E - Ell
Ell - Eva
Eve - Eve
Earle, Frederick Hobartb Aug. 22, 1820, Falmouth, Cornwall, England; d 1894, Falmouth, Cornwall, England.Namesake of Hobart, IN.
Earle, Georgeb Feb. 5, 1807, Falmouth, Cornwall, England; d Jan. 22, 1876, Philadelphia, PA.Founded Hobart; landowner in Lake County, IN.
Earle, Lawrence C.b Nov. 11, 1845, New York, NY; d Nov. 20, 1921, Grand Rapids, MI.Artist; muralist; painter.
Earling, Albert J.b Jan. 19, 1848, Richfield, WI; d Nov. 10, 1925, Milwaukee, WI.President of Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.
Easley, Ralph Montgomeryb Feb. 25, 1856, Browning, IL; d Sept. 7, 1939, Rye, NY.Journalist; cofounded Civic Federation of Chicago; founded National Civic Federation.
Easterly, Georgeactive mid-nineteenth century.Manufacturer; produced agricultural machinery.
Eckerstrom, Ralph E.b Dec. 5, 1921; d Sept. 15, 1996, La Grange, IL.Graphic designer; cofounder and president of Unimark International.
Eckstein, Louisb Feb. 10, 1865, Milwaukee, WI; d Nov. 21, 1935, Chicago.Businessman; sponsored Ravinia opera for over 20 years.
Eddy, Arthur Jeromeb Nov. 5, 1859, Flint, MI; d July 21, 1920, New York, NY.Lawyer; art patron.
Eddy, Clarenceb June 23, 1851, Greenfield, MA; d Jan. 10, 1937, Winnetka, IL.Organist (at dedication of Auditorium Theater); author.
Edgar, William late nineteenth century.Chemist; founded Dearborn Chemical Co. 1888.
Egan, James J.b 1839 or 1841, Cork, Ireland; d Dec. 2, 1914, Chicago.Architect; designed many public buildings and churches after the fire of 1871.
Egan, John J.b Oct. 9, 1916; d May 19, 2001, Chicago.Monsignor; civil rights activist; namesake of Egan Center at DePaul Univ.
Egan, William B.b Sept. 28, 1808, Killarney, Ireland; d Oct. 27, 1860, Chicago.Physician; real-estate developer; state legislator (1841–1842); recorder of city and county.
Eggleston, Edwardb Dec. 10, 1837, Vevay, IN; d Sept. 3, 1902, Lake George, NY.Historian; editor; novelist (The Hoosier School-Master).
Eggleston, Ezra Carpenterb NY; active 1870s.Real-estate agent; built four-block residential subdivision in Mount Prospect in 1871.
Ela, Georgeb 1805, Lebanon, NH; d 1882, Barrington, IL.Postmaster; state legislator; namesake of Ela Township.
Elfrink, Barneyb 1807; d 1879.Landowner in Deer Grove in 1850s.
Ellington, Dukeb Apr. 29, 1889, Washington, DC; d May 24, 1974, New York, NY.Jazz pianist; composer; bandleader; played at the Oriental Theatre and Blue Note.
Elliott, John H.b July 17, 1810 or 1816, Sussex, England; d Apr. 25, 1881, buried Hillside Cemetery, Antioch, IL.Built steam gristmill in Antioch in 1856.
Elliott, William T.b June 10 or 11, 1811, Killingworth, CT; d May 1894?Blacksmith; moved to Montgomery ca. 1834.
Ellis, Hilliardb Jan. 6 or 27, 1915, St. Matthews, GA; d July 22, 1989, Savannah, GA.Labor official; United Automobile Workers official in 1940s.
Ellis, Samuelactive 1850s.Early landowner; sold land to industrialist Charles Cleaver.
Ellsworth, James W.b Oct. 13, 1849, Hudson, OH; d June 3, 1925, Florence, Italy.Book and art collector; an organizer of World's Columbian Exposition.
Elmslie, George Grantb Feb. 20, 1871, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; d Apr. 23, 1952, Chicago.Architect; associated with Prairie School; apprenticed with Louis Sullivan.
Elston, Danielactive mid-nineteenth century.Merchant; brickyard owner; school inspector.
Elston, Isaac C.b Oct. 4, 1794, Elizabethtown, NJ; d Oct. 24, 1867, Crawfordville, IN.Real-estate speculator; bought land in Michigan City in 1831.
Ely, Richard Theodoreb Apr. 13, 1854, Ripley, NY; d Oct. 4, 1943, Old Lyme, CT.Economist; reformer; faculty at Northwestern Univ.
Embree, Edwin R.b July 31, 1883, Osceola, NE; d Feb. 21, 1950, New York, NY.Sociologist; chairman of the Mayor's Commission on Race Relations; president of Julius Rosenwald Fund.
Emery, Henryactive mid-nineteenth century.Publisher; merged Prairie Farmer with his Emery's Journal of Agriculture.
Engel, Georgeb Apr. 15, 1836, Cassel, Germany; d Nov 11, 1887, Chicago.Anarchist; convicted in Haymarket Square riot; executed.
Epstein, Abrahamb Dec. 24, 1887, Kiev, Russia; d Dec. 7, 1958, Chicago.Engineer; architect; designed International Amphitheatre.
Epstein, Maxb Feb. 6, 1875, Eisenach, Germany; d Aug. 21 or 22, 1954, Winnetka, IL.Business executive; art patron; manufactured and rented railroad tank cars.
Epton, Bernard Edwardb Aug. 25, 1921, Chicago; d Dec. 13, 1987, Ann Arbor, MI.State legislator; Republican opponent of Harold Washington in 1983 mayoral race.
Erbstein, Charlesb Nov. 18, 1876, Cleveland, OH; d May 27, 1927, Chicago.Lawyer; radio broadcaster; real-estate developer; owned Villa Olivia in Bartlett.
Evans, Charles “Chick,” Jr.b July 18, 1890, Indianapolis, IN; d Nov. 6, 1979, Chicago.Amateur golf champion; won both U.S. Open and Amateur in 1916.
Evans, Hannah Simpsonb 1861, England; d 1931.Salvation Army captain; helped found Salvation Army in Chicago, 1885.
Evans, Johnb Mar. 9, 1814, Waynesville, OH; d July 3, 1897, Denver, CO.Physician; businessman; alderman (1852); cofounded Chicago's first hospital; founded Northwestern Univ.
Evans, Samuel J. “Sam”b May 25, 1911; d Feb. 14, 1971, Chicago.Radio personality; hosted rhythm and blues show on WVON radio.
Evans, Williamb Sept. 21, 1859, Penarth, Wales.Salvation Army Captain; started Salvation Army's first Chicago station.
Everett, Davidactive 1830s.Landowner in River Grove in early 1830s; purchased portion of LaFramboise reserve.
Evers, John Joseph “Johnny”b July 21, 1881, Troy, NY; d Mar. 28, 1947, Albany, NY.Baseball player in Hall of Fame; played second base for Cubs and White Sox.