D - Daw
De - Der
Des - Dix
Dix - Dow
Dow - Dug
Duk - Dyh
Daley, Richard J.b May 15, 1902, Chicago; d Dec. 20, 1976, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1955–1976); state legislator (1936–1946); chairman, Cook County Democratic Party (1953–1976).
Damen, Arnoldb Mar. 20, 1815, Leur, North Brabant, Holland; d Jan. 1, 1890, Omaha, NE.Founded St. Ignatius College (now Loyola Univ.).
Damski, Jon-Henrib Mar. 31, 1937, Seattle. WA; d Nov. 1, 1997, Chicago.Columnist; poet; contributor to gay publications in Chicago.
Darden, Severn T.b Nov. 9, 1929, New Orleans, LA; d May 26, 1995, Santa Fe, NM.Actor; founding cast member of the Second City Theatre (1959).
Darger, Henry Josephb Apr. 12, 1892, Chicago; d Apr. 13, 1973, Chicago.Painter; writer (In the Realms of the Unreal); folk artist.
Darrow, Clarence Sewardb Apr. 18, 1857, Kinsman, OH; d Mar. 13, 1938, Chicago.Lawyer; orator; defense attorney in Scopes and Leopold and Loeb trials.
Dart, Edward D.b May 28, 1922, New Orleans, LA; d July 9, 1975, Elgin, IL.Architect; designed Water Tower Plaza and Chicago churches.
Davenport, Charles “Cow Cow”b Apr. 26, 1895, Anniston, AL; d Dec. 2, 1955, Cleveland, OH.Boogie-woogie pianist; blues composer and artist.
Davis, Dantrellb 1985; d Oct. 13, 1992, Chicago.Murder victim; shot at age 7 in Cabrini-Green.
Davis, Frank Marshallb Dec. 31, 1905, Arkansas City, KS; d July 15 or 26, 1987, Honolulu, HI.Journalist; poet; wrote 47th Street; editor at Associated Negro Press.
Davis, George Royalb Jan. 3, 1840, Three Rivers, MA; d Nov. 25, 1899, Chicago.Lawyer; U.S. Republican congressman (1879–1885); director general of 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Davis, Maxwell Street Jimmy [Charles W. Thompson]b Mar. 2, 1925; d Dec. 28, 1995, Chicago.Blues singer; guitarist; performed on Maxwell Street.
Davis, Nathan Smithb Jan. 9, 1817, Greene, NY; d June 16, 1904, Chicago.Physician; founded Mercy Hospital; cofounded Northwestern Univ. Medical School and Chicago Academy of Science.
Davis, Zachary Taylorb May 26, 1872, Aurora, IL; d Dec. 16, 1946, Chicago.Architect for Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, and Board of Education.
Dawes, Charles Gatesb Aug. 27, 1865, Marietta, OH; d Apr. 23, 1951, Evanston, IL.Chicago banker; U.S. vice president under Coolidge; won Nobel Peace Prize (1925); originated Dawes Plan.
Dawes, Rufus Cutlerb July 30, 1867, Marietta, OH; d Jan. 8, 1940, Evanston, IL.Public utility executive; chairman of 1933 Century of Progress Exhibition; president of Museum of Science and Industry.
Dawson, Charles Clarenceb June 12, 1889, Brunswick, GA; d 1940.Painter; designer; illustrator.
Dawson, Manierreb Dec. 22, 1887; d Aug. 1969.Cubist-style painter.
Dawson, William Levib Apr. 26, 1886, Albany, GA; d Nov. 9, 1970, Chicago.Lawyer; Second Ward alderman (1933–1939); U.S. representative (1943–1970).
Dawson, William R.b Oct. 20, 1901, Huntsville, AL; d July 1, 1990, Chicago.Folk artist; wood sculptor; painter.
De Baptiste, Richardb Nov. 11, 1831, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, VA; d Apr. 21, 1901.Minister; pastor of Olivet Baptist Church (1863–1882).
De Lee, Joseph Bolivarb Oct. 28, 1869, Cold Spring, NY; d Apr. 2, 1942, Chicago.Obstetrician; founded Chicago Lying-In Hospital and Dispensary (1895); faculty of Northwestern Univ. and Univ. of Chicago.
De Vry, Cyrus B.b c. 1859, Harrisburg, PA; d Oct. 3, 1934, Los Angeles, CA.Animal trainer; director of Lincoln Park Zoo (1881–1912).
DeGolyer, Robertb June 9, 1876, Chicago; d Oct. 11, 1952, Evanston, IL.Architect; designer of apartment buildings on the North Side.
DePriest, Oscar Stantonb Mar. 9, 1871, Florence, AL; d May 12, 1951, Chicago.Realestate agent; alderman (1915–1917, 1943-1947); U.S. representative (1929–1935).
DeVry, Herman A.b 1877, Mecklenburg, Germany; d 1941.Inventor; manufacturer of motion picture equipment; founded DeVry Institutes.
DeWolf, Calvinb Feb. 18, 1815, Braintrim, PA; d Nov. 28, 1899, Chicago.Lawyer; abolitionist; Justice of the Peace; participant in Underground Railroad.
Dean, Charles E., Sr.b Feb. 13, 1867, Palatine, IL; d May 31, 1922, Chicago.Racehorse trainer; operated racetrack in Palatine Township.
Dean, Samuel Edwardb Sept. 16, 1875, Sherman, MI; d Nov. 15, 1946, Hinsdale, IL.Founded Dean Milk Co.; pioneered introduction of paper milk carton.
Dean, Silas T.b 1818, Lowell, MA; d Jan. 12? 1889, Chicago.Musician; organized band.
Dearborn, Henryb Feb. 23, 1751, Hampton, NH; d June 6, 1829, Roxbury, MA.Soldier; U.S. secretary of war under Jefferson; namesake of Fort Dearborn.
Debs, Eugene Victorb Nov. 5, 1855, Terre Haute, IN; d Oct. 20, 1926, Chicago.Labor organizer; union leader; jailed during Pullman strike; socialist candidate for U.S. president.
Deering, Williamb Apr. 25, 1826, South Paris, ME; d Dec. 9, 1913, Coconut Grove, FL.Manufacturer; founded Deering reaper company.
Defauw, Désiréb Sept. 5, 1885, Ghent, Belgium; d July 25, 1960, Gary, IN.Conductor; music director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1943–1947) and Youth Symphony Orchestra (1954–1958).
Delano, Frederic A.b Sept. 10, 1863, Hong Kong, China; d Mar. 28, 1953, Washington, DC.Railroad executive; active in Commercial Club.
Dell, Floydb June 28, 1887, Barry, IL; d July 23, 1969, Bethesda, MD.Novelist; editor; playwright; social critic; Chicago Literary Renaissance personality.
Dempsey, Jack [William Harrison Dempsey]b June 24, 1895, Manassa, CO; d May 31, 1983, New York, NY.World heavyweight boxing champion; lost to Gene Tunney in 1927 bout at Soldier Field.
Denny, Allenb ca. 1791.Founded village of Mokena; platted area of Rock Island in 1852.
Denny, Charlesb Dec. 25, 1759, Dutchess County, NY; d Aug. 6, 1839, Will County, IL.Revolutionary war veteran buried in Will County.
Derx, Jacobb June 26, 1869, Cincinnati, OH; d Dec. 1, 1937, Chicago.Printer; published the Weekly Bulletin.
Deschamps, Antoineactive 1800s.Fur trader; agent of American Fur Co., early nineteenth century.
Dever, William Emmettb Mar. 13, 1862, Woburn, MA; d Sept. 3, 1929, Chicago.Lawyer; judge; alderman; mayor of Chicago (1923–1927).
Deweese, Thomasb Nov. 29, 1798, Knox Co. KY; d Mar. 28, 1864.Platted land east of Fox River in 1837.
Dewes, Johnactive 1830s.Owned farmlands in Golf beginning in 1832.
Dewey, Alice C. [Alice Chipman]b Sept. 7, 1858, Fenton, MI; d July 14, 1927, New York, NY.Educator; feminist; cofounded Univ. of Chicago Laboratory School.
Dewey, Johnb Oct. 20, 1859, Burlington, VT; d June 1, 1952, New York, NY.Philosopher; education reformer; professor at Univ. of Chicago.
Dickerson, Carrollb 1895; d Oct. 1957, Chicago.Bandleader for Chicago jazz bands during 1920s.
Dickerson, Earl B.b June 22, 1891, Canton, MS; d Sept. 1, 1986, Chicago.Lawyer; alderman; activist for racial equality; argued restrictive covenants before U.S. Supreme Court.
Dickinson, Chesterb ca. 1820, MA.Farmer; innkeeper; postmaster in Portage Park.
Dietrich, Henry S.b 1844; d July 1, 1909, Chicago.Real-estate developer; Civil War veteran; developed Mt. Forest subdivision near Willow Springs.
Dilg, Will H.b ca. 1869; d Mar. 27, 1927, Washington, DC.Advertising man; conservation activist; founder and president of Izaak Walton League.
Dillinger, Johnb June 22, 1903, Indianapolis, IN; d July 22, 1934, Chicago.Bank robber; prison escapee; shot to death by FBI at Biograph Theater.
Dillon, George Hillb Nov. 12, 1906, Jacksonville, FL; d May 9, 1968, Charleston, SC.Poet; editor of Poetry magazine (1937–1949); won Pulitzer Prize (1932).
Dingan, Patrickactive 1880s.Undertaker.
Dinkins, Fitzhughb Apr. 25, 1919, Houston, TX; d Mar. 12, 1993, Chicago.Graphic design artist; involved with South Side Community Art Center.
Dirksen, Everett McKinleyb Jan. 4, 1896, Pekin, IL; d Sept. 7, 1969, Washington, DC.U.S. representative and senator from central Illinois.
Disney, Eliasb Feb. 6, 1859, Ontario, Canada; d Sept. 13, 1941, North Hollywood, CA.Father of Walt Disney; manual laborer at 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Disney, Walter Eliasb Dec. 5, 1901, Chicago; d Dec. 15, 1966, Burbank, CA.Animator; motion picture producer; founded Disneyland; studied at Art Institute of Chicago.
Diversey, Michaelb Dec. 10, 1810, Germany; d Dec. 12, 1869, Chicago.Brewer; philanthropist; alderman (1844–45; 1856–1868); partner in Lill & Diversey; donated land for St. Michael's Church.
Dixon, Arthurb Mar. 27, 1837, Fermanagh, Ireland; d Oct. 26, 1917, Chicago.Businessman; alderman (1867–1875; 1879–1891).
Dixon, Willieb July 1, 1915, Vicksburg, MS; d Jan. 19, 1992, Burbank, CA.Blues musician and composer; recording artist for Chess Records; six-time Grammy nominee (won 1989).
Dobbins, T. R.active 1870s.Landowner; purchased land in Bensenville around 1870s.
Doblin, Jayb Dec. 10, 1920, New York, NY; d May 11, 1989, Chicago.Industrial designer; educator; director of Institute of Design; cofounded Unimark International Design Co.
Dodds, John M.b Apr. 12, 1892, New Orleans, LA; d Aug. 8, 1940, Chicago.Jazz clarinetist; alto saxophonist; member of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.
Dodds, Warren “Baby”b Dec. 24, 1898, New Orleans, LA; d Feb. 14, 1959, Chicago.Jazz drummer; performed with King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band.
Doggett, Kate Newellb Nov. 5, 1828, Castleton, VT; d Mar. 13, 1884, Cuba.Reformer; suffragist; founded the Fortnightly and Sorosis Clubs.
Dole, Charles S.b Nov. 2, 1818 or 1819, Bloomfield, MI; d Sept. 2, 1904, Kansas City, MO.Operated grain warehousing and elevator business.
Dole, George W.b Feb. 29, 1800, Troy, NY; d Apr. 13, 1860, Chicago.Postmaster; water commissioner; meatpacker; grocer.
Dolton, Georgeb June 11, 1797, Baltimore, MD; d 1861.Operated a ferry in mid-1830s (with J. C. Matthews).
Donnelley, Richard Robertb Nov. 15, 1836 or 1837 or 1838, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; d Apr. 8, 1899, Chicago.Printer; owned Lakeside Press and R. R. Donnelley & Sons; published Chicago Directory and Chicago Blue Book.
Donnelly, Michaelactive 1898–1916 (disappeared).Labor organizer; butcher; first president of Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen.
Donoghue, John Talbottb 1853, Chicago; d July 1, 1903, Lake Whitney, CT.Artist; sculptor.
Dore, John C.b Mar. 22, 1822, Ossipee, NH; d Dec. 14, 1900, Boston, MA.First superintendent of Chicago Public Schools in 1854; president of Chicago Board of Education.
Dorsey, Thomas Andrewb July 1, 1899, Villa Rica, GA; d Jan. 23, 1993, Chicago.Gospel and blues writer; composer; co-organized first gospel choir in Chicago at Ebenezer Baptist Church.
Douglas, ElizabethSee Memphis Minnie
Douglas, Paul Howardb Mar. 26, 1892, Salem, MA; d Sept. 24, 1976, Washington, DC.Economist at Univ. of Chicago; alderman (1939–1942); U.S. senator (1949–1967).
Douglas, Stephen Arnoldb Apr. 23, 1813, Brandon, VT; d June 3, 1861, Chicago.Lawyer; U.S. congressman (1843–1847); U.S. senator (1847–1861); presidential candidate; real-estate developer.
Dowie, John Alexanderb May 25, 1847, Edinburgh, Scotland; d Mar. 9, 1907, Zion City, IL.Evangelist; organized Christian Catholic Apostolic Church; founded Zion.
Downer, Pierceb July 25, 1782, Plainfield, VT; d Mar. 26, 1863, Downers Grove, IL.Namesake of Downers Grove community.
Downer, Stephen Ellisb Sept. 28, 1809, Rutland, NY; d June 30, 1884, Harrisonville, MD.Brick mason; helped build Chicago's first lighthouse.
Downs, James C.b Oct. 18, 1905, Des Moines, IA; d Oct. 26, 1981, Naples, FL.Founded Real Estate Research Corp.; Chicago housing coordinator (1952–1956).
Dowst, Charles O.b July 23, 1853, Waukegan, IL; d May 22, 1919, Evanston, IL.Editor; publisher; founded Tootsietoys.
Drake, St. Clair, Jr.sb Jan. 2, 1911, Suffolk, VA; d June 15, 1990, Palo Alto, CA.Anthropologist; coauthor of Black Metropolis (1945); faculty at Roosevelt Univ.
Dreier, Emilb 1832, Viborg, Denmark; d 1892, Viborg.Danish consul; druggist.
Dreiser, Theodore Hermanb Aug. 27, 1871, Terre Haute, IN; d Dec. 8, 1945, Hollywood, CA.Writer (Sister Carrie, 1900; The Song of the Lark, 1915).
Driscoll,John “Paddy”b Jan. 11, 1895, Evanston, IL; d June 29, 1968, Chicago.Bears football player (1920s); coach (1956–1957).
Druggan, Georgeb ca. 1902; d Nov. 10, 1943, Oak Park, IL.Beer baron; brother of mobster Terry Druggan.
Druggan, Terryb ca. 1903, Chicago; d Mar. 4, 1954, Chicago.Prohibition-era gangster and beer baron.
Drummond, Thomas J.b Oct. 16, 1809, Bristol Mills, ME; d May 15, 1890, Wheaton, IL.Federal district and appeals court judge; state legislator; decided 1860 fugitive slave law case.
Drummond, William E.b Mar. 28, 1876, Newark, NJ; d Sept. 13, 1948, Chicago.Architect; associated with Prairie School.
Dryer, Emmab Jan. 28, 1835, West Stockbridge, MA; d Apr. 16, 1925, Wheaton, IL.Religious educator; helped establish Moody Bible Institute.
DuSable, Catherineactive late eighteenth century.Interpreter (Illiniwek); wife of Jean Baptiste Point DuSable.
DuSable, Jean Baptiste Pointb ca. 1745, Haiti? d Aug. 28, 1818, St. Charles, MO.Merchant; trader; farmer; considered Chicago's first permanent settler.
Dubuis, Oscar F.b June 1848 or 1849, Givrins, Vaud, Switzerland; d Apr. 1906.Landscape architect; civil engineer; superintendent of West Chicago Park System.
Ducat, Arthur C.b Feb. 24, 1830, Dublin, Ireland; d Jan. 29, 1896, Downers Grove, IL.Civil engineer; U.S. Army inspector general during Civil War; reorganized Illinois state militia.
Ducoigne, Jean Baptisteactive late eighteenth, early nineteenth century.Chief of Kaskaskia Indians.
Dudley, Frank Virgilb Nov. 14, 1868, Delavan, WI; d Mar. 5, 1957, Chicago.Painter, especially of landscapes.
Dudley, Oscar L.b Aug. 2, 1844, North Troy, VT; d May 3, 1918, Bangor, MI.Educator; active in Illinois Humane Society; founded Glenwood School.
Dudzik, Josephine (Sister Theresa) [Sister Theresa Dudzik]b Aug. 30, 1860, Plocicz, Poland; d Sept. 20, 1918, Chicago.Founded religious order of Franciscan Sisters of Blessed Kunegunda in Chicago (1894).
Duggan, Jamesb May 22, 1825, Maynooth, Ireland; d Mar. 27, 1899, St. Louis, MO.Roman Catholic Bishop of Chicago (1859–1870).
Dukes, Jamesb 1924 or 1925; d Aug. 24, 1962, Chicago.Convicted murderer; last man executed in Cook County jail.
Duncan, Hugh Dalzielb Oct. 6, 1909, Bo'ness, Scotland; d Aug. 8, 1970, Harvey, IL.Writer; sociologist.
Dunham, Mark Wentworthb June 22, 1842, St. Charles Township, IL; d Feb. 11, 1899, Chicago.Importer and breeder of Percheron horses; built “Dunham Castle.”
Dunham, Solomonb 1791 or 1794, Saratoga County, NY; d Apr. 2, 1865.County commissioner and assessor in Kane County.
Dunklee, Hezekiahb Feb. 14, 1793, Hillsboro, NH; d July 25, 1852.Arrived in Chicago in 1833; made a claim (with George Mason) on land called Dunklee's Grove.
Dunne, Charlotteb Oct. 15, 1872, Chicago; d Oct. 23, 1962, Chicago.Youngest sister of Finley Peter Dunne.
Dunne, Dennisb Feb. 24, 1824, Queen's County, Ireland; d Dec. 23, 1868, Chicago.Pastor at St. Patrick's Church; brought Society of St. Vincent de Paul to Chicago; vicar general of Chicago Archdiocese.
Dunne, Edward Fitzsimmonsb Oct. 12, 1853, Waterville, CT; d May 24, 1937, Chicago.Lawyer; circuit court judge; mayor of Chicago (1905–1907); Illinois governor.
Dunne, Finley Peterb July 10, 1867, Chicago; d Apr. 24, 1936, New York, NY.Journalist; created “Mr. Dooley” character.
Dunne, Katherineb Oct. 8, 1859, Chicago; d May 16, 1928, Chicago.Teacher; sister of Finley Peter Dunne.
Dunne, Maryb Aug. 28, 1863, Chicago; d Jan. 2, 1929, Chicago.Teacher; sister of Finley Peter Dunne.
Dunning, Andrewb Aug. 23, 1839, Chicago.Farmer; engaged in real-estate and nursery business; laid out the village of Dunning.
Dunning, Daniel S.active 1830s.Bought and sold land in Wood Dale around 1836.
Dunton, Asab Oct. 29, 1788, Dorset, VT; d Feb. 1, 1870, Arlington Heights, IL.Stonecutter; founded Dunton, predecessor of Arlington Heights.
Durocher, Leo Ernestb July 27, 1905, West Springfield, MA; d Oct. 7, 1991, Palm Springs, CA.Baseball player; manager; managed Chicago Cubs (1966–1972).
Dyer, Charles Volneyb June 12, 1808, Clarendon, VT; d Apr. 24, 1878, Lake View, IL.Physician; abolitionist; Underground Railroad activist.
Dyett, Walter Henrib Jan. 11, 1901, St. Joseph, MO; d Nov. 17, 1969, Chicago.Music teacher; arranger; conductor.
Dyhrenfurth, Juliusb Apr. 9, 1814, Breslau, Silesia, Prussia.Musician; conductor; conducted Philharmonic Society.