamin Davidb May 30, 1909, Chicago; d June 13, 1986, New York, NY.Jazz clarinetist; composer; band leader; “King of Swing.”
Goodman, Kenneth Sawyerb Sept. 19, 1883, Chicago; d Nov. 29, 1918, Chicago.Playwright; energized Chicago's Little Theatre movement; Goodman Theatre funded by parents in his honor.
Goodrich, Grantb Aug. 11, 1812, Milton, NY; d Mar. 15, 1889, Chicago.Lawyer, temperance activist; circuit court judge; Illinois Supreme Court justice; cofounded Northwestern Univ.
Goodrich, Pomeroyb Dec. 13, 1776 or 1797, Benson Township, Rutland, VT.Farmer in Woodbridge area.
Gosden, Freeman Fisherb May 5, 1899, Richmond, VA; d Dec. 10, 1982, Beverly Hills, CA.Producer; writer; radio performer; cocreator of “Amos 'n' Andy.”
Gosnell, Harold Footeb Dec. 24, 1896, Lockport, NY; d Jan. 8, 1997, Bethesda, MD.Political scientist; Univ. of Chicago faculty; studied politics and African American politicians.
Goss, Bernardb 1913, Sedalia, MO; d June 20, 1966, Chicago.Painter; muralist; printmaker.
Goudy, Frederic Williamb Mar. 18, 1865, Bloomington, IL; d May 11, 1947, Marlboro, NY.Typographer; taught at Frank Holme School of Illustration; designed 116 typefaces.
Gould, Chesterb Nov. 20, 1900, Pawnee, OK; d May 11, 1985, Woodstock, IL.Cartoonist; created comic strip Dick Tracy.
Govier, Sheldon W.b Jan. 11, 1883, Glasgow, Scotland; d July 24, 1948, Chicago.Soccer player; alderman (1918–1932).
Graff, Grace Cornellb June 28 or 29, 1906, Chicago; d Oct. 31, 1992, Stockbridge, MA.Dancer; cofounded Graff Ballet.
Graff, Kurtb Jan. 12, 1910, Bonn, Germany; d Nov. 8, 1993, Great Barrington, MA.Dancer; cofounded Graff Ballet.
Grange, Harold Edward “Red”b June 13, 1903, Forksville, PA; d Jan. 28, 1991, Lake Wales, FL.Football player; Chicago Bears running back; radio and TV announcer for NBC (1947–1961).
Graue, Frederickb Jan. 25, 1819, Landesbergen, Germany; d Jan. 13, 1892.Miller; abolitionist; built Graue Mill in Oak Brook (1852); participated in Underground Railroad.
Gravier, Jacquesb May 17, 1651, Moulins, France; d 1708, Mobile, AL.Priest; French Jesuit missionary to Kaskaskias and Peorias.
Gray, Alice Mabelb Nov. 25, 1881, Chicago; d Feb. 8, 1925, Indiana Dunes, IN.Lived as recluse in Lake Michigan Dunes; known as “Diana of the Dunes.”
Gray, Charles McNeillb June 13, 1807, Sherburne, NY; d Oct. 17, 1883, Chicago.Businessman; early partner of Cyrus McCormick; mayor of Chicago (1853–1854).
Gray, Danielb Jan. 23, 1795, Montgomery County, NY; d 1854 or 1855, Montgomery, IL.Businessman; store and tavern owner in Montgomery.
Gray, Nicholas J.b Apr. 8, 1783, German Flats, Herkimer, NY; d May 15, 1875, Aurora, IL.Early resident of Montgomery.
Gray, William Augustusb Aug. 16, 1814, MA; d Dec. 4, 1880, Appleton, WI.Purchased land in western Lake County in 1840.
Green, Adolphus Williamsonb Jan. 14, 1843, Boston, MA; d Mar. 8, 1917, New York, NY.Lawyer; businessman; cofounder and president of National Biscuit Co. (Nabisco).
Green, Arthuractive 1970s.Clergyman; founded Metropolitan Community Church in 1970.
Green, Henry Delorvalb Nov. 24, 1896, Linwood, NE; d Mar. 26, 1984, Chicago.Photographer; documented everyday life on the North Side in 1940s and 1950s.
Green, Lillian “Lil”b Dec. 22, 1919, Clarksdale, MS; d Apr. 14, 1954, Chicago.Blues singer; performed in Chicago clubs with Bill Broonzy in mid-1930s.
Greene, William B.b Oct. 20, 1818, Madison County, NY.Established farm in Woodbridge, IL, in 1841.
Greening, Dawn L.b May 4, 1922; d Mar. 20, 1993, Ft. Collins, CO.Cofounded Old Town School of Music.
Greenwald, Herbert S.b 1916, St. Louis, MO; d 1959, Flushing Bay, NY.Builder; real-estate developer; built skyscraper apartments on Chicago lakefront; collaborated with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe on 860–880 North Lake Shore Drive.
Greenwood, Isabellab ca. 1838, Atlanta, GA; d Jan. 5, 1942, Bloom Township, IL.Early resident of East Chicago Heights (now Ford Heights).
Gregg, William L.b Jan. 11, 1831? Carlisle, PA? d 1887.Manufacturer; lumber trader; founded Excelsior Brick Co. (1872).
Gregory, Clifford V.b Oct. 20, 1883, Mason City, IA; d Nov. 18, 1941, Des Moines, IA.Edited Prairie Farmer (1911–1937).
Gridley, Johnactive 1840s.Settled near Long Grove ca. 1840.
Griffin, Marion Lucy Mahonyb Feb. 14, 1871, Chicago; d Aug. 10, 1961, Chicago.Architect; worked with Dwight Perkins and Frank Lloyd Wright.
Griffin, Walter Burleyb Nov. 24, 1876, Maywood, IL; d Feb. 11, 1937, Lucknow, India.Architect; city planner; landscape designer; associated with Prairie School of architecture.
Griggs, S(amuel) C.b 1819, Tolland County, CT; d Apr. 5, 1897.Early bookseller; established book publishing firm of S. C. Griggs & Co.
Gross, Oskar Carlb Nov. 29, 1871, Vienna, Austria; d Aug. 19, 1963, Chicago.Muralist; painted murals for Louis Sullivan and Daniel Burnham.
Gross, Samuel Eberlyb Nov. 11, 1843, Dauphin, PA; d Oct. 24, 1913, Battle Creek, MI.Suburban real-estate developer; built 21 subdivisions and 10,000 houses in Chicago metropolitan area.
Groves, Leslie Richard, Jr.b Aug. 17, 1896, Albany, NY; d July 13, 1970, Washington, DC.Army officer; engineer; military leader of Manhattan Project at Univ. of Chicago.
Grudzinski, Louisb Aug. 2, 1878, Posen, Poland; d Sept. 23, 1948, Chicago.Pastor of St. John of God; founded Guardian Angel Day Nursery.
Gruelle, John Bartonb Dec. 24, 1880, Arcalo, IL; d 1938, Miami, FL.Author; cartoonist; created Raggedy Ann and Andy series.
Guerin, Jules Valleeb Nov. 18, 1866, St. Louis, MO; d 1946, Avon, NJ.Painter; illustrator of Burnham's Plan of Chicago; decorated Chicago Civic Opera and Merchandise Mart.
Gunderson, Seward Milesb Feb. 23, 1866, Chicago; d July 6, 1950, Chicago.Early real-estate developer in Oak Park.
Gunsaulus, Frank Wakelyb Jan. 1, 1856, Chesterville, OH; d Mar. 17, 1921, Chicago.Methodist minister; educator; member of Chicago Vice Commission; president of Armour Institute of Technology.
Gunther, Charles Frederickb Mar. 6, 1837, Wildberg, Germany; d Feb. 10, 1920, Chicago.Candy manufacturer; alderman (1896–1900); collector.
Gurnee, Walter S.b Mar. 9, 1813, Haverstraw, NY; d Apr. 18, 1903, New York, NY.Early land speculator in Chicago's North Shore; owned saddlery and harness business; president of Chicago & Milwaukee Railroad; mayor of Chicago (1851–1853).
Gustafson, Vicb Mar. 2, 1905, Chicago; d Oct. 9, 1964, Geneva, IL.Football player; played for Wheaton High School in 1920s; coached at Wheaton College.
Guzik, Jack (or Jake)b 1880s, Russia; d Feb. 21, 1956, Chicago.Bootlegger; gambling entrepreneur; close associate of Al Capone.