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Globalization: Chicago and the World
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World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
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The Chicago Region and Its Global Models
An Upstart Behemoth
Mailing To the World
The World in Chicago
Chicago's Twentieth-Century Cultural Exports
"The Whole World Is Watching"
Corporate Headquarters and Industrial Relics
Map: Changing Origins of Metropolitan Chicago's Foreign-Born Population
Jolliet's Map of New France, 1674
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Scholars believe that the original version of this map was drawn by fur trader Louis Jolliet immediately after his 1673 excursion with Jesuit missionary Jacques Marquette. Jolliet and Marquette had travelled south from the Great Lakes on the Wisconsin and Mississippi (Buade on this map) Rivers to present-day Arkansas, then back north via the Illinois (Outrelaize) and Chicago Rivers to Lake Michigan. The map was dedicated to Frontenac, royally appointed governor of New France.