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Bar - Bau
Bau - Ben
Ben - Bla
Bla - Blo
Blu - Boy
Boy - Bre
Bri - Bro
Bro - Bur
Bur - But
But - Byr
Babcock, Morganb 1806, De Ruyter, NY.Farmer; settled along DuPage River in 1833 in area that became Babcock's Grove.
Babcock, Ralphb Dec. 1, 1810, Tully, Onondaga, NY; d Sept. 19, 1897, Elroy, WI.Farmer; settled along DuPage River in 1833 in area that became Babcock's Grove.
Bachrach, William A.b May 15, 1879, Elgin, IL; d July 15, 1959, Chicago.Swimming instructor; coach of Illinois Athletic Club and U.S. Olympic team.
Bailen, Mauriceb Apr. 10, 1902, Chicago; d Oct. 15, 1980, Maywood, IL.Filmmaker (The Great Depression); organized Chicago Film and Photo League.
Bailly, Joseph [Honore Gratien Joseph Bailly de Messein] b Apr. 7, 1774, Varennes, Quebec; d Dec. 21, 1835, Porter County, IN.Fur trader in northern Indiana.
Bailly, Marieb ca. 1783; d 1866.Trader; ran trading post with husband Joseph; namesake of village of Monee.
Baker, Ray Stannardb Apr. 17, 1870, Lansing, MI; d July 12, 1946, Amherst, MA.Muckraking writer; reformer; journalist for Chicago News-Record; won 1940 Pulitzer Prize.
Balaban, Abraham Josephb Apr. 20, 1889, Chicago; d Nov. 1, 1962, New York, NY.Motion picture executive; cofounded Balaban & Katz.
Balaban, Barneyb June 8, 1887, Chicago; d Mar. 7, 1917, Byram, CT.Motion picture executive; cofounded Balaban & Katz; chairman of Paramount Corp.
Balatka, Hansb Mar. 5, 1826, Hoffnungsthal, Moravia, Austria; d Apr. 17, 1899, Chicago.Musician; composer; led Philharmonic Society of Chicago; founded Balatka Academy of Musical Art.
Balbo, Italob June 5, 1896, Ferrara, Italy; d June 28, 1940, Tobruk, Libya.Aviator; Italian air minister; led goodwill air convoy to Chicago.
Balch, O. 1830s.Editor of Juliet Courier, 1839.
Baldwin, Thomas 1850s; d Sept. 21, 1876.Early settler; riverboat captain; purchased land in Berwyn around 1856.
Ball, Charles B.b Aug. 3, 1854, New Haven, CT; d Oct. 18, 1928, Chicago.Chief sanitary inspector for Chicago Dept. of Health.
Ballard, J. 1830s.Built first house in Portersville (later Valparaiso) in 1834.
Banga, Henryb Feb. 14, 1848, Liestal, Switzerland; d Dec. 24, 1913, Chicago.Physician; surgeon; pioneer of antiseptic surgery at Michael Reese Hospital.
Bangs, George S.b Feb. 20, 1823, Akron, OH; d Nov. 17, 1877, Washington, DC.General Superintendent of Railway Service; instituted “fast mail” train in 1875 to New York.
Bangs, Justusb Mar. 16, 1806, Montague, MA; d Dec. 13, 1895, Wauconda Lake, IL.Founded Wauconda.
Banks, Paul N.b Apr. 15, 1934, Montebello, CA; d May 10, 2000, New York, NY.Book conservator at Newberry Library.
Barber, Johnb ca. 1796; d Dec. 19, 1876, Bolingbrook, IL.Early Bolingbrook resident.
Barbour, J. Bernib Danville, KY; active early twentieth century.Music publisher; established first black-owned music publishing company.
Barnett, Claude Albertb Sept. 16, 1889, Sanford FL; d Aug. 2, 1967, Chicago.Entrepreneur; newspaper executive; founded Associated Negro Press.
Barnett, Ferdinand Leeb ca. 1859, Nashville, TN; d Mar. 11, 1936, Chicago.Attorney; journalist; founded Chicago Conservator newspaper.
Barnett, Ida B. WellsSee Wells, Ida Bell
Barrett, Nathan Franklinb 1845, Staten Island, NY; d Oct. 1919.Landscape architect; designed Pullman community.
Barrows, John Henryb July 11, 1847, Medina, MI; d June 3, 1902, Oberlin, OH.Minister; planned and chaired World's Parliament of Religions (1893).
Bartlett, Edwinb Oct. 6, 1812, Conway, MA.Farmer; established Ontarioville; first postmaster of Ontarioville.
Bartlett, Frederic C.b June 1, 1873, Chicago; d June 25, 1953, Beverly, MA.Painter; muralist.
Bartlett, Frederick H.b Feb. 6, 1875, Binghamton, NY; d July 27, 1948, Pasadena, CA.Real-estate developer; developed Beverly Shores (1933).
Bartlett, Lutherb July 21, 1817, Conway, MA; d June 25, 1882, Bartlett, IL.Founder and first postmaster of Bartlett.
Bartlett, Lymanb Nov. 21, 1807, Conway, MA; d June 6, 1865.Purchased farm in Wayne Township in 1844.
Bartlett, Robertb Aug. 22, 1884; d May 2, 1967, Chicago.Real-estate developer; developed Lake Barrington.
Barzynski, Johnb 1848 or 1849; d 1886, Chicago.Editor and publisher; founded Gazeta Katolicka (Polish Catholic Gazette).
Barzynski, Vincentb Sept. 20, 1838, Sulislawice, Poland; d May 2, 1899, Chicago.Roman Catholic priest; established first Polish Catholic parish in the United States in Chicago.
Basker, Robert S.b Sept. 29, 1918, East Harlem, NY; d Apr. 6, 2001, San Francisco, CA.Activist; leader of reconstituted Mattachine Midwest (1964).
Bates, Gerryb Aug. 24, 1800, Chesterfield, MA; d July 29, 1878, Elmhurst, IL.Innkeeper; postmaster; founded Cottage Hill (Elmhurst).
Bates, William Wallaceb 1826, Nova Scotia; d Nov. 26, 1911, Denver, CO.Shipbuilder; U.S. commissioner of navigation.
Bauer, Sybilb Sept. 18, 1903, Chicago; d Jan. 31, 1927, Chicago.Swimmer; Olympic backstroke champion (1924).
Bauler, Mathias “Paddy”b Jan. 27, 1890, Chicago; d Aug. 20, 1977, Melrose Park, IL.Saloon owner; alderman; Democratic boss of Forty-third Ward (1933–1967).
Baum, L. Frankb May 15, 1856, Chittenango, NY; d May 6, 1919, Hollywood, CA.Children's author (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz); journalist; playwright.
Baumann, Frederick H.b Jan. 6, 1826, Augernmunder, Germany; d Mar. 18, 1921, Chicago.Architect; engineer; designed Chicago's first skyscraper.
Baxter, Donald E.b 1882, Southington, OH; d July 20, 1935, on a plane en route to Los Angeles, CA.Founded Baxter International; developed intravenous medical device.
Bayer, Herbertb Apr. 5, 1900, Haag (Salzburg), Austria; d Sept. 30, 1985, Montecito, CA.Artist; industrial designer; taught at Institute of Design.
Beardsley, Zibab Aug. 3, 1800; d July 14, 1878, Crystal Lake, IL.McHenry County clerk (1839–1843).
Beatty, Talleyb Dec. 22, 1918, Cedar Grove, LA; d Apr. 29, 1995, New York, NY.Dancer; choreographer.
Beaubien, Jean-Baptisteb Sept. 5, 1787, Detroit, MI; d Jan. 5, 1863, Naperville, IL.Fur trader; owned Fort Dearborn site.
Beaubien, Madore B.b 1809; d 1883.Fur trader.
Beaubien, Markb Apr. 25, 1800, Detroit or Monroe, MI; d Apr. 11, 1881, Kankakee, IL.Innkeeper; fiddler; built and owned Sauganash Tavern.
Beck, Dave Danielb June 16, 1894, Stockton CA; d Dec. 26, 1993, Seattle, WA.President of International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
Beck, L. 1860s.Real-estate developer; donated land for Cook County Normal School.
Beebe, George 1840s; d 1864, Willow Springs, IL.Contractor; did extensive work on the I&M Canal.
Beecher, William Johnb May 23, 1915, Chicago; d July 27, 2002, Wood Dale, IL.Ornithologist; biologist; director of Chicago Academy of Sciences.
Begley, Williamactive 1860s.Brewer; owned Waukegan Brewing Co. in 1860s.
Beifeld, Joseph [Joseph Byfield] b Aug. 22, 1853, Budapest, Hungary; d Sept. 17, 1926, Chicago.Wholesale manufacturer of cloaks; bought Sherman Hotel in 1902.
Bell, Robertb Jan. 18, 1922, Flint, MI; d Dec. 8, 1997, Lake San Marcos, CA.Actor; portrayed Bozo the Clown for 25 years on WGN-TV.
Belushi, Johnb Jan. 24, 1949, Chicago; d Mar. 5, 1982, Hollywood, CA.Actor; comedian (Second City, Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers).
Beman, Solon Spencerb Oct. 1, 1853, Brooklyn, NY; d Apr. 23, 1914, Chicago.Architect; designed city of Pullman and Fine Arts Building.
Bengson, Emil H.b Feb. 15, 1881, Holstein, Germany; d Jan. 11, 1943, Chicago.Businessman in Portage Park; president of storage warehouse and coal companies.
Bennett, Edward H.b May 12, 1874, Cheltenham, England; d Oct. 14, 1954, Tryon, NC.Architect; city planner; coauthored Plan of Chicago (1909); designed Century of Progress Exposition.
Bennett, Helen Marieb ca. 1879, Washington, IA; d Apr. 21, 1962, East Providence, RI.Feminist; reporter for Chicago Record-Herald; initiated Women's World's Fair.
Bennett, Richard M.b Feb. 4, 1907, Braddock, PA; d May 2, 1996.Architect; designed Park Forest Plaza.
Benny, Jack [Benjamin Kubelsky] b Feb. 14, 1894, Chicago; d Dec. 26, 1974, Beverly Hills, CA.Comedian for radio, films, and television.
Benson, Al [Arthur B. Leaner] b June 30, 1908, Jackson, MS; d Sept. 6, 1978, Berrien, MI.Disc jockey at WGES (WVON).
Bergman, Edwin A.b July 18, 1917, Chicago; d Feb. 17, 1986, Chicago.Businessman; art collector; philanthropist.
Bernard, L. Cosbyb July 14, 1890, Junction City, KY; d Aug. 1963, Sylva, NC.Residential architect in Hammond.
Bernardin, Josephb Apr. 2, 1928, Columbia, SC; d Nov. 14, 1996, Chicago.Archbishop of Chicago Diocese (1982–1996); cardinal.
Berry, Addisonb ca. 1866, Hackensack, NJ; d Feb. 13, 1940, Hammond, IN.Hammond architect; active in 1920s.
Berry, Edwin Carlos “Bill”b Nov. 11, 1910, Oberlin, OH; d May 13, 1987, Chicago.Civil rights leader; executive director Chicago Urban League.
Berry, Parker N.b Sept. 2, 1888, Hastings, NE; d Dec. 16, 1918, Princeton, IL.Architect; chief designer for Louis H. Sullivan.
Besinger, Leonard W.b June 26, 1907; d Aug. 9, 1982, Elgin, IL.Northwest suburban builder and developer.
Bickerdike, George N.b 1806, Yorkshire, England; d Nov. 4, 1880, Yorkshire, England.Resident at Fort Dearborn; owned land near Oak Park.
Biegler, Martha A.b Dec. 1, 1864, IN; d Apr. 29, 1947, Kankakee, IL.Feminist; journalist (Chicago Daily Socialist).
Bielfeldt, John S.b Jan. 26, 1834, Holstein, Germany; d Dec. 31, 1899, buried in Thornton, IL.Established brewery in Thornton, 1852.
Biesel, Fredb 1863; d 1964.Painter; head of Illinois Art Project (1941–1943).
Bilandic, Michael A.b Feb. 13, 1923, Bridgeport, IL; d Jan. 15, 2002, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1976–1979); chief justice of Illinois Supreme Court.
Binder, Josephb Mar. 3, 1898, Vienna, Austria; d June 26, 1972, Vienna, Austria.Graphic designer; illustrator; lecturer.
Binga, Eudora Johnsonb Feb. 22, 1869, Chicago; d Mar. 26, 1933, Chicago.Socialite; philanthropist.
Binga, Jesseb Apr. 10, 1865, Detroit, MI; d June 13, 1950, Chicago.Banker; real-estate investor.
Bistor, James E.b July 30, 1890, Macomb, IL; d Mar. 3, 1945, Chicago.Real-estate broker; leader in Association of Real Estate Taxpayers (ARET).
Black Hawk [Makataimeshekiakiak] b 1767, Sauk Village (Rock River, IL); d Oct. 3, 1838, near Des Moines River, IA.Sauk leader; launched Black Hawk War (1832).
Black Partridgeactive 1800s.Potawatomi chief.
Black, Greene Vardimanb Aug. 3, 1836, Scott County, IL; d Aug. 31, 1915.Dentist; dean of dentistry at Northwestern Univ.
Black, Nevilleb Jamaica; d Apr. 2000.Dancer; choreographer; founding director Chicago Contemporary Dance Co.
Blackbird [Chief J. B. Assikinock] b 1768, L'Arbor Croche, MI; d Nov. 3, 1866, Wekwemiking, Manitoulin Island, MI.Ottawa chief; led Aug. 1812 attack on Fort Dearborn.
Blackshear, Kathleenb June 6, 1897, Navasota, TX; d Oct. 14, 1988, Navasota, TX.Painter; lecturer at Art Institute of Chicago.
Blackstone, Johnactive 1830s.Established sawmill on Thorn Creek with John Kinzie and Gurdon Hubbard.
Blair, Lucy McCormick Linnb Feb. 4, 1886; d Nov. 16, 1978, Lake Forest, IL.Founder and first president of Junior League Chicago.
Blanchard, Charles A.b Nov. 8, 1848, Galesburg, IL; d Dec. 20, 1925, Wheaton, IL.Educator; president of Wheaton College.
Blanchard, Jonathanb Jan. 19, 1811, Rockingham, VT; d May 14, 1892, Wheaton, IL.Educator; social reformer; first president of Wheaton College.
Blanchard, Josephactive 1830s.Constructed first city market in 1834.
Blanchard, Rufusb Mar. 7, 1821, Lyndeboro, NH; d Jan. 3, 1904, Wheaton, IL.Mapmaker; publisher; historian.
Blanchard, Walterb Mar. 31, 1807, Newhampton, NH; d Dec. 4, 1863, Ringgold Gap, Taylor's Ridge, GA.Farmer, Downers Grove area; judge; infantry captain in Civil War.
Blaney, James Van Zandtb May 1, 1820, Newcastle, DE; d Dec. 11, 1874, Chicago.Chemical manufacturer; cofounded Rush Medical College.
Blatchford, Eliphalet Wickesb May 31, 1826, Stillwater, NY; d Jan. 25, 1914, Chicago.Lead manufacturer; trustee for Newberry and Crerar Libraries; helped found Chicago Academy of Sciences.
Bliss, Philipb July 9, 1838, Clearfield County, PA; d Dec. 29, 1876, Ashtabula, OH.Christian composer; hymnodist; musical evangelist.
Block, Leigh B.b Apr. 7, 1905, Chicago; d Dec. 9, 1987, Santa Barbara, CA.Steel executive; chairman of Art Institute of Chicago (1970–1975).
Block, Mary Laskerb Sept. 16, 1904, Chicago; d Feb. 17, 1981, Chicago.Business executive; trustee of Art Institute; founded Block Museum at Northwestern Univ.
Blodgett, Henry W.b July 21, 1821, Amherst, MA; d Feb. 9, 1905, Waukegan, IL.Railroad builder; federal judge; Illinois state representative and senator.
Blodgett, Israelb 1779, Amherst, MA; d 1861.Early resident of Downers Grove.
Blood, Mary A.b June 20, 1851, Hollis, NH; d July 25, 1927, Chicago.Educator at Columbia College.
Blum, Jerome S.b 1884, Chicago; d July 23, 1956, New York, NY.Painter; assisted Frank Lloyd Wright in planning color scheme for Midway Gardens.
Bodenheim, Maxwellb May 26, 1892, Hermanville, MS; d Feb. 7, 1954, New York, NY.Poet; critic; novelist; associated with Chicago Renaissance.
Bogan, William Josephb Oct. 26, 1870, Mackinac Island, MI; d Mar. 24, 1936, Chicago.Educator; superintendent of Chicago Public Schools.
Bohac, Ben F.b Jan. 4, 1893, Chicago; d Mar. 19, 1975, Chicago.President and founder of Talman Federal Savings & Loan Association.
Boldt, Melvin H.b 1917; d 1981.Industrial designer; designed household appliances, jukeboxes, and powerboats.
Bolm, Adolph R.b Sept. 25, 1884, St. Petersburg, Russia; d Apr. 16, 1951, Hollywood, CA.Ballet dancer; teacher; choreographer for Chicago Opera Company.
Bonfield, Johnb Apr. 12, 1836, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada; d Oct. 19, 1898, Chicago.Police inspector; headed platoon at Haymarket Square riot.
Bontemps, Arna Wendellb Oct. 13, 1902, Alexandria, LA; d June 4, 1973, Nashville, TN.Writer; worked for the WPA Illinois Writers' Project; taught at Univ. of Illinois.
Boone, Levi D.b Dec. 6 or 8, 1808, Lexington, KY; d Jan. 24, 1882, Chicago.Doctor; captain in Black Hawk War; mayor of Chicago (1855–1856).
Booz, Edwin G.b Sept. 2, 1887, Reading, PA; d Oct. 14, 1951, Evanston, IL.Management consultant; founded Booz, Allen & Hamilton.
Borden, Gailb Nov. 9, 1801, Norwich, NY; d Jan. 11, 1874, Borden, TX.Surveyor; invented condensed milk; opened milk factory in Elgin.
Borowski, Felixb Mar. 10, 1872, Burton, Westmoreland, England; d Sept. 6, 1956, Chicago.Composer; musical critic; president of Chicago Musical College.
Boudreau, Loub July 17, 1917, Harvey, IL; d Aug. 10, 2001, Olympia Fields, IL.Baseball player; Hall of Fame shortstop; Chicago Cubs broadcaster.
Boulden, Jesse Freemanb Oct. 8, 1820, DE.Editor; minister; pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in 1860s.
Bourassa, Leonb 1798 or 1799.French-Indian trader; settled on land which is now Forest Home Cemetery.
Bouscaren, Louis G.b Mar. 13, 1882; d Aug. 4, 1966, Evanston, IL.Businessman; platted South Riverwoods area.
Bowen, James H.b Mar. 7, 1822, Mannheim, NY; d May 1, 1881, Chicago.President of Calumet & Chicago Canal & Dock Co.
Bowen, Louise de Kovenb Feb. 26, 1859, Chicago; d Nov. 9, 1953, Chicago.Social reformer; benefactor and president of Hull House; president of Juvenile Protective Association.
Bowles, Lillianb 1884? d 1949?Owner of music publishing house specializing in gospel music.
Boyce, William D.b June 16, 1858 or 1860, Plum Township, PA; d June 11, 1929, Chicago.Publisher; founded Boy Scouts of America.
Boyington, William W.b July 22, 1818, Southwick, MA; d Oct. 16, 1898, Highland Park, IL.Architect; designed Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station.
Boykin, Randsonb Sept. 4, 1949; d Nov. 15, 1995.Poet; performance artist; founder and executive director of Katherine Dunham Foundation.
Boyton, Paulb June 29, 1848, Dublin, Ireland; d Apr. 18, 1924, Brooklyn, NY.Aquatic showman; invented “Shoot the Chute.”
Brach, Emil J.b May 21, 1859, Schoenwald, Germany; d Oct. 29, 1947, Chicago.President and founder of E. J. Brach Candy Manufacturers.
Bracken, Jimmyb May 23, 1908; d Feb. 20 or 22, 1972, Chicago.Record producer; cofounded Vee-Jay Records.
Bradley, Cyrus P.b Nov. 14, 1819, Concord, NH; d Mar. 6, 1865, Chicago.First chief of police in Chicago; sheriff of Cook County.
Bradley, Prestonb Aug. 18, 1888, Linden, MI; d June 1, 1983, Morrisville, VT.Christian Unitarian minister; civic leader; founder and pastor of Peoples Church.
Bradley, Will H.b July 10, 1868, Boston, MA; d Jan. 25, 1962, La Mesa, CA.Illustrator; graphic designer; painter.
Bradley, William Henryb Nov. 29, 1816, Ridgefield, CT; d Mar. 1, 1892, Chicago.Circuit court clerk; Newberry Library trustee.
Bradwell, Myra Colbyb Feb. 12, 1831, Manchester, VT; d Feb. 14, 1894, Chicago.Attorney; publisher; established Chicago Legal News; first woman member of Illinois State Bar Association.
Braidwood, Jamesb Mar. 1, 1831, Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland; d Feb. 1, 1879, Braidwood, IL.Sunk first coal shaft in Will County; founded city of Braidwood.
Brand, Edwinb Oct. 16, 1835, Edmeston, NY; d Dec. 25, 1900, Chicago.Photographer.
Brand, Michaelb Mar. 23, 1826 or 1828, Odenheim, Rheinhessen, Germany; d Oct. 26, 1897, Chicago.Brewer; alderman; Illinois state legislator; founded Michael Brand Brewing Co.
Brass, Allen H.b June 2, 1818, NY; d Jan. 23, 1892, Crown Point, IN.Innkeeper in Munster in 1840s.
Breasted, James Henryb Aug. 27, 1865, Rockford, IL; d Dec. 2, 1935, New York, NY.Egyptologist; archeologist; historian; founded Oriental Institute at Univ. of Chicago.
Breckenridge, James D.b Aug. 8, 1926, Brooklyn, NY; d Dec. 18, 1982, Evanston, IL.Art history professor, Northwestern Univ.; wrote for Herald-American.
Breckinridge, Sophonisba Prestonb Apr. 1, 1866, Lexington, KY; d July 30, 1948, Chicago.Social scientist; reformer; Univ. of Chicago faculty, School of Social Service Administration.
Brennan, Edward P.b June 30, 1866, Chicago; d Jan. 10, 1942, Chicago.Building superintendent; introduced street numbering system.
Brennan, George E.b May 20, 1865, Port Byron, NY; d Aug. 8, 1928, Chicago.Democratic Party leader; Illinois National Committeeman.
Brentano, Lorenzb Nov. 4, 1813, Mannheim, Germany; d Sept. 17, 1891, Chicago.Journalist; attorney; school board chairman; co-owner Illinois Staats-Zeitung; U.S. congressman.
Brickman, Joseph M.b Dec. 11, 1901; d Dec. 14, 1977, Evanston, IL.Founded home building firm; helped found Highland Park Country Club.
Brinkman, William J.b 1874; d Feb. 24, 1911, Chicago.Architect; designed St. Josephat Church; designed exhibits at World's Columbian Exposition.
Britten, Frederick Albertb Nov. 18, 1871, Chicago; d May 4, 1946, Bethesda, MD.U.S. congressman.
Britton, Edgarb Apr. 15, 1901, Kearney, NE; d Apr. 1982, Denver, CO.Artist; muralist; painter; sculptor.
Brodman, Howard Charlesb Mar. 15, 1885, Peoria, IL; d Feb. 25, 1861, Chicago.Superintendent of Department of Maps and Plats; involved in street naming.
Brooks, C. Waylandb Mar. 8, 1897, West Bureau, IL; d Jan. 14, 1957, Chicago.Attorney; U.S. senator.
Brooks, Gwendolyn [Gwendolyn Brooks Blakely] b June 7, 1917, Topeka, KS; d Dec. 3, 2000, Chicago.Poet; first African American Pulitzer Prize winner (Annie Allen); poet laureate of Illinois.
Brooks, Jamesactive 1830s.Landowner; owned property around the I&M Canal in 1838.
Broonzy, William Lee “Big Bill” [William Lee Conley]b June 26, 1893, Scott, MS; d Aug. 14, 1958, Chicago.Blues singer; guitarist; recording artist.
Brophy, Truman Williamb Apr. 12, 1848, Goodings Grove, IL; d Feb. 4, 1928, Chicago.Oral surgeon; pioneer in cleft palate surgery; an organizer of Chicago College of Dental Surgery.
Bross, Williamb Nov. 4, 1813, Montague, NJ; d Jan. 27, 1890, Chicago.Journalist; newspaper editor and publisher; Lieutenant Governor; founded Democratic Press.
Brown, Adamb 1805? Guilford, NC; d Mar. 8, 1895.Arrived in South Chicago Heights area (“Brown's Corners”) in 1833.
Brown, Arthur, Jr.b May 21, 1874, Oakland, CA; d July 7, 1957, Burlingame, CA.Architect; member of Architectural Commission, Century of Progress.
Brown, Christopherb 1832, OH.Son of Adam and Phoebe Brown, who arrived in South Chicago Heights area in 1833.
Brown, Corinne Stubbsb ca. Dec. 14, 1849, Chicago; d Mar. 15, 1914, New York, NY.Suffrage leader; labor reformer; socialist; president of Illinois Women's Alliance.
Brown, H. D. “Curly”d May 1930.Millionaire; founded Arlington Heights racetrack.
Brown, James Stanleyb Sept. 1863, Cumberland, OH; d Sept. 6, 1939, Frankfurt, MI.Educator; superintendent and principal of Joliet Township High School and Junior College (1893–1899).
Brown, John early twentieth century.Village president of Fox Lake after incorporation in 1907.
Brown, Joseph early 1900s.Steel industry executive.
Brown, Nathaniel J.b Jan. 27, 1812, Windsor, VT; d Aug. 2, 1900, buried in Lemont, IL.I&M Canal builder; large Lemont property owner.
Brown, Nedactive twentieth century; d 1959.Member Potawatomi tribe; advisor to Cook County Forest Preserve commission.
Brown, Phoebeb ca. 1810, TN; d 1892.Arrived in South Chicago Heights area (“Brown's Corners”) in 1833.
Brown, Roger [James Roger Brown]b Dec. 10, 1941, Hamilton, AL; d Nov. 22, 1997, Opelika, AL.Artist; Chicago Imagist.
Brown, Roy Thomasb July 8, 1932, Tucson, AZ; d Jan. 22, 2001, Chicago.Puppeteer; “Cooky the Cook” on Bozo's Circus; Garfield Goose puppeteer.
Browne, Francis Fisherb Dec. 1, 1843, S. Halifax, VA; d May 11, 1913, Chicago.Editor; founded the Dial.
Browne, Mauriceb Feb. 12, 1881, Reading, England; d Jan. 21, 1955, London, England.Actor; theatrical director; founded Chicago Little Theatre (1912).
Browning, Charles Patrickb Apr. 9, 1915, Louisville, KY; d Jan. 20, 1954, Little Rock, AR.Vice president Chicago Defender; active in South Side Community Art Center.
Brownlow, Louis H.b Aug. 29, 1879, Buffalo, MO; d Sept. 1963, Arlington, VA.Journalist; director of Public Administration Clearing House.
Broyles, Paul W.b Feb. 3, 1896, McLeansboro, IL; d Feb. 25, 1974, St. Louis, MO.Republican state senator; chaired anti-Communist commission.
Brundage, Myron “Slim”b Nov. 29, 1903, Blackfoot, Idaho; d Oct. 18, 1990, El Centro, CA.Tavern owner (College of Complexes); organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World.
Bryan, Thomas Barbourb Dec. 22, 1828, Alexandria, VA; d Jan. 25, 1906, Washington, DC.Attorney; early businessman; founded Graceland Cemetery; real-estate developer.
Bubacz, Stephen S.b Aug. 17, 1909, Chicago; d Dec. 15, 1968, Chicago.Neighborhood organizer; led Russell Square Community Committee (1938–1968).
Buck, Dudleyb Mar. 10, 1839, Hartford, CT; d Oct. 6, 1909, West Orange, NJ.Organist; composer.
Buell, Dorothy R.b 1886 or 1887, Menasha, WI; d May 17, 1977, San Jose, CA.Conservationist; organized Save the Dunes Council.
Bulliet, Clarence Josephb Mar. 16, 1883, Corydon, IN; d Oct. 20, 1952, Chicago.Art, drama, and music critic for Chicago Evening Post andChicago Daily News.
Bullock, Carrie E.b June 16, 1887, Laurens, SC; d Dec. 31, 1962, Chicago.Nurse; associated with Visiting Nurse Association for 47 years.
Bundesen, Herman N.b Apr. 27, 1882, Berlin, Germany; d Aug. 25, 1960, Chicago.Physician; author; politician; president of Chicago Board of Health; Cook County coroner.
Burdell, Nicholasactive 1840s.Band leader in 1840.
Burgess, Ernest Watsonb May 16, 1886, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada; d Dec. 27, 1966, Chicago.Sociologist at Univ. of Chicago; involved with Chicago Area Project; developed “concentric zone theory.”
Burke, Jackactive 1880s.Boxer; fought in first prizefight in Chicago in 1885.
Burke, Ralph H.b ca. 1884, Chicago; d Aug. 23, 1956, Chicago.Engineer; city airport consultant; involved in development of O'Hare Airport; chief engineer of Chicago Park District.
Burmeister, Charles G.b ca. 1876; d Oct. 12, 1950, Chicago.Undertaker.
Burnett, Leob Oct. 21, 1891, St. Johns, MI; d June 7, 1971, Lake Zurich, IL.Founded Leo Burnett advertising agency.
Burnham, Daniel Hudsonb Sept. 4, 1846, Henderson, NY; d June 1, 1912, Heidelberg, Germany.City planner; architect; created 1909 Plan of Chicago; developed early skyscraper.
Burnham, Daniel Hudson, Jr.b Feb. 22, 1886, Chicago; d Nov. 3, 1961, Chicago.Architect; director of works at Century of Progress Exposition.
Burnham, Hubertb Sept. 7, 1882, Chicago; d Dec. 31, 1968, La Jolla, CA.Architect (son of Daniel H. Burnham); designed Union Carbide Building; architect for Century of Progress Exposition.
Burnham, Telfordb Oct. 23, 1843, Cincinnati, OH; d Apr. 29, 1923, Kankakee, IL.Attorney; developed plan for area that became Burnham.
Burroughs, Charlesb Feb. 28, 1919; d Feb. 26, 1994.Cofounded DuSable Museum of African American History.
Burroughs, Edgar Riceb Sept. 1, 1875, Chicago; d Mar. 19, 1950, Encino, CA.Novelist; creator of the character Tarzan.
Burton, Charles W.b Apr. 19, 1884, Meridian, MS; d Sept. 23, 1957, Chicago.Clergyman; lawyer; head of National Negro Congress until 1940.
Burton, William Merriamb Nov. 17, 1865, Cleveland, OH; d Dec. 29, 1954, Miami, FL.Chemist; president of Standard Oil (Indiana); pioneer in oil refining technology.
Busby, Denver A.b Oct. 8, 1896, Trenton, MO; d Apr. 22, 1981, San Diego, CA.Farmer; his dairy farm was later developed into Burr Ridge.
Busse, Fred A.b Mar. 3, 1866, Chicago; d July 9, 1914, Chicago.Mayor of Chicago (1907–1911); state treasurer; postmaster; president of Busse Coal Co.
Busse, Williamb Jan. 27, 1864, Elk Grove, IL; d July 17, 1955, Elgin, IL.Farmer; Cook County commissioner; Republican leader.
Buswell, James Oliverb Jan. 16, 1895, Burlington, WI; d Feb. 3, 1977.Clergyman; president of Wheaton College (1925–1940).
Butler, Burridge D.b Feb. 5, 1868, Louisville, KY; d Mar. 30, 1948, Phoenix, AZ.Publisher; owned Prairie Farmer and radio station WLS.
Butler, Frank Osgoodb Apr. 22, 1861, Chicago; d Mar. 18, 1955, West Palm Beach, FL.Paper manufacturer; president of Natoma Farm, Hinsdale.
Butler, Paulb June 25, 1892, Chicago; d June 24, 1981, Oak Brook, IL.Business executive; real-estate developer; founded Oak Brook; founded Butler Aviation.
Butterfield, Justinb 1790, Keene, NH; d Oct. 23, 1855, Chicago.Lawyer; Whig Party organizer; commissioner of Land Office under President Taylor.
Buttrick, Hiramb Dec. 17, 1811, Middletown, Concord, MA; d Dec. 1, 1886, Waukegan, IL.Built sawmill in Antioch in 1839.
Butts, Magnolia Lewisb ca. 1894–1896, Tipton, MA; d Dec. 10, 1949, Chicago.Gospel choir organizer; soloist; assistant to director of the Metropolitan Choir; director of W. G. Cook Gospel Choir.
Byfield, JosephSee Beifeld, Joseph
Byford, William Heathb Mar. 20, 1817, Eaton, OH; d May 21, 1870, Chicago.Physician; author; cofounded Chicago Medical College and Woman's Hospital Medical College.
Byrne, Francis Barryb Dec. 19, 1883, Chicago; d Dec. 17, 1967, Evanston, IL.Architect; apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright; designed churches and schools for Chicago Archdiocese.