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Cabrini, Frances Xavierb July 15, 1850, Saint Angelo Lodigiano, Italy; d Dec. 22, 1917, Chicago.Educator; social worker; founded schools and orphanages; canonized in 1946.
Cadwell, Jacobb 1770 or 1771, Addison County, VT; d July 27, 1848.First Euro-American settler in Deerfield in 1835.
Cady, Ezekielb Apr. 29, 1791, Oneida, NY? d Oct. 1, 1873, buried Cady Cemetery.Landowner in Deer Grove in 1850s.
Caldwell, Alfredb May 26, 1903, St. Louis, MO; d July 3, 1998, Bristol, WI.Landscape architect; engineer; educator; designed Lily Pond in Lincoln Park.
Caldwell, Billy [Sauganash] b Mar. 17, 1780, Niagara Frontier (NY); d Sept. 27, 1841, Council Bluffs, IA.Fur trader; justice of the peace; Potawatomi chief; officer in British Indian Dept.; business chief of the Prairie Bands.
Calhoun, Johnb Apr. 14, 1808, Watertown, NY; d Feb. 20, 1859, Chicago.Editor; founded Chicago Weekly Democrat.
Callahan, Harryb Oct. 22, 1912, Detroit, MI; d Mar. 15, 1999, Atlanta, GA.Photographer; taught at the Institute of Design.
Cameron, Daniel R.b Aug. 16, 1836, Summerstown, Ontario, Canada; d June 26, 1918, Altadena, CA.Stationery manufacturer; printer; president of Chicago Board of Education.
Campanini, Cleofanteb Sept. 1, 1860, Parma, Italy; d Dec. 19, 1919, Chicago.Opera director for Chicago-Philadelphia Grand Opera.
Campbell, James 1830s.I&M Canal commissioner; laid out village of Joliet in 1834.
Campbell, Lucie E. [Lucie Campbell Williams]b Apr. 30, 1885, Duck Hill, MS; d Jan. 3, 1963, Nashville, TN.Gospel composer; teacher; pioneer in twentieth-century gospel music.
Campbell, Robert 1850s.Railroad engineer; worked for Fond du Lac railroad.
Campbell, Robert W.b July 30, 1874, Frankfort, IN; d Feb. 16, 1947.Lawyer; first president of National Council for Industrial Safety (1913); chief attorney for Illinois Steel.
Campbell, Thomas A. E.b July 1810, Montgomery County, NY; d May 14, 1878? Valparaiso, IN.Early postmaster of Valparaiso Township.
Camras, Marvinb Jan. 1, 1916, Chicago; d June 23, 1995, Evanston, IL.Educator; inventor; pioneered magnetic tape recording.
Camryn, Walter [Walter Cameron] b July 31, 1903, Helena, MT; d Feb. 29, 1984, Chicago.Choreographer; principal dancer Chicago Opera Ballet; established Stone-Camryn School of Dance.
Canfield, Florence C.b ca. 1847, NY; d Nov. 5, 1926? Bremen Township, IL.Farm owner; sold land in 1900 to Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railway.
Cantwell, Daniel M.b June 29, 1914, Chicago; d Jan. 2, 1996, Chicago.Roman Catholic priest; founder and chaplain of Catholic Interracial Council; pastor of St. Clotilde parish.
Capone, Alphonseb Jan. 17, 1899, Brooklyn, NY; d Jan. 25, 1947, Miami, FL.Chicago gangster, bootlegger, and racketeer.
Capone, Ralphb Jan. 12, 1894, Naples, Italy; d Nov. 20, 1974, Hurley, WI.Prohibition-era gangster (brother of Al Capone).
Capone, Theresa Angelinab ca. 1867, Italy; d Nov. 29, 1952, Chicago.Mother of Al Capone.
Caray, Harry [Harry Christopher Carabina]b Mar. 1, 1914, St. Louis, MO; d Feb. 18, 1998, Rancho Mirage, CA.Baseball broadcaster for White Sox and Cubs.
Carbutt, Johnb Dec. 2, 1832, Sheffield, England; d July 26, 1905, Philadelphia, PA.Photographer; chemist; invented new photographic methods.
Carey, Archibald James (Sr.)b Aug. 1867 or 1868, Atlanta, GA; d Mar. 23, 1931, Chicago.African Methodist Episcopal minister; political activist.
Carey, Thomasb 1860, West Brookfield, MA; d Sept. 1, 1925, Los Angeles, CA.Alderman; owned Hawthorne Race Track.
Carkeek, Jackb Jan. 22, 1861, Rockland, MI; d Mar. 12, 1924, Havana, Cuba.Wrestler; competitor in first professional heavyweight championship in Chicago.
Carnevali, Emanuelb Dec. 4, 1897, Firenze (Toscana), Italy; d Nov. 1, 1942, Bologna, Italy.Poet; associate editor of Poetry magazine; author, A Hurried Man (1925).
Carpenter, Angelob Aug. 19, 1827, Uxbridge, MA; d Mar. 30, 1880, Dundee, IL.Platted Carpentersville in 1851; state legislator.
Carpenter, Charles V.b Oct. 31, 1806, Uxbridge, MA; d Feb. 10, 1878, Dundee, IL.Farmer; arrived with his brother in 1837 in Carpentersville.
Carpenter, Danielb Apr. 27, 1801, Uxbridge, MA; d Jan. 6, 1874, Dundee, IL.Farmer; arrived with his brother in 1837 in Carpentersville.
Carpenter, Henryb Feb. 22, 1810, Washington County, NY; d June 7, 1891, Downers Grove, IL.First store owner in Downers Grove; postmaster; justice of the peace.
Carpenter, Jacobb Dec. 17, 1811, OH; d Sept. 20, 1836, Aurora, IL.Staked out a land claim in what is now Montgomery, ca. 1834.
Carpenter, John Aldenb Feb. 28, 1876, Park Ridge, IL; d Apr. 26, 1951, Chicago.Composer (The Birthday of the Infanta); early works premiered in Chicago.
Carpenter, Philob Feb. 27, 1805, Savoy, MA; d Aug. 7, 1886, Chicago.Pharmacist; cofounded First Presbyterian Church; temperance advocate; participant in Underground Railroad.
Carroll, Corab Aug. 16, 1924, Indianola, MS; d July 2000, Chicago.Winner of Chicago Defender’s “Mayor of Bronzeville” contests (1958–1962).
Carroll, Paul D.b July 15, 1927, Chicago; d Aug. 31, 1996, Vilas, NC.Educator; Beat-generation editor; poet; Univ. of Illinois at Chicago faculty member.
Carse, Matildab Nov. 19, 1835, Belfast, Ireland; d June 3, 1917, Park Hill-on-Hudson, NY.Temperance activist; suffragist; editor; entrepreneur; president Chicago Central Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
Cary, William D.b Sept. 7, 1807, Sandy Creek Onondaga, NY; d Feb. 3, 1861, buried in Cary Cemetery, Cary, IL.Farmer; platted Cary in 1856.
Cassidy, Claudiab Nov. 18, 1899, Shawneetown, IL; d July 21, 1996, Chicago.Theatre, dance, and music critic for Chicago newspapers.
Castle, Georgeb ca. 1850, Syracuse, NY; d Dec. 29, 1917, Miami, FL.Owner of Majestic and Olympic Theatres; vaudeville manager.
Cather, Willab Dec. 7, 1873, Back Creek Valley (now Gore), VA; d Apr. 24, 1947, New York, NY.Novelist (The Song of the Lark); short story writer.
Caton, Edwardb Apr. 3, 1900, St. Petersburg, Russia; d Oct. 22, 1981, New York, NY.Dancer; teacher; choreographer; danced with Chicago Opera Ballet.
Caverly, John R.b Dec. 6, 1861, London, England; d Aug. 4, 1939, at sea en route to Bermuda.Lawyer; chief justice of Criminal Court; sentenced Leopold and Loeb.
Cayton, Horace Roscoeb Apr. 12, 1903, Seattle, WA; d Jan. 22, 1970, Paris, France.Sociologist; social reformer; coauthor Black Metropolis (1945).
Cermak, Antonb May 9, 1873, Kladno, Czechoslovakia; d Mar. 6, 1933, Miami, FL.Mayor of Chicago (1931–1933).
Cernocky, Louis, Jr.b Nov. 1, 1909, Chicago; d June 27, 1991, Fox River Grove, IL.Purchased Fox River Picnic Grove in 1942 (with wife Clara Opatrny).
Cernocky, Louis, Sr.b June 11, 1885, Austria; d Sept. 20, 1934, Fox River Grove, IL.Harness maker.
Chaddick, Harry F.b Aug. 27, 1901, Chicago; d May 31, 1994, Chicago.Real-estate developer; businessman; city zoning director.
Chakonas, Christb 1848, Zoupena, Greece; d 1930s?Early leader of Greek community.
Chamberlin, Henry Barrettb Mar. 10, 1867, Washington, DC; d Aug. 7, 1941, Chicago.Lawyer; journalist; editor; director Chicago Crime Commission.
Chance, Frank Leroyb Sept. 9, 1877, Fresno, CA; d Sept. 15, 1924, Los Angeles, CA.Baseball player; Cubs first baseman and manager; Hall of Fame.
Chapin, John P.b Apr. 21, 1810, Rutland or Bradford, VT; d June 27, 1864, Chicago.Boat builder; mayor of Chicago (1846–1847); vice president of Chicago Board of Trade.
Chaplin, Ralph Hoseab Aug. 30, 1887; d Mar. 23, 1961, Tacoma, WA.Radical labor activist; journalist; songwriter; poet; wrote “Solidarity Forever.”
Chatfield, Alonzo B.b Nov. 26, 1810, Armenia, NY; d May 31, 1893.Early settler, Lisle area.
Chatfield-Taylor, Hobartb Mar. 24, 1865, Chicago; d Jan. 16, 1945.Writer; established political review America; foreign correspondent, Daily News.
Che Che Pin QuaSee Robinson, Alexander
Cheney, Florab Mar. 11, 1872, Fond du Lac, WI; d Apr. 8, 1929, Chicago.Women's suffrage and good government activist; first president of Illinois League of Women Voters; state legislator (1928).
Chermayeff, Serge Ivanb Oct. 8, 1900, Gozny, Caucasus; d May 8, 1996, Wellfleet, MAArchitect; Illinois Institute of Technology faculty; president of Chicago Institute of Design.
Chesbrough, Ellis Sylvesterb July 6, 1813, Baltimore, MD; d Aug. 18 or 19, 1886, Chicago.Civil engineer; Public Works commissioner; planned Chicago sewerage system.
Chess, Leonard S.b Mar. 12, 1907, Motele, Poland; d Oct. 16, 1969, Chicago.Founded Chess Records; owned radio station and nightclub.
Chester, Artb Dec. 10, 1899, Downers Grove, IL; d 1949, San Diego, CA.Air racing champion; aircraft designer.
Chevalier, Marie Réaume L'Archevequeactive eighteenth century.Illini woman living at Fort St. Joseph; fur trader.
Chicagoactive early eighteenth century.Illinois tribal leader; Michigamea chief; visited Paris in 1725; (note: not namesake for city).
Childs, Charles R.b Mar. 28, 1875, Elmwood, IL; d Jan. 14, 1960, Chicago.Postcard photographer.
Chmielinska, Stefaniab Mar. 16, 1866, Warsaw, Poland; d Feb. 24, 1939, Chicago.Seamstress; women's rights activist; organized Polish Women's Alliance of America.
Chorpenning, Charlotteb Jan. 3 or 5, 1872; d Jan. 7, 1955, Warwick, NY.Playwright; teacher; developed children's theater at Goodman Theatre.
Christman, Paul J.b Mar. 5, 1918, St. Louis, MO; d Mar. 2, 1970, Lake Forest, IL.Football player, Chicago Cardinals; television commentator.
Churchill, Deacon Winslowb Dec. 30, 1770, Plympton, MA; d Sept. 18, 1847.Early settler of the present Glen Ellyn Township.
Chute, Walter H.b Apr. 12, 1891; d Apr. 28, 1981, Tucson, AZ.Director of Shedd Aquarium.
Cicotte, Eddieb June 19, 1884, Detroit, MI; d May 5, 1969, Detroit, MI.Baseball player; Chicago White Sox pitcher; involved in “Black Sox Scandal.”
Cincotta, Gale A. [Gail Angeles]b Dec. 28, 1929, Chicago; d Aug. 15, 2001, Maywood, IL.Neighborhood activist; president of Organization for a Better Austin.
Clark, Deeb Nov. 7, 1938, Blythesville, AR; d Dec. 7, 1990, Smyrna, GA.R&B vocalist; member, Kool Gents; recorded for Vee-Jay Records.
Clark, Frankactive late nineteenth century.Community leader; president of incorporated Lake Zurich in 1896.
Clark, John Kinzieb ca. 1784, near Fort Wayne, IN? d 1865, Chicago.Fur trader; known as “Indian Clark.”
Clark, Markb June 28, 1947, Peoria, IL; d Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago.Black Panther chairman in Peoria; killed in 1969 police raid.
Clarke, Caroline Palmerb Dec. 31, 1806, Sangerfield, NY; d Jan. 9, 1860, Buffalo, NY.Resident of Clarke House (one of Chicago's oldest surviving structures).
Clarke, George W.b Feb. 8, 1810, Brownsville, PA; d Aug. 15, 1866, Chicago.Civil. engineer; owned large portion of Indiana Territory.
Clarke, George “Colonel” R. b Feb. 22, 1827, Otsego County, NY; d June 22, 1892.Cofounder of Pacific Garden Mission; lawyer.
Clarke, Sarah D.b Nov. 3, 1835, Cayuga County, NY; d Jan. 29, 1918, Hinsdale, IL.Founded Pacific Garden Mission.
Clarkson, Ralphb Aug. 3, 1861, Amesbury, MA; d Apr. 5, 1942, Orlando, FL.Portrait painter; promoted art in Chicago; president of Chicago Society of Artists.
Clavey, Gordon E.b June 1, 1917, Highland Park, IL; d July 14, 1998, FL.Nurseryman; owned land that became Vernon Hills.
Cleaver, Charlesb July 21, 1814, London, England; d Oct. 27, 1893, Chicago.Real-estate developer; founded Cleaverville.
Cleveland, Horace William Shalerb Dec. 16, 1814, Lancaster, MA; d Dec. 5, 1900, Hinsdale, IL.Landscape architect; planned Drexel Boulevard, Washington Park, and Downers Grove.
Cloes, Catherineb Germany; d 1872.Resident of Lake Bluff, 1830s; established Cloes brickyard in 1860.
Cloes, Johnb 1797, Germany; d declared legally dead in Jan. 1851.First Euro-American Lake Bluff resident; blacksmith; joined Gold Rush in 1840s.
Close, Delb Mar. 9, 1934, Manhattan, KS; d Mar. 4, 1999, Chicago.Actor; improvisational comic; performer and director of Second City.
Clybourne, Archibaldb Aug. 28, 1802, Pearisburgh, VA; d Aug. 23, 1872, Chicago.Butcher; built the city's first slaughterhouse; first Justice of the Peace (1831).
Cobb, Henry Ivesb Aug. 19, 1859, Brookline, MA; d Mar. 27, 1931, New York, NY.Architect; designed Chicago Opera House, Newberry Library, buildings at Univ. of Chicago.
Cochran, John Lewisb Mar. 23, 1857, Sacramento, CA; d Sept. 25, 1923, Chicago.Real-estate developer; founded Edgewater; promoter and first president, Northwestern Elevated Railroad.
Cody, John Patrickb Dec. 24, 1907, St. Louis, MO; d Apr. 25, 1982, Chicago.Roman Catholic archbishop of Chicago (1965–1982); cardinal (1967–1982).
Coey, Charles A.b 1870, Redfield, NY; d July 2, 1952, Chicago.Automobile livery owner; opened first public garage in Chicago.
Coffey, Corneliusb Sept. 6, 1902; d Mar. 2, 1994, Chicago.Aviator; trained many of Tuskegee Airmen.
Cogley, Johnb Mar. 16, 1916, Chicago; d Mar. 29, 1976, Santa Barbara, CA.Journalist; editor of Catholic Worker; operated a house for homeless men in Chicago.
Cohen, Georgeb Aug. 4, 1919; d Apr. 18, 1999, Evanston, IL.Artist; figure painter; Northwestern Univ. faculty.
Cole, George E.b Mar. 2, 1845, Jackson, MI; d Aug. 18, 1930, Winnetka, IL.Stationer; printer; organized 1896 Municipal Voters League.
Cole, Nat “King”b Mar. 17, 1919, Montgomery, AL; d Feb. 15, 1965, Santa Monica, CA.Jazz pianist; singer; first African American to host TV show on NBC.
Cole, Robert Alexanderb Oct. 8, 1882, Mount Carmel, TN; d July 27, 1956, Chicago.Founded Metropolitan Funeral System; chairman, Metropolitan Mutual Assurance Co.
Coleman, Bessieb Jan. 26, 1892, Atlanta, TX; d Apr. 30, 1926, Jacksonville, FL.Aviator; first black woman pilot.
Collins, Edward Trowbridgeb May 2, 1887, Millerton, NY; d Mar. 25, 1951, Boston, MA.Baseball player in Hall of Fame; manager of White Sox.
Colosimo, Jamesb 1877, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy; d May 11, 1920, Chicago.Restaurant owner; Chicago mob boss before Capone.
Colvin, Harvey Doolittleb Dec. 18, 1815, Herkimer County, NY; d Apr. 16, 1892, Jacksonville, FL.Mayor of Chicago (1873–1875).
Comiskey, Charles A.b Aug. 15, 1859, Chicago; d Oct. 26, 1931, Eagle River, WI.Baseball player; owned and managed Chicago White Sox.
Comiskey, John “Honest John” sb ca. 1830, Crosserlough, Ireland; d Jan. 8, 1900, Chicago.Alderman; father of Charles A. Comiskey.
Compton, Arthur Hollyb Sept. 10, 1892, Wooster, OH; d Mar. 15, 1962, Berkeley, CA.Physicist; directed Manhattan Project at Univ. of Chicago; shared 1927 Nobel Prize for Physics.
Compton, Frank E.b 1874 or 1875, Wisconsin Rapids, WI; d May 13, 1950, La Jolla, CA.Chairman of F. E. Compton & Co.; publisher of Compton's Encyclopedia.
Condon, Eddie [Albert Edwin Condon]b Nov. 16, 1905, Goodland, IN; d Aug. 4, 1973, New York, NY.Jazz banjo player; club owner; bandleader; recorded with “The Chicagoans.”
Condon, Johnb ca. 1855; d Aug. 9, 1915, Chicago.Racetrack owner; gambler; opened Harlem Race Track (1894).
Cone, Fairfax M.b Feb. 21, 1903, San Francisco, CA; d June 20, 1977, Carmel, CA.Founder and chairman of Foote, Cone & Belding advertising company.
Connolly, Jamesb June 5, 1868, Edinburgh, Scotland; d May 12, 1916, Dublin, Ireland.Socialist; trade union organizer.
Conroy, Jack [John Wesley Conroy] b Dec. 5, 1898, Moberly, MO; d Feb. 28, 1990, Moberly, MO.Author (Anyplace but Here, with Arna Bontemps); folklorist; editor; worked on Illinois Writers' Project (1938–1941).
Conti, Elmer W.b Apr. 9, 1921; d Jan. 4, 1988, Elmwood Park, IL.Bank president; village president of Elmwood (1953–1985); state representative.
Conzelman, James [James Gleason Dunn] b Mar. 6, 1898, St. Louis, MO; d July 31, 1970, St. Louis, MO.Football player; coached Chicago Cardinals to NFL championship in 1947.
Cook, Andrewb Nov. 5, 1801, Stamford, VT; d Dec. 31, 1884.Platted Wauconda, originally called Bangs Lake.
Cook, Ansel Brainerdb Aug. 18, 1823, Haddom, CT; d June 10, 1898, Libertyville, IL.Sidewalk contractor; president of Chicago City Council (late 1860s).
Cook, Daniel Popeb 1794 or 1795, Scott County, KY; d Oct. 16, 1827, Scott County, KY.Lawyer; first attorney general of Illinois; U.S. congressman (1819–1827); namesake of Cook County.
Cook, Ezra A.b Nov. 5, 1841, Windsor, CT; d Sept. 15, 1911, Wheaton, IL.Publisher; temperance leader.
Cooke, David Brainerdb Feb. 10, 1826, OH or Northampton, MA; d Oct. 21, 1884, Chicago.Early Chicago bookseller; publisher of “Blackwell's Reports”; partner of S. C. Griggs.
Cooke, Flora J.b Dec. 25, 1864, Bainbridge, OH; d Feb. 21, 1953, Chicago.Progressive educator; founding principal, Francis W. Parker School; aided in establishing North Shore Country Day School and Roosevelt Univ.
Cooke, Samb Jan. 22, 1931, Clarksdale, MS; d Dec. 11, 1964, Hollywood, CA.Musician; singer; songwriter; known for “Twisting the Night Away.”
Cooley, Edwin G.b Mar. 12, 1854, Strawberry Point, IA; d Sept. 28, 1923, New Trier, IL.Educator; principal of Chicago Normal College; Superintendent of Chicago schools.
Coon, W. 1850s.Established farm in Vernon Hills in 1851.
Cooper, Jack L.b Sept. 18, 1888, Memphis, TN; d Jan. 12, 1970, Chicago.Radio personality; first African American disc jockey in Chicago; began radio career in 1926.
Cooper, Oswald Bruceb Apr. 13, 1879, Mount Gilead, OH; d Dec. 17, 1940, Chicago.Calligrapher; typographic designer.
Coopersmith, Harryb Dec. 5, 1902, Russia; d Dec. 1975.Composer; musical director; founded Halevi Choral Society in 1926.
Copley, Ira C.b Oct. 25, 1864, Copley Township, IL; d Nov. 2, 1947, Aurora, IL.Newspaper chain founder; publisher of newspapers in Illinois and California.
Corbett, Harvey Wileyb Jan. 8, 1873, San Francisco, CA; d Apr. 21, 1954, NY.Architect; chairman of Architectural Commission for Century of Progress.
Cornell, Paulb Aug. 5, 1822, White Creek, NY; d Mar. 3, 1904, Chicago.Lawyer; real-estate developer; founded Hyde Park; South Park commissioner.
Cornish, Andrewb June 27, 1782, New Ashford, Berkshire, MA; d Jan. 2, 1846, Algonquin, IL.Physician; Cornish's Ferry was renamed Algonquin around 1836.
Correll, Charles J.b Feb. 2, 1890, Peoria, IL; d Sept. 26, 1972, Chicago.Radio comedian; cocreator of “Amos 'n' Andy.”
Corrigan, Edwardb ca. 1842, Ireland; d July 4, 1924, Kansas City, MO.Racetrack owner; controlled Hawthorne Race Track.
Cortelyou, John R.b July 21, 1914, Chicago d Nov. 9, 1996, Chicago.Natural scientist; priest; president of DePaul Univ. (1964–1981).
Cosimi, Serfinoactive late nineteenth century.Priest; established St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Catholic Church in 1893.
Cossitt, Franklin Dwightb Sept. 19, 1821, Granby, CT; d July 9, 1900, La Grange, IL.Real-estate owner; founded village of La Grange.
Couch, Irab Nov. 22, 1806, Saratoga County, NY; d Feb. 28, 1857, Havana, Cuba.Real-estate developer; built Tremont House hotel.
Coughlin, “Bathhouse” Johnb Aug. 15, 1860, Connelly's Patch, Chicago; d Nov. 11, 1938, Chicago.First Ward alderman (1892–1938).
Coulon, Johnnyb Feb. 12, 1889, Toronto, Canada; d Oct. 29, 1973, Chicago.Boxer; world bantamweight champion (1910–1914); founded Coulon's Gym (1925).
Covell, Marion Francisb Jan. 10, 1831, Plainfield, IL; d Jan. 20, 1917, Hillside, IL.Farmer; owned Covell quarries; held public offices in Proviso Township.
Cowles, Henry C.b Feb. 27, 1869, Kensington, CT; d Sept. 12, 1939, Chicago.Botanist; worked to establish Cook County Forest Preserve; professor at Univ. of Chicago.
Cowling, Samb Jan. 8, 1914, Jeffersonville, IN; d Feb. 14, 1983, Fresno, CA.Comic; radio-TV writer on Don McNeill's Breakfast Club.
Crain, Gustavus Dedman, Jr.b Nov. 19, 1885, Lawrenceburg, KY; d Dec. 15, 1973, Evanston, IL.Publisher; founded Crain Communications; published Advertising Age.
Cram, George F.b May 20, 1842, Lowell, MA; d Mar. 24, 1928.Engraver; published maps and atlases.
Crandall, Bemanb Oct. 12, 1794, Cicero, NY; d Oct. 25, 1884, Brownsville, MO.Arrived in IL ca. 1832; platted east shore village in Crystal Lake in 1840.
Crane, Richard T.b May 15, 1832, Paterson, NJ; d Jan. 8, 1912, Chicago.Inventor; manufacturer; founded plumbing company in 1855.
Crawford, Peterb 1795 or 1796, Argyleshire, Scotland; d Dec. 7, 1876, Chicago.Real-estate speculator; lumber dealer; early carpenter and home builder.
Crawford, Ruth [Ruth Porter Crawford Seeger]b July 3, 1901, East Liverpool, OH; d Nov. 18, 1953, Chevy Chase, MD.Composer; teacher; scholar of American folk music.
Crerar, Johnb Mar. 8, 1827, New York, NY; d Oct. 19, 1889, Chicago.Merchant; banker; philanthropist; endowed John Crerar Library.
Cret, Paul Philippeb Oct. 23, 1876, Lyon, France; d Sept. 8, 1945, Philadelphia, PA.Architect; educator; member of architectural commission for Century of Progress Exposition.
Crilly, Daniel Francisb Oct. 14, 1838, Mercersburg, PA; d June 19, 1921, Chicago.Early builder; real-estate developer; designed Crilly Court and built much of what is now Old Town.
Cromie, Robert A.b Feb. 28, 1909, Detroit, MI; d May 22, 1999, Grayslake, IL.War correspondent; sports writer; columnist; radio and television host.
Crooks, Ramsayb Jan. 2, 1787, Greenock, Scotland; d June 6, 1859, New York, NY.Fur trader; agent and president of American Fur Trade Co.
Crosby, Uranus (Uriah) H.b Aug. 17, 1831, Brewster, MA; d Mar. 25, 1903, Brewster, MA.Distiller; founded Crosby Opera House in 1865.
Crowen, Samuel N.b July 17, 1873, Bresla, Germany; d Jan. 16, 1935, Lake Forest, IL.Architect specializing in apartment houses; designed Willoughby Tower in Chicago.
Crowley, Ruthb ca. 1907; d July 19, 1955, Lake Forest, IL.Television personality; feature writer for Chicago Sun-Times.
Crown, Henryb June 13, 1896, Chicago; d Aug. 14, 1990, Chicago.Entrepreneur; philanthropist; cofounded Material Service Corp.
Crown, Irvingb Dec. 9, 1894, Chicago; d Mar. 1, 1987, Chicago.Philanthropist; cofounded Material Services Corp.
Crunelle, Leonardb July 8, 1872, Pas-de-Calais, France; d Sept. 10, 1944, Chicago.Sculptor; designed Victory Monument honoring World War I Africans.
Cullerton, “Foxy Ed” Edward F.b Oct. 12, 1841, Chicago; d Feb. 1, 1920, Chicago.Alderman (1871–1892, 1892–1920); state legislator.
Cuneo, John F.b Dec. 24, 1884, Chicago; d Apr. 30, 1977, Chicago.Real-estate developer; philanthropist; founded Cuneo Press.
Currey, Margeryb ca. 1876, NY; d Aug. 15, 1959, New York, NY.Society editor for Chicago Tribune in the 1920s.
Curtiss, Glenn Hammondb May 21, 1878, Hammondsport, NY; d July 23, 1930, Buffalo, NY.Aviator; airplane designer and builder; built Curtiss-Reynolds Field in Glenview.
Curtiss, Samuelb 1789, CT; d Feb. 25, 1867, Downers Grove, IL.Farmer; established subdivision in Downers Grove.
Cutler, Charlieactive 1910s.Wrestler; national champion (1914–1915).